The Lasagna Was Excellent… and Zombies.

We had our first people-over-for-dinner-that-isn’t-pizza night last weekend and I spent the day being a sweaty, cleaning, chopping/dicing/slicing mess. Near the end the baby decided to be ridiculously demanding, never wanting to be put down and driving me bonkers. I had to let go of the fact that all of the laundry would be folded before people came over so I just shut the bedroom door. At least the food was warm? Mostly? Overall, nothing burned past recognition, everyone left fed, and we got to have a real conversation with real people while our babies were babies in the same room together. It was excellent.

Right now Kamel is on the floor yelling “AGUA!” at the baby while the baby screams back at him in delight.

I bought two new soaps from trader joes this weekend and I want to open them right now and start using them even though I am not done with my current soap. I keep looking at them on the counter and getting all excited. One of them is Triple Milled Verveine-Citron (I die for lemony goodness) and the other is Oatmeal exfoliant ginger almond… I mean, could anything BE more DELICIOUS all over my body?! NO IT COULD NOT!

I wore makeup to work yesterday and it was like I had finally put on pants or something. Someone actually said to me, “You have such a lovely glow today! You almost look dewey, it’s great.” I could have kissed her. Makeup is the last thing on my to do list in the morning. First it is everyone needs to shower and get fresh clothes. Second is food and teeth brushing. Third is hair (hair always comes before face), then shoes and lunches, and then! after everrrrything else in the whole world, maybe I’ll throw on some mascara. But yesterday I did it all… ok I did eye liner, nude shimmer eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. That’s about as “I did it all” as I get. The effect was, “wow, maybe I should wear some freaking makeup once in a while…” (We’ll see about that.)

Do you ever look at people and think, “Wow… they are so put together. I wish I could be that put together.” I do all of the time. People who accessorize, who can do cat eye liquid liner on  the regular, people who wear more than 3 types of shoes to work (you know, my black flats/nude flats/work appropriate tennis shoes rotation?). Anyways… they awe me. Are you one of these people? Can you please tell me your secrets. I’ll be over in the corner with my finger in my nose waiting for my cool gene to kick in. (Hint: It won’t.)

You know how every once in a while you’ll have that conversation with someone about how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse? Well… lately I’ve been thinking, what if we’re the zombies? I mean… someone’s gotta be the ones who succumb to the mystery virus or get caught off guard during the first wave, right? They actually end up being the the majority of the population right? So odds are… we won’t need all of our zombie apocalypse preparedness chatter. Is all I’m saying. Dinner

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  1. I’m really laughing at the image of Kamel yelling AGUA at the baby.

    “Do you ever look at people and think, “Wow… they are so put together. I wish I could be that put together.””

    Oh god. ALL THE TIME. Especially working where I work. There are so many impossibly chic and cool women… and there I am, in my T-shirt (I mean, it’s a NICE T-shirt, but still). Even when I put the effort in and throw on a dress I feel like I just cannot match their level of seemingly effortless style.

    (Hmmm. Can you tell I’m having wardrobe anxiety recently? Time for an overhaul…)

  2. Oh, man. So true. Why prepare a zombie apocalypse strategy when I’ll probably be a walking corpse happy with a little human flesh here and there.

  3. “Do you ever look at people and think, “Wow… they are so put together. I wish I could be that put together.”

    Yes. Oh so much. I never wear make-up, my clothes are not stylish (and post-baby don’t all fit that great). I feel like I had this brief period in my late 20s where I liked my “look”, but mostly these days I just feel like a hot mess. Someday I’ll get this whole “put together” thing figure out. Maybe.

  4. Mmmm now I want some lasagna 🙂 can you come and make us some while we babysit Gabe?
    I wish I was one of those girls with perfect tousled her and a perfect cat-eye…. but I have no advice here.

  5. I always think you look super put together! And hey, we own a bunch of the same clothes, so if you’re rocking it then so am I 🙂

  6. Haha, I know what you mean about those people who always look put together. I feel like I am always missing something – like some mornings I remember to wear jewelry, but can’t be bothered to switch out my purse for one that matches what I’m wearing. Other mornings I do my makeup, but don’t take time to dry my hair. And I never, ever wear accessories. I did finally buy two skinny belts to put over work cardigans last year, but it’s just too much effort in the mornings.

  7. “Do you ever look at people and think, “Wow… they are so put together. I wish I could be that put together.””

