Happy 31 Kamel!

Remember last  year when you turned 30 and we did almost nothing because I was pregnant and lame and then I bought you cupcakes and ran into your cousin at our favorite italian restaurant so we all had dinner with his friends and then later we ate the cupcakes I bought in the car on the way home? And I cried? Because it was your 30th and we had done nothing because I was pregnant and lame?

Well now we have a baby. Happy Birthday!!

Just kidding. Except about … all of it.

I’m writing this the night before your 31st birthday so let me predict what tomorrow will bring: On this day, your birthday, we will wake up like usual ( a little later than usual… maybe 6:00am?… unless the baby wills it earlier (edit: the baby willed it at 515am)) and I will say, “It’s your birthday!! Happy 31!” and then I will take a photo of you (insert photo below this paragraph) because it is  your birthday and birthday bed head should be documented! And I will give you a card, because I love cards.


Then we will go to work because we are grownups and birthdays no longer mean jumpy houses in the backyard and pizza parties at the skating rink… although they should. And I am hoping that people will get you a cake or something fun because special things like that on your birthday at work are kind of the best. Even if they are a little awkward, they should still be done. I hope there is singing.

And then after work we will go to Safeway to pick out one of those small square cakes that are really like ginormous square pieces of cake. You’ll probably get tres leches if they have it. Then we will come home and I will make you whatever you want for dinner and afterwards we will eat our cakes straight from the boxes with forks, because sometimes that’s the best part of being an adult, and you’re 31 now after all. And that will be it.

On Saturday you will be able to sleep in and play video games to your heart’s content as I handle the baby.

Happy Birthday, Kamel! Here is what I wish for you in your new year:

I hope you get to watch more movies and play more video games than you did last year. You got a lot of them for your birthday and I don’t want them to go to waste.

I hope you have at least 1 day where you do not feel tired, not once!

I hope you still have an intense curiosity about the world, that you hold on to your youthfulness that makes everything fun and interesting.

I hope you laugh many, many times and maybe cry once. Because sometimes crying is just as good.

I hope you are surprised, genuinely and thoroughly surprised, by at least 3 things.

And finally, I hope you have one of those out of body experiences where you look around you and think, “holy shit… I am here, in this place, doing this thing, and it is AMAZING.”

You make my life better even on your grumpiest of days. I love you! Happy 31!

12 thoughts on “Happy 31 Kamel!”

  1. Oh good grief, lady, you made me tear up with your birthday hopes. Those are exactly the same things I wish for every single person, all the time. But seeing them put together like that, so eloquently, and so simply… There’s something about it I just can’t quite capture. What a lovely post, and Happy Birthday Kamel!

  2. Sorry for taking up so much space Lauren but it’s my son’s birthday and he deserves the whole thing:

    Estas son las mañanitas,
    que cantaba el rey David,
    hoy por ser día de tu santo,
    te las cantamos aquí.

    mí bien despierta,
    mira que ya amaneció,
    ya los pajarillos cantan,
    la luna ya se metió.

    Sí el sereno de la esquina,
    me quisiera hacer favor,
    de apagar su linternita,
    mientras que pasa mí amor.

    mí bien despierta,
    mira que ya amaneció,
    ya los pajarillos cantan,
    la luna ya se metió.

    Ahora sí señor sereno,
    le agradezco su favor,
    encienda su linternita,
    que ya ha pasado mí amor.

    Amapolita dorada,
    de los llanos de Tepic,
    sí no estás enamorada,
    enamoráte de mí.

    mí bien despierta,
    mira que ya amaneció,
    ya los pajarillos cantan,
    la luna ya se metió

    Happy birthday son, we adore you!

    Mom and Dad

  3. My Dear Lauren!!! You make me cry hahahah!!…. I love all your wishing list!!!! thank you for loving him so much!! Send you all of 3 Hugs and kisses with all my heart. Happy 31 my sweety!!

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