Friday Video: A Week in Babyland

By popular demand! A mashup of the Gabe’s giggles and wiggles this week.

Please excuse the repeated use of my blue striped hoodie (men’s department! target!), it was my after work cozy of choice. haha.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone!

14 thoughts on “Friday Video: A Week in Babyland”

  1. Ohhhh this is the best… he not only giggles, he laughs like crazy ! And how he enjoys the dancing, I’m in love! Also love the angry tapping of the sound-making toy.

  2. If a happy child is any indication of good parenting you are in line fir best parent ever. What a wonderful group of pics. I love you all with all my heart. Grandpa bean

  3. i love how he seems to be totally fed up with the noisy toy. “UGH. this thing! make it stop!” also, the happy dance and dip with mom is just too much. the baby rabies are now running wild in my house…and M is making a face similar to the one gabe made at the noisy toy. 🙂

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