Gabe @ 6 Months

Gabe turned 6 months on Sunday.


What did that just say?

A 6 month old? Like a real marker… like a “you’re half way to a year, little bud!” Like that. Just like that.

A month ago he was this:


And now he doesn’t even fit into that onesie anymore. Nope. In a matter of a week, he will grow an inch. He sprouts boom boom boom and suddenly he is too big for the mamaroo (Goodbye mamaroo! Into the closet for you!), suddenly we are very very (dangerously… for my wallet) close to being completely grown out of the infant car seat.


A month ago or maybe more I read a post on GGC about phases. How everything is a phase. The bad things, the good things, the favorites. All of it. And it was remarkably comforting. It is good to keep things in perspective. Sleeplessness and Gabe’s current obsession with scratching at his ears until they bleed and scab, his desire to be held more than usual, his absolute HATRED for the carseat… something that is just now becoming a thing…


Things will come and things will go and then new things will creep in. And that’s pretty much how I got through the newborn stage. Yes we were sleepless, but I knew going in it was a small period of time… considering. But it is such a relief to know that things happen – you think something will always be an issue and then poof it isn’t. (Most of the time.) As long as Gabe doesn’t poke his freaking eardrum out…


He has gotten increasingly interested in food and what Kamel and I are putting into our mouths. He has also gotten ridiculously grabby. Aside from his ears he is also obsessed with tags. He cares nothing for his bib, he wants to eat the tag. He cares nothing for his toys he wants to play with the tag on the side of the boppy cover. Tags tags tags. Tags for days.


(Goodbye mamaroo!)



His hair is growing in somewhere between a come-over and a thin Mohawk. Thick down the center and wispy on the sides. Sometimes the front thin bits get greasy and it looks even more like a balding man trying to hold onto his last few strands.



He still has not rolled over. At first this bugged me. Everyone else seemed to be rolling over, c’mon Gabe get with the baby development program already!



Even though I totally kept telling myself, “babies do their thing when they do their thing,” I couldn’t help but feel the pressure. It’s really hard not to compare when there is facebook and, ya know, the whole internet. But then he suddenly started sitting up all by himself. He will just… sit there. And it happened like, “Oh wow, look, he hasn’t fallen over yet. Cool!” One second he could not be trusted and then the next he was a sitting up machine.


And now he can even stand up! He fights us to stand, he is so over the sitting thing he wants to be up on his two feet like a freaking 4 year old or something. It is ridiculous.



Some things are phases. Almost all things, apparently. And right about the time I was dreading the 6 month appointment due to lack of rolling abilities (or desires), he up and does some other cool shit that tells me he is doing just fine. Mom paranoia… I might not be able to obliterate it, but at least I can maybe keep it in check.



Happy 6 months Gabe! I can’t wait until I can hear what you are thinking and hear about all the things you see in this big world. I can’t wait until I am chasing you around playgrounds and rolling down grassy slopes together. But for now I’ll take your sqwacks and chirps. I’ll do my best to escape your grabby fingers, always coiling themselves in the hairs at the nape of my neck. And we’ll try to cut down on the car seat adventures so you can scream a leeeeetle bit less, deal?


11 thoughts on “Gabe @ 6 Months”

  1. Every photo I see of him I think “for sure this is the cutest” and then you pull up an even cuter one. How?

    It’s amazing how quickly the time has flown – it certainly doesn’t seem possible that the little guy is six months already.

  2. His smile! It is just the greatest. I love the GGC post too – it is all just phases. Even at 20 months now, nothing has lasted more that 3 months tops, it’s always changing. Good life lesson, I suppose.

  3. Oh so much cuteness. I love those pics with the grey monkey sweatpants and his expression while looking at the food in the green bowl.Congratulations Gabe! Half a year, wow!

  4. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll find an opportunity to say it again…. that is one seriously adorable baby!! Love these pictures!

  5. “His hair is growing in somewhere between a come-over and a thin Mohawk.”

    Well, now I have to request that you spike it up and let Gabe try on his inner punk kid look… 🙂

  6. Adorable! I’m SO excited for you to hear him talking. I want to say, “It’s the best!” but then they learn some other thing, and then that other thing is The Best. So I’ll just say it’s pretty darned cool 🙂

    I have heard that some babies get happier about car seats when they switch to a convertible seat. So maybe that??

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