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I have been wanting a food processor for a really long time, but it was one of those items that should have probably been on our wedding registry and then I don’t even think I put it on… but I for sure didn’t get it. I finally got a hand mixer last year for Christmas but that is a different story. For the last few weeks we had been trying to figure out if a food processor or a blender would be best for making homemade babyfood. I wanted a high end one, but I didn’t want to spend bajillions of dollars. We were thinking ordering on amazon would be best, but then during one of our many…. many many many many many Target runs, we saw one. We bought it. And then we brought it home.

I first tried to make salsa, but it turned out meh. Not enough flavor. We had not prepared at all for the making of blended foods. We hadn’t even gone grocery shopping yet, so it wasn’t until this last weekend where I really got to experiment. First I made our first batch of homemade babyfood!

Kale and Apple baby food

On the menu: Kale, Apple, and Quinoa. First I cut up and peeled the apple, steamed the apple bits, then steamed the kale leaves. Then I added the Quinoa and I BLENDED IT ALL! Mwahaha magic.

Kale Apple Babyfood

And then, of course, I had Kamel give it a taste. He gave it 2 thumbs up for deliciousness so I was pretty pleased with my concoction. I also added a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt.


Into the silicone ice cube trays! And then out popped store-able, portioned baby food cubes!


The quinoa added a new texture and Gabe was sort of confused by it and really worked at it in his mouth, so I think it’s a little beyond our current food eating abilities. So, They will chill in the freezer (ha, get it?) for a while long before we’re totally ready for them. This weekend I’ll be making more purees with new and different flavor combos. Are people interested in hearing about homemade babyfood recipes and experiments? If you are, please leave a comment letting me know. If I get enough interest I’ll create a tag for it and continue with the updates.

After I babyfooded it up, I moved on to round 2 of salsa making! This time I added twice the garlic (5 cloves), 2 serano chilis with seeds and 1 jalepeno without seeds for extra flavor and spice, lime (1 entire lime, squeezed), salt, a bunch of cilantro (but not too much because I am not particularly a fan), 2 vine-ripened tomatoes, and half an onion. Then… BLEND!


Outcome: Amazing spicy salsa success that I could drink with a spoon. Oh so good!!

Next up on my food processing journey: Green salsa and homemade pesto. Weeeee!!

Do you have any food processing recipes? Tips? Tricks? Do share!! I am a blending maniac!!

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  1. I have been wanting a food processor for so, so long, but it would take up so much space and we literally don’t know what we could move around to make space for it. We do have a blender, but the thing with the processor is that you get a larger grinding/cutting surface.

    I am quite impressed at your creativity, it would never have occured to me to mix apple with quinoa and kale.
    I like quinoa, but it is exaggeratedly expensive here, is that the case over there?

    Oh and for the salsa, you should really really try charring the tomatoes and chillies and then peeling them before processing all together. It really adds to the flavor.

    And keep the recipes coming 🙂

  2. now that you have a food processor, you can make the cheeseball of awesomeness!!! Aka the cheeseball that emma makes herself sick on every year because she can’t… stop… eating.

    annnnnd i use my food processor to make homemade ceaser dressing sometimes. i just wish it wasn’t such a pain in the butt to clean.

  3. I am so bad at the food processor. We have one and I NEVER use it. It sits sad, lonely and neglected in the cupboard. Although I did break it out over the summer to make homemade salsa and — meh. I think I needed to add more “pep” to it.

    In case you need baby-food inspiration — Smitten Kitchen has quite a few recipes:

  4. Yes, yes, YES on the baby food recipes and experiments PLEASE!! I want to store those bad boys away!! I would love to try going the homemade baby food route for a while when baby time comes 🙂 And BRING ON THE PESTO!! I could eat THAT with a spoon!

  5. I love this 🙂 way to have fun with the processor and also make yummy healthy stuff for the kiddo!

    I have a food processor (Christmas gift!) and I don’t use it nearly as much as I should. Woops! But here is some stuff I’ve made over the past couple years that I LOVE (ps: its also good for chopping shit like onions or cheese when I’m lazy pants).

