Gabe @ 7 Months

I feel like every time Gabe is about to hit a milestone he does something remarkable. Whether it is gain 5 lbs in a matter of hours, sit up all by himself, or (in this case) pop out his very first tooth on his 7 month eve.

(Gabe at 6 months)


Last night I had a doctor’s appointment and on our way over there we picked up Gabe from daycare. While we were in the waiting room I noticed he had some rash on his tummy and then I noticed he had more rash all over his back. And then I noticed that one side of his face was bright red and hot while the other was normal and cool. I told Kamel to call the doctor right away and then I was called to the back for my own appointment. We ended up going to urgent care around the block just to make sure something wasn’t up. He had had an ear infection a month ago and I wanted to make sure it hadn’t come back…. and you know, to make sure he hadn’t gotten the measles or the plague, that sort of thing.

(Gabe meeting Big Bird. Lol. They are friends now, I swear.)


The doctor didn’t really know what it was. At first she said hives, then she said maybe heat rash? She checked his feet and hands and mouth, and no foot/hand/mouth disease (phew!), and he didn’t have a fever so… home we went. Babies get rashes, apparently. And it doesn’t always mean their dying? I’m skeptical.


I did ask her to check for teeth, though, as the big red cheek made me think: teething. (or some sort of infection, but no fever and no fussy baby, and totally a-ok ears ruled that one out.) She said, “Oh his front teeth are coming in, they are just now poking through a little.” And I didn’t even think about it much, she was so nonchalant and mostly I was thinking, “Well… she hasn’t put her hazmat suit on yet, so I’m pretty confident he doesn’t have the plague….” Priorities.



So we carted him home and it wasn’t until after dinner when I went with my fingers to investigate his gums that I felt it and then saw it! His first tooth! poking through the gums! It had broken through! On the eve of his 7th month! And I hadn’t even noticed him teething! We have just had a few fussy nights, and last week was kind of ridiculous in the lack of sleep department, but it wasn’t anything that signaled the big bad teething to me.


I thought teething was inconsolable-ness, and maybe it is. I’m sure the molars are the worst when they come in. And his tooth hasn’t cut all the way through yet. I have tylenol on hand, but no oralgel – because really, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. (Parents of teethers or babies with teeth: what do you recommend?)


When I was getting ready to write this, I kept thinking about babies. The word babies, who I think of when I think – babies – and what really equals: BABY. I realized: I have no clue. When I look at other kids this age I think: BABY. But when I look at Gabe I see something so different. He is already way beyond baby. Sometimes I am surprised at the idea of him as a baby. I use the phrase “when he was little” as if he is big now. He is bigger, sure, but … I know in my brain he is still teensy. Seven months today. Seven. Months.

WP_20130917_047 (1)

That’s nothing! That’s not even as long as I was pregnant! But he chatters now, and sits up by himself like a big boy, and he laughs the greatest laugh, oh you have to hear it some time it is the greatest sound there ever was. And he plays by himself on his quilt that Kathleen made, and he is eating food! Purees like a champ! This kid will eat all the things (and poop all the poops!…. my god, the poops).


So where is this baby you speak of? Oh, you mean this child? Who is wearing 9 month old clothes? Who is a master manipulator? Who has personality and spunk and growls and yelps and waves his arms when he gets excited like a penguin? You couldn’t possibly mean him.


WP_20130927_002 (1)

Sometimes Gabe drives me crazy. He doesn’t want to be put down, or he screams through the episode of the Daily Show I’ve waited 4 days to watch. Sometimes he doesn’t want to sleep at night when Kamel and I are both begging him, please Gabe, you little shit head, go to sleep for the love of God.


He pulls on my hair and he wants to grab every single thing. He is impossible to have a meal with, he will upend my plate, try to stab his eye out with my fork, and then attempt to throw himself out of my lap backwards and upside down.


And then something scares him and he makes a big sad face and a silent cry turns into a wail. And he is in my arms and burrying his face into my shoulder and crying his little heart out. And I remember: He’s just a baby, this one.


This guy is just a baby. And he is already so terrific.



Happy 7 months, little man. You’re going to be a runner, I can already tell. So bring it. Bring all you got. Be awesome.


