And…. We’re Back!

We have internet!!! In the new apartment!!! I have missed you all I just want to grin at you and pass around hugs. What a weekend. What a freakin weekend.

First, we all came down with colds. The baby, Kamel, me. Saturday morning it was full-fledge cold and oh-shit-we-have-to-pack. Movers were scheduled at 3:00pm so starting at about 6:00 am it was a mad dash of laundry and boxes and fuck it let’s just throw stuff into garbage bags. We got a call at 1:45 that the movers would be there around 2:30. I’m not going to say we panicked, but there was a moment when Kamel turned to me and said, “I feel like we’re totally SCREWED!” Cue: Chicken with with head cut off mode.

The movers swept in and packed up our entire apartment (including our kitchen, my books, and all of Kamel’s DVDs) in 2 hours. We were completely unloaded in the new apartment in another 2 hours. And by 6:30 we were eating pizza sent over from Maris in Chicago (thank you grubhub!).

That night was Gabe’s first night in his very own bedroom. He was the only one who slept well. It was really hot, Kamel’s cough was raging, my phlegm was dripping down the back of my throat, we were all propped with pillows and flinging blankets off ourselves. I fretted because I couldn’t see the baby and I did pop into his room a few times to make sure he was still breathing. He was, every time. The area is louder than our last apartment and one of the blinds is broken in our bedroom so I can’t close it. This also caused a lot of tossing and turning. Brightness from street lights, noises from people coming and going, the whole first night was not awesome.

The next morning I just felt ick about everything. Our place still covered in boxes, unable to find most things, just bleck. I was beyond exhausted, still sick, and there is something about leaving somewhere, even if where you’re headed is good, that’s sad. It felt like POOF we aren’t in our little 1 bedroom apartment anymore. And the 2 bedroom is good, but different. Bigger, but overwhelming at the same time.

Now it is Wednesday and things are more normal. We found my hair dryer, 90% of the clothes are put into their new homes, and Kamel unpacked the whole kitchen which was… a major relief. The only things left to organize are the closets and my books (my boooooooks!). Two things I’m actually excited for. And we have a video baby monitor on its way, so I don’t keep losing my mind at night. (Because guess what… the baby keeps sleeping through the night! WHAT! It is awesome, except… I’m not sleeping. Because I’m a crazy person.)

More to come. Lots to say. Get ready. <3

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  1. Oh my god. The movers sound…. amazing. Note to self: next time, HIRE MOVERS.

    I’m sure you guys will get used to the increased traffic noise REALLY quickly. Our last apartment was on a very busy street, and I had a bit of an adjustment period there. And then, moving to our much much quieter house… again! Adjustment! I was used to the nose 😉 But I found it only took me about a week in each instance to get used to it.

    So now here’s the REAL question — when those books go on the bookshelves, how are they organized? I go alphabetically by author myself, but hear of some people who do crazy things like organize by color….

    1. I think this could actually turn into a huge debate… I organize by genre and then by size of book… and also by favorites. I don’t think I could handle color-coding, it would make me insane to have multiple books by one author all over the place.

      1. My parents did color-coding for a while. Then again, they had maybe seventy books, most of which they’d owned for ever, so they could pick them out on sight.

        The library in our home was / will be sorted by genre and / or subject, then by language, and then by author. It seems to be the most practical for our collection. Then again, we also have library software (with a bar code scanner) to keep track of things, so we may be a bit more anal about it than a lot of other people.

        1. What is this library software?? Is it book-centric, or can you include dvds in the catalog? I have 4 bookcases plus an 8×8 shelving unit full of books and dvds, and it would satisfy my type-A personality to no end to have a catalog of some sort.

          1. After some research, we decided to go with the software from We only use their book-specific one, but they have software for dvds and comics too. I don’t think the different media can be integrated into one suite and my (uneducated) guess is that it has to do with the different databases from which information about the books / dvds / cds is pulled. For books, it takes information from the Library of Congress, an ISBN database and other sources depending on the language of the book, I believe. For other media, it would likely use different databases, which I think is why they separate the products (a certain part of the cost comes from ‘buying’ access, I believe). Still. take a look – maybe it’ll work for you.

            It has a loan module, so if your friends ever want to borrow a book or dvd. you could pull out your barcode scanner, ‘loan out’ the book and put a note in the database about who has it. I think the system can even send them e-mail reminders about what they’ve borrowed if they input their address.

    2. Hahaha. Soooo I organize by genre and I put my favorites in the front and then the ones that are meh behind them and then in the center I put my FAVORITE BOOKS. And this rotates. I’m not as anal as I could be. But I like having poetry, literary mags, fiction, etc in their own spots.

  2. Yaaay new place. I hope all the colds are gone by now.
    Moving places is always, always bittersweet.
    Gabe is sleeping through the night 🙂 I am so happy for everyone involved, he’s a champion! And you will get used to it soon!

  3. I’m soooo emotional about our upcoming move. Since we closed, I’ve just been wandering around, depressed and overwhelmed and unable to focus either on projects at the new house or packing up the old place. Yes, it’s a good thing. Yes, we can “make it ours” whatever that means. Yes, we can finally upgrade to a nice flat screen TV and I have an appliance cabinet with slide out drawers, but we have a ton of shit to get rid of and we just haven’t yet and that is stressing me out. We need to buy new things, like noise reducing curtains (they are a thing, it sounds like you also need them) and a new mattress and new sheets and a telescoping ladder but omg nothing is on sale right now and I haven’t done enough research and ::waaaaaaaaaaaaah::. Sorry to unload, but clearly, you get where I’m coming from.

    Anyway, I felt the same way when we moved into the apartment we are in now – I was sad about leaving our old place and I got so emotional about it, but we settled in and now it feels like home. I keep reminding myself that the new place will too.

  4. Hurrah – happy new house.

    It took me about three months to get used to having more space (more than one floor! stairs!), to sleep through the night and to stop hearing noises in the night and/or waking up with a jump when there was an unexpected noise outside. And I didn’t even move with a baby. People say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a little time to get used it. Gabe is such a champ for just rolling with the change.

  5. Congratulations on the successful move! And you just opened my eyes to the wild world of GrubHub… how did I not know about this before? Sweetest gift ever to give to moving stressed people who are far far away….

  6. Yay! New apartment and book organization and movers! Can’t wait to see pictures. Also, my roommate did rainbow organization of books once and it was actually kind of fun!

    Also, I don’t know HOW I noticed this, but this means your “Who the hell is she?” section is going to change! You are now a 2bdrm apt person! I feel like this means…something? I don’t know what, but it feels big and important somehow.

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