Holy Crap August – You Crazy

This month is crazy. Crazy crazy crazy month.

We are moving…. tomorrow.

How many boxes have I packed? 0. How many boxes has Kamel packed? 1.5. Ahhhhhh. It’s going to be ok because we are paying people to come and gather our things and move them for us, but I have never been this ill-prepared for a move in my entire life.

Last week we were in Seattle. It was glorious, but I needed a recovery day from all of the go go go-ing. That recovery day has not happened. It probably won’t happen for a few more weeks.

At the end of the month we go on a family vacation to  Cannon Beach. I have been looking forward to this trip since before we even had Gabe. Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places ever. But holy moley so much going on. Flying here and there and everywhere, packing everything up and running off to a new apartment with its overwhelming blank canvas. That reminds me – I need to re-order the fun robot decals for Gabe’s room. So many little things to do (remember to purchase internet for the new place, for example…. oops) and such little time to get it all done. .

We have already taken 90% of everything off our walls. It is shocking how much smaller the apartment looks. Remember when I was doing snow angles in the carpet because OMG SO BIG! I think we officially used this space to the best of its ability and are now ready for the next step. It feels good to really get use out of something, to love it and make it work until it just can’t hold us anymore. For as much as Kamel makes fun of me for being wasteful, I’m really not. I like to own as little as possible and take up as little space as we can. Buying and having and using just as much as we need feels great.

(I mean besides the movie library Kamel keeps and the book library that I keep. But they are contained!)

Things are going to be a little up and down in blog land. Part of the BS of running around losing my mind is that I end up not having anything to say except “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” But when I get a second between boxes and stuff I’ll be here! Hopefully with something funny to say.

Oh also Kamel and baby are both sick. Worst timing in the WORLD, one might say….


9 thoughts on “Holy Crap August – You Crazy”

  1. Best of luck for the move! We also have book (me) and movie (husband) collections that are hauled from apartment to apartment… we did do some weeding out during the last move. Progress!

  2. GOOD GOOD luck. You guys will totally make it through this weekend, and then you’ll get to decorate a new space (which I always find fun)… I think your little team will totally make it through:)

    1. Definitely pike place market, it is one of my favorite places ever. If you’re into nature-y/nw beachy stuff I highly recommend Lincoln Park. It is a not very well known gem in West Seattle. Also, if you’re into it – a ferry ride through the san jaun islands. Gorgeous and you could see whales! (and cheaper than whale watching tours, but you could also do that!)

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