    – pesto (yes! do it now! now!), so so so so easy!
    – almond butter – also incredibly easy and yummy!
    – pico de gallo. I mean, duh.
    – butternut soup base (boil the butternut with a bay leaf, and essentially mix in anything you want, I use (veggie) broth, garlic, parsley, peas, cumin, sometimes even some cream/almond-milk, etc) – and you can either leave it thick for a “simmering sauce” type thing and add veggies on the stove top- or thin it out for an actual soup!
    – hummus & guacamole

    I’ve also been told you can make a great flaky pie crust in a food processor but that kinda sounds like a freaking holy grail to me….

  6. HUMMUS! This may seem time consuming, but when you make your own hummus, shuck the chickpeas first! I use canned chickpeas and they have that little clear husk around them. If you squeeze one between your fingers it should pop right out of the husk. It is admittedly a finicky step, but it improves the texture of the final product SO MUCH.

  7. The food processor is definitely superior to the blender for baby food making. The blender is superior to the food processor for smoothie and margarita making. So I have both. 🙂

    Hummus is definitely the most-made food processor recipe around here. We don’t shuck the chickpeas; I like my hummus a little grainy.

  8. I would love to hear about the baby food experiments. I am a few months away still from needing inspiration in that department, but I’ll need it eventually!

  9. I love my food processor so much. It got a ton of use when Frances was eating purees, but I honestly still use it 1-2 a week. Here are a few of my favorite food processor recipes:

    Cherry Shortbread Cookies;
    Green Veggie Pancakes: (For when Gabe starts finger foods)
    Spinach Gnocchi:
    Tomatillo Salsa Verde:

    Also, if you have the grating/shredding attachments, any kind of veggie fritter is now so easy!

  10. If you have a good slicer attachment on the food processor you can thinly slice just about any veggies and make veggie chips – covering them in a little oil and whatever flavours you want and banging them in a low oven until they’re crispy. Carrot, beetroot, parsnips, etc.

  11. Apple was our go to addition to anything green for a while….before he flat out refused anything green. Now roasted butternut squash with oj or apple juice to thin it out is a big hit, as are sweet potatoes.
    Oh! And smoothies freeze really well, we do a big batch and use them instead of milk in the baby’s “cereal” to get some more fruits/veggies in him. Frozen pureed spinach cubes are great to use instead of ice for thickening.

  12. I am all about the falafel and pesto and bread dough and date-almond-cocoa-balls and almond butter and sunbutter and all the other amazing things you can do with a food processor. I will also slice onions by the pound and freeze them in plastic bags for when I need sliced onions. Oh, and sliced carrots for soups and shredded sweet potatoes and zucchini and squash for all the breads you can make. Also, I don’t know what model you got but Cusinart makes an amazing blade-holder you can get on Amazon that stores your blades so that nobody slices their finger off.

  13. Yay food processor! We LOVE making pesto in ours and then slathering said pesto on anything that’s not moving. When we first starting making pesto we were using oh-so-expensive pine nuts but here’s a secret: walnuts are so much cheaper and taste just as good (at least to us). Also we were initially using LOTS of oil because the basil/nuts/cheese needed more lubrication to get blended up… but here’s another secret: a little water is absolutely ok! So that’s what I know about Pesto. Now I have to go make that delicious sounding salsa immediately. And save away the baby food recipes for some point in the future when I have a little mouth to feed.

  14. Please post baby food recipe trials! I want to hear about them.

    Also, I use my food processor at least once a week for… pesto (basil, sundried tomato, corn, artichoke, asparagus, etc.), pie crust, biscuits, soups (so many), hummus, fruit purees, flourless chocolate cake, black bean burgers, chickpea burgers, grating tons of cheese for mac n cheese, key lime pie, ravioli filling, banana “ice cream”, crepes…

    I would love to share some recipes with you! And tips! I love my food processor so much.

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