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I am in bed, exhausted – where I do most of my writing now. Kamel is trying to get the baby to bed and I keep forgetting if today is Wednesday or Thursday. I’m writing this on …. Wednesday i think, but by the time you read this it will be Thursday so who can keep track? My brain is melting and all I want to do is think about the stuff that makes me happy. So here we are.

The noise of crickets and frogs outside my window on a humid evening. It sounds just like the jungle white noise setting and it is so cliche I can’t help but love it.

The sound of my wedding ring tapping the side of a cup of tea.

Roasted broccoli. The only form of broccoli I can gobble.

Lilo and Stitch. I watched that movie for the first time when I was in college and I was lonely and desperately wanted a Stitch of my own and now I look at my wild man of a baby and realize: I got him. My crazy little growling boy, Stitch.

Trader Jose dark beer. Thank you Trade Jose. So cheap. So tasty.

Buying new bras – my old normal, non-pregnant or breast feeding size. NO MORE NURSING BRAS!

Finally meeting Kristin! And again, wishing that all of the good people lived next door to me so I could just wander into their homes when I needed a chat/someone to watch SYTYCD/offer a bundt cake/etc etc. So many lovely people live too far away from me. The only cure: teleportation. Clearly.

Remembering to swiffer every other day on our new hardwoods. Because there is nothing…. nothing…. I hate more than gunk on my barefeet. Ew.

Looking forward to vacation starting on Saturday!! Blogging might be light next week… I haven’t totally convinced myself one way or another. To post or not to post? So I think I’ll bring my computer and mostly just wing it.

Shelf tank tops. They have been my saviors since the beginning of pregnancy and I have not thanked them enough.

BB Cream.

Vaseline. The greatest lip gloss ever created. And so cheap.

Pedicures. Needs no explanation.

Headphones. I’m positive they have saved my marriage.

Tomorrow is for sure Friday. That sounds excellent.

And now, my favorite part of this day: you’re turn.


23 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. 3-day weekend coming up. THANK GOD.

    Our beautiful new vacuum. I never thought I’d use the word “beautiful” to describe a vacuum, but here we are.

    Getting to look forward to a short mini-vacation next month.

    The idiot cat who is purring like a mo-fo under the desk.

    New Margaret Atwood coming out NEXT WEEK!

  2. Seeing as I am super stressed right now, perhaps this exercise will help me achieve some emotional catharsis.

    1. My last day at my job for forever is Sept 6th. That is in 4.5 days! 4.5 days!!! Then no. more. articles. ever. ever. again. EVER. Hip hip hooray!
    2. Tomorrow is not only Friday, but work is shutting down at 1 for a pool party/BBQ at our boss’s house.
    3. My new job will be working with elementary kids–I can’t wait.
    4. I paid off 2 credit cards.
    5. Tea. Yogi’s Vanilla Spice: Perfect Energy tea specifically. But tea in general.
    6. Getting a solid’s night sleep and not feeling exhausted by the time I’m driving into work.
    7. Wearing a new tank and cardigan and being told “you look very fashion forward”. Why thank you.
    8. Finally finally getting my new tattoo (been wanting this for 3 years now)

  3. Heading to the Beach this weekend. BEACH. BEACH. BEACH.

    Pizza lunch at work today.

    A relatively cool and pleasant August in usually HOT and humid DC.

    New pants that fit.

  4. Driving to San Antonio Friday night/ Saturday morning to spend the weekend with in-laws. They are weird, but I’ve never been there and they might try not to be weird this time and they are giving us money to buy baby things.

    On Monday, driving from San Antonio to Dallas so that we can fly to Aruba the next day.

    Aruba for 8 days!

    Maternity bathing suits I like – two of them!

    currently eating an envelope of bananas and cream oatmeal and an envelope of strawberries and cream oatmeal mixed together

    decaf coffee and pretending

    pretty sure people at work will have a hard time covering some of my things while I’m out and it serves them right for not bothering to take notes or listen more when I try to teach them

  5. 1. when my puppy leaps around like a mountain goat on the bed and lands on my lap
    2. morning coffee and doughnut dates before work (chocolate feather boa from Top Pot yessss)
    3. 3 gchat conversations at once
    4. 40 days of dating website (will they stay together?? Probably not)
    5. eyelash extensions make me feel fabuloussssssssssssssssss

    1. omg I’ve been loving forty days of dating too!! I can’t believe they stalled with like 4 days left!

      and chocolate feather boa donuts are the BEST!!

  6. – Evening walks on the hills in the huge park near my house (in central London. Amazing.), with the warm end-of-August light
    – The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout. So excited to read her other books – and the new Donna Tartt
    – Booking flights for our 17 day India/Sri Lanka adventure next year and starting to plan the details
    – Six fine line multi-colour gel pens to do my MSc revision with (bit less excited about the actual exam next month)
    – The Oreo Dairy Milk bar my husband bought me as a surprise treat. So delicious. So what I NEVER allow myself.
    – Cycling. To work. To see friends. Along the canal.