    Yes!!!!!!! All the time!!!!!! I look like a train wreck 95% of the time. If you find out their secrets pease share.

  8. Ok….so I’m going to rock the boat here and say that I am one of those people that 90% of the time looks put together (just don’t come knocking on my door once I get home, cause 5 minutes after I walk in the door the magic ends, the makeup comes off, and the comfy pajamas go on).

    I have been told time and time again, by multiple people, that I always look great and that they are jealous that I can pull it off so effortlessly. Well, that’s the whole thing really. It isn’t effortless, it’s just something that I prioritize. It’s like how I prioritize sleep. I’m in bed by 8:30pm each night because I NEED at least 8 hours, preferably 9, to feel good. I do the same thing with my “look”.

    I always shower at night, because I don’t have time to blow dry in the morning (and if I’m being honest, my hair only gets washed every 3 or 4 days because it’s red and that shit fades), so I never have to worry about taking time for that. All said and done it takes me about a half hour for hair and makeup, and then another 5 or so to get dressed. I plan out what I’m going to wear in my head before I even start to get ready, so that I won’t just stare at my clothes forever (which can happen, it’s like a mind vortex or something). That’s the first step.

    I have been an avid makeup lover for a looonnng time. I have a lot of it. Which means that over the years I have learned techniques that make me look polished without taking up to much time. I wear cat eye liner every day to work, because it’s kind of my signature look, but I do a full eye of makeup too. It may look like it’s effortless, but trust me, it took years and a ton of trial and error to get to this point. As far as my hair goes I tend to wear it in big waves, but I have that down to such a science that it takes me as long to do that as it would to flat iron it. Again, I’ve worked at that for a long time, so I’ve just gotten quicker.

    My wardrobe consists of about 60% dresses, 3% skirts, 25% cardigans, 5% camis and 2% other. Which means that I’m in a dress pretty much anytime I’m not in my pajamas. I don’t wear jeans, because I don’t feel comfortable in them. I’m sure that this is a huge part of the reason I always look “put together” as well. Throwing on a dress makes me feel good about myself and my body, which you know, translates to confidence. Also, I can wear them all year long with thick tights and boots in the winter (and oh my god I love my boots so much).

    So tips – Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that makes you feel frumpy, fat, ugly, or any of those other negative words. Start looking for pieces that make you feel great about yourself, and sooner or later you will have a closet filled with clothes that look great on you, and make you feel fabulous. If you want to screw around with some makeup, find something that works for you. Whether it’s a lipstick, or a bit of blush, if you find that one thing that you love, and make it a “signature”, then you’ll already feel more put together once you have it on.

    Same with accessories. I work in a conservative office, but I have a few necklaces that make my somewhat boring outfit so much better.

    This turned into a really really long comment so I’m sorry about that. It’s just that when people make that comment, “you look so put together all the time” it’s not like it happened overnight. This has been a long time in the making, but it’s something that I prioritized for myself, and it has ended up paying off. It’s all about priorities and whats important to you. This is my important thing at this point in my life. It may not always be though. But I’ll take the compliment when I get it.

    1. I plan out my outfits in advance as well- usually while i’m in the shower in the morning. And I make a big effort to buy accessories- I feel like if I have them, I’ll use them, but I’ll rarely go shopping for the express purpose of buying a belt or something. I think my next clothing goal is to buy more day to day dresses- i have lots of casual sundresses, but not too many that I can wear to work. I think it’d make a big difference to fill that hole in my wardrobe.

      1. I have a ton of belts, but I think I’ve only actually bought 1 of them. They all came with dresses and skirts and range from skinny and shiny black, matte burgundy, and gold glitter. I love throwing one on to help accentuate my waist. For good work wear dresses Target online always has some good ones. I’m really picky with how much I’ll spend on something, so I’m always on the look out for clearance and sales and whatnot. Also, going out of business sales. I’ve gotten so many great pieces for one tenth what they cost originally just by biding my time for a good going out of business sale. And Ebay! If you find something you love in a store, but it costs to much, just put it on a list of things to periodically check Ebay for. I’ve made some major scores that way too.

    2. I work in a very casual office to the point that though it’s not encouraged a lot of people wear sweats and yoga pants, and get a lot of comments about how I always look so professional and put together and it comes down to having a formula.

      Clothes wise, I wear a blazer or cardigan of some sort 99% of the time which in my mind adds tons of polish to an otherwise sloppy