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  1. Okay, Gabe is bringing the cute HARD this month. I love it when their personalities really start to shine through! As for teething, we just did Tylenol and stuff to gnaw on. We have a few things that get frozen that she liked and she also really loved this teether that vibrated when you gnawed on it (, but mostly she would just chew on anything and as long as it wasn’t dangerous, we let her, so a lot of her toys have bite marks. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh the cuteness. The faces that he makes, you really see Kamel’s face in some of his expressions.
    I have no idea about teething (except “mordederas”, so toys to bite…and this weekend at the American / British expat shop I saw some teething cream with lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and thought hmmm this might be useful.

  3. Ahhh this collection of photos is my absolute favorite so far! This is probably my favorite age in terms of personality. Welps and Waves and Laughs! Maybe video friday sometime soon could be a really long vine-version of his laughs? A girl can dream πŸ™‚

    ps: baby orajel worked wonders with Maria and the Ikhaya babies. Always. Also, frozen wet washcloths are said to be really soothing (after they thaw a bit and are really cold and mushy). Let me know if he needs Whiskey, I am an enabler.

    *The bathtub photo is bringing the giggles hardcore among the office ladies today.

  4. 1) robot toy!
    2) when i was teething with my wisdom teeth, I personally enjoyed a cold beer. But maybe that wouldn’t work with Gabe…
    3) he always looks like he’s really considering mischief πŸ™‚ so adorable!

  5. All of these pictures are oh-my-god-adorable but I especially love the two in the orange chair on top of the washing machine when you’re writing that you have to remember that he’s just a baby. That little face is so freakin’ cute. Happy 7 Months, Gabe!

  6. Ugh, he’s SO cute!! His personality sounds a lot like Declan’s.

    Cora was an easy teether for all of her teeth: I only realized she got new ones after I saw them in her mouth. I don’t even remember molars being a big deal with her. When I did blame fussiness on teething, she’d get a frozen paci, some Tylenol, maybe a frozen washcloth, or this: with frozen fruit. Our pedi recommended against oragel type things, fwiw. I can’t remember why. Declan doesn’t take a paci, so we’re pretty much straight to Tylenol if he seems miserable (which is still pretty rare. In fact, I noticed a new tooth over this weekend, and then was like, “ohhhhh, that’s why you were a terrible sleeper last week!”)

    Ha! I had a sliding scale with Cora on the baby vs kid thing: anyone younger than she was was a baby, and anyone older was a kid. She just was herself, I guess. But I do distinctly remember nursing her when she was maybe 3 months old & looking at how huge she seemed to be, and feeling like I was nursing a teenager.

    1. That is exactly how I feel. A sliding scale. And LOL about the teenager. I do remember at 4 months being like “dude… this kid is HUGE and he is on my BOOB. WTF”

  7. I think I say this almost every time, but I love these updates. Those expressions are so ridiculously great. We’re in the middle of a lot of the same stuff as you guysβ€”the sitting up and the “are you trying to kill yourself with that utensil?” and the teething! I keep telling myself that must be the reason he’s been sleeping so crappily, and it’ll pass sooner or later…

    One teething thing we’ve tried is just an ice cube in a little ziploc baggie. He seems to like that, and hasn’t bitten holes in the bag yet. πŸ™‚

  8. Verona was good with teething. I had Tylenol on hand but she never needed it. She wore an amber teething necklace at all awake times. I swear it helped! They don’t chew on it, it’s supposed to help with pain. For all I know it could’ve been that she just dealt with the pain ok and that necklace didnt do a darn thing!!

    Love all the pics, he’s such a little man!!

  9. I second the vibrating teether. We had a butterfly with one gel-filled wing and one rubbery vibrating wing. Dear Boy loved it. He pretty much loved anything rubbery. I’d scoffed about parents who bought Sophie le Giraffe (squeaky French rubber giraffe) – I mean AU$40 for a chew toy? But those folks knew what was what.

    I tried the amber teething beads on him too. No appreciable difference on pain level but seemed to stop him drooling as much. Plus they were cute.

    Not sure about their availability or legality in the US but lots of folks also recommend Hylands Teething tablets. Have never been able to find them here.

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