Gabe @ 5 Months

Last week I had planned on writing a little post telling you I was away on business, traveling to Seattle alone with the babe, and that I wouldn’t be posting. But then I wrote two posts and thought maybe I would find time to write more and blahblablah, time vanished. And now here I am and Gabe turned 5 months last week. 5 months! Last week! While my parents watched him during the day and I ran off to work. And Gabe grew and grew and grew and grew.


Gabe at 4 months was already bigger than I could totally understand. I mean… He just looks like a toddler to me. Less and less like a baby.


The way that time is speeding up doesn’t scare me. It is exciting. I want to see who this little goober is. I want to be on to the next adventure. I want to squeeze everything out of today and then see what is around the corner.






Gabe is still fixated on putting everything in his mouth. Everything. It doesn’t matter what it is or where it has been. He is an equal opportunity chew-fiend.

He is a tall dude and super dense. He doesn’t really have rolls and isn’t particularly chubby (Except for his baby chins. So many chins. So many places for milk to turn into cheese). But baby is big.


In the last month Gabe has gotten super super curious. He watches and is better at reaching and is startled and in awe of so many things. I like it very much.


And he is so so sooooo close at being able to sit up all by himself. He hasn’t rolled over yet or started rocking back and forth yet, but we have excellent neck control ladies and gentlemen! Excceellleennnttt.




I have been storing up photos this month for this post in particular. So you’ll have to indulge my mom snap-happy-ness. He really does make me laugh so much every single day. He is so much more entertaining than I ever thought he could be.



Most of the time we are taking advantage of his inability to run away from us and enjoy putting him in ridiculous scenarios. This is the price you pay for being born, baby. A small price in deed.




And then you know those eyes. Those killer killer eyes.


Weaning continues to be a weird emotionally stressful event. But only to me. Gabe is doing just fine and doesn’t notice a thing.



(We’ve all felt this way a time or two.)


I’m still tired. I mean, I wonder if I will ever not be tired? I’ve learned to function surprisingly well on very little sleep. I just do it, we all just do it. I push through and no matter how exhausted I am I am giving 110%. At least I hope I am. Sometimes on the weekends Kamel and I take turns with who is giving more of a percentage. Sleeping in till 7:00am is a rare event that happens only when the moon is just right and a certain flower is blooming and a hummingbird sneezes all at the same time, or something.



Turns out… being tired all of the time? It could be so way worse.


I can handle sleep deprivation any day of the week, and for many many days in a row if it means I get to hang out with this guy.


Happy 5 months my beautiful boy. Who growls and chirps and ba-ba-bas his way along every day. You just keep taking my breath away.

17 thoughts on “Gabe @ 5 Months”

  1. Some babies are ugly (unfortunately, it’s the truth). Some babies are cute. Your kid is so unbelievably adorable it slays me! The bath pics; his giggling face; chowing down on everything; that penguin hat! Cuteness overload. 🙂

  2. I just wanna squeeze that little guy until he pops!!! Well, you know. Not literally. He really is looking older and older. I just marvel at how he seems to be an exact mix of you and Kamel. It’s like an optical illusion. I’m all, “There’s Lauren. Wait a minute…no, definitely Kamel. Wait, back to Lauren. Doh!” LOVE the bath pics. You can use those as blackmail someday. I would like to get more bath pics of Hank but, well, you can only juggle so much with one set of hands. In other news, I am becoming quite adept at picking things up with my toes…

        1. Oh no, some of the faces he makes, are DEFINITELY Kamels faces! Like the one of him on his tummy on the quilt. Well, actually, ive seen that face from both of you. HAHAHA! Oh, the cuteness!

  3. Oh he is so so cute… cuter by the second. And he observes and stares at everything, but he seems to do so since the beginning 🙂
    And he is really growing fast into a boy! Congratulations!

  4. Thank you for all of the lovely comments! It really is fun being able to share Gabe stuff with everyone. I don’t ever get tired of hearing how cute he is. It sounds silly, but every time I’m like, “REALLY?! OH YAY!” haha.

  5. I love love love the picture of him and Kamel drinking coffee. And at first I saw mostly you in his face, but as he’s getting older, Kamel is definitely showing. It’s so cool to watch in episodes like this.

  6. Did I already comment on this? I thought I commented on this. But actually I think I just oogled at the adorable baby pics and then got distracted. I especially love the baby in bubbles series.

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