Flying Baby

I have so many things I want to share and talk about and blahblahblah with you all. Being away for a few days has me building up all of these thoughts and articles and discussions. I am overflowing! And for whatever reason I keep thinking every day is Friday. Yesterday? Friday. The day before? Friday. Today? It just has to be Friday. It is not Friday. So the Friday video is happening on a Thursday instead.

This is a compilation of how we kept Gabe entertained on the flight back to SF from Seattle a few weekends ago. Making our own home movies is such an out of body experience. When I see them weeks/months/years later I am transported to a different time of VHS and giant camcorders. Here is to more of those feelings.

9 thoughts on “Flying Baby”

  1. Three things: 1) that is one happy, happy baby. 2) bbbbbaarrggh I miss the random-piece-of-junk-is-the-funnest-thing-in-the-world stage! keep him in the dark about the existence of toy stores for as long as you can… 3) So weird and strangely thrilling to hear your voice. (is that creepy? sorry.)

  2. He’s the most perfect human being to have ever existed on this earth and every other galaxy.

    i love his shirt!

    miss you guys!

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