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Every once in a while I get email requests from people who want to do a guest post on various things on the blog. I always read every request I get, but the majority are so self serving and so random and borderline shady that I don’t even respond. Then! Maybe a little over a month ago? I received a request from Silksleep, a UK-based company specializing in Silk bedding and other products, to give their eye masks a test drive.


I have to admit, my first reaction was: Eye masks are far dramatic starlets or people who abuse prescription sleep aids. I told their rep, Richard, there was a chance my review would not be awesome. I knew for certain that I would feel totally claustrophobic and weird wearing one. But he was confident in his product and told me he was looking for honesty. Honesty I have.

Then, mid last week, a package arrived from the Royal Mail (Royal Mail! Do you think Will and Kate gave it the stamp of approval? Probably not.). The Silksleep Eye Mask had arrived to a very exhausted house. I started using it immediately and have been using it every night since. I wanted to make sure my review was legit, and not simply a first impression. Plus, it was so much prettier than I thought it would be. I imagined a flat, black mask with a thin string band, but that is not the case. (Check out the beauty that is Silksleep products below)


This is not some cheap movie prop – Silksleep knows what’s up. The silk is buttery soft, and the elastic is loose enough for my fat head so I don’t feel squeezed in any way. On the inside the mask has two little pillows that apply just a small amount of pressure over my eyes so that the mask fits perfectly and doesn’t slip around.


I go to bed early in order to wake up early and get a work out in/handle the baby, etc. Kamel likes to stay up a little later playing video games or reading in bed. The light from his tech often keeps me awake if he isn’t careful angling the screens away from me. Aside from that, sometimes it just takes me a little while to fall asleep, even when I am extremely tired. The street lights sometimes bother me. We have these stupid blinds that let the street light brightness in at certain angles and the sliver of light always manages to smack me right in the face. In general, I just deal, but suddenly when I tried the Silksleep Eye Mask it ceased to be a problem. Poof!

I have never fallen asleep faster than I do when I wear the eye mask. Ever. I am a total convert after only 1 week. I feel like I am on an info-mercial, but I am not at all shitting you.

It is like magic! I put it on, snuggle in, and poof! I’m out! I was totally shocked! No claustrophobia! No disorientation! I sleep deeper and harder with the eye mask, I move less, and I’ve stopped waking up for no reason. I’m not getting paid at all to write this. I was handed a sleep mask (for free) to review, and review I have. It has been difficult to get consistent sleep with the baby, and even when he sleeps through the night I have been having trouble staying asleep. Since using the eye mask I feel like a new woman during my waking hours. My sleep is so much more thorough. I could not be more pleasantly surprised. I am still pretty amazed that this whole crazy sleep mask experiment actually worked.

Now the fun part. I have a discount code! Anyone who would like to give Silksleep Eye Masks a try (or any of their other products) can get 10% off at check out with the code: BETTER10

And look! Look at all the buttery soft silkiness! All of these delicious sheets and sham covers could be yours – at 10% off! Almost as magical as me actually loving to wear a sleep mask. Crazy.


This is a sponsored post and follows the guidelines outlined in the Goods&Services tab. No money was exchanged for this post, but Silksleep did supply the product for review. Only quality, Better In Real Life approved items make it into Goods&Services. Because awesomeness matters and I never review anything I haven’t tried or recommend anything that isn’t totally awesome. If you would like me to review a product, please email me at betterinrealife at gmail.

7 thoughts on “Goods and Services: Silksleep Eye Mask”

  1. Oddly enough, I was thinking about sleep masks this morning! I got one recently that is a terrycloth-type material, but I don’t really like it. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and it has been so hard to sleep lately. I either can’t fall asleep fast enough or wake up a gazillion times during the night and have a hard time falling back asleep. We’ve done a good job of blocking the various lights that seep in, but it’s still not enough. I feel like I am hyper-aware of every little bit of light there is! I don’t usually jump on blogger product bandwagons, but I might actually look into getting one of these.

  2. Ooohh i’m tempted… i’m very tempted… and not just for me, but for Alex. The second it is light outside, dude is AWAKE. Checking out their website now!!

  3. I actually have this same sleep mask and I love it. After E was born and the initial new mama exhaustion wore off, my insomnia returned, and I have done anything and everything I could to ensure that I wake myself up as little as possible, since he’ll definitely do it for me. I had two really crappy sleep masks and then this one and it’s amazing what a difference it makes–both having a sleep mask at all, and then having one that doesn’t suck.

  4. I enjoy sleep masks so much. I don’t always use them, mostly because I’m lazy and I forget, but I sleep way better with a mask (and they’re brilliant for migraines). Hearing about these little eye pillows makes me want to try these ones

  5. Everybody, I bought one and it was the best decision I ever made. I’m a deep sleeper, but I feel like my sleep quality is so much better now. They are a bit more expensive because of the exchange rate, but worth every penny.

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