  7. 1. 3 day weekend right around the corner full of fun plans!
    2. Actually dragging my butt out of bed to go to the gym before work TWICE this week
    3. The fact that we’ve been so good about sticking to our budget this month
    4. Sunny blue skies today
    5. The knowledge that I have a bag of sour patch kids in my desk drawer right this very minute, waiting to be devoured…

  8. 1. Back to work and reestablishing a routine.
    2. My new coworkers are nice and make good coffee.
    3. Lots of art things in the hopper: concerts, exhibit openings, art walk next week.
    4. Going on a big long hike Sunday. Plan to fall in love with the NW all over again.
    5. Blogging. Turns out I really like it. It reminds me I have a pretty awesome life.
    6. Savoring memories of Europe. I DID that. Man do I miss it.
    7. A friend from grade school moved back to Seattle, so excited to see her regularly for the first time since high school (!).
    8. Milking the best out of the last few weeks of summer.

  9. Dad made it through his hip replacement surgery with flying colours.

    LJ took his 5 month vaccinations like a pro – barely a whimper – when I had to take him by myself.

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows when we are having a late-winter cold snap.

    Confirming that we are re-roofing the house in the next 8 – 10 weeks. (Yay! No more leaks, and new insulation! Warmer, dryer house!)

  10. My first wedding anniversary is on Sunday! Yay long weekend!

    Toasted English muffins with butter and jam.

    The song “Am I Wrong” by Norwegian hip hop due Envy. Stuck in my head all day! Makes me want to drive on the highway with the windows rolled all the way down.

  11. My current state of mind: BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY!

    I was feeling weird about ending my 23rd year, the year I moved to Chicago, the year I lived with my best friend, the year Ry & I moved in together, the year I got MARRIED! Then on Monday, a wave of excitement took over and I am suddenly 12 years old again, prancing around telling everyone who will listen that it’s my birthday week. (This may have something to do with confetti birthday cake.)

    24 is going to be great, I’m sure of it.

  12. Having enough frequent flyer miles to book a trip to Seattle (that is quasi work related) that I’d been hoping to take for a long time but thought was out of the question due to budgeting and expensive flights.

    Cooking yummy meals and freezing them, knowing how easy and delicious they will be when I am harried and too tired to cook, but can just pop them in the oven.

    My pantry full of jars! (My mother and I filled 75 cans last week with fresh produce!) I love how them look all pretty in my pantry.

  13. I am late here, but here goes:

    -hanging out and catching up all day with a friend from high-school and her cute 2-year old who are visiting Holland. We went to the university where she studied a year, to old Delft, walked around the market, and then went to Leiden (cities are so close 🙂 ). Drinking smoothies, enjoying the sun.

    -yup the sun, we got a real summer over here this year. 24ºC at all and pretty much no rain.

    -bright coral toenails, pedicure courtesy of the husband cause I’m spoiled like that.

    -corn tortillas

    -having time to read and read and read (currently absorbed by “La hija de la fortuna” (Daughter of Fortune) by Isabel Allende. I am loving that it talks about San Francisco during the Gold Fever and when it mentions neighborhoods I’m like… we were there a few months ago.

  14. 1. Living in New England again. It was totally worth the big-giant-huge hassle of moving cross country. It absolutely feels like home, and I’m so happy to have access to my extended family-in-law.
    2. Living in South Hadley, MA, specifically. I thought I would miss big city life (we had been in Boston prior to Cali), but I don’t at all. South Hadley is sweet, quiet, gorgeous, affordable. We can afford more “localganic” foods, farmers market foods, and I buy milk from a dairy down the street. I get to walk my son to the farmers market and the tiny center of town. I can’t remember the last time I felt so generally happy.
    3. My son. Last night was the first time in my son’s life that I felt like we shared an experience together, truly. We played and ate a treat together at the farmers market, and I felt like I could really just enjoy him, rather than feeling like I was waiting for my husband to arrive so I could share the market experience with someone. I’m nervous about upcoming toddlerhood freakouts (I’ve got a bit of a temper myself), but this gives me hope that it’ll all be worth it because I’m so eager to know him better as a person.

  15. 1. My brother had half his thyroid removed last week, and we found out this week there’s no cancer there after all!!

    2. Today is my LAST day of work for SIXTEEN days!

    3. …Because we are going to Germany for vacation!

    4. But first, kicking off college football season!

  16. What Swiffer product are you using on your hardwood floors? I might need to find something besides the mopping and sweeping I’ve been doing. In the past, I didn’t really love Swiffer because I don’t like the idea of having to continually purchase a product, but maybe they’ve make some improvements in their product since the last time I used it?

  17. Tardy to the party, but hey! There’s always time for the Good Stuff:

    I just woke up from a long, hard, drool-inducing nap…in my mom’s bed. There is no other comfort like it.

    Watching the sun rise over the mountains from my brother’s room upstairs.

    Daydreaming about the bike rides and boozy brunches and frolicking we will now enjoy because D officially has an apt. in the city!

    Hot tea with lots of honey.

    My little brother’s belly laugh. It’s the same as when he was 3.

    Thinking of our discussion about HOME. And realizing it can be more than 1 place. But this week, it is where I grew up. And I am here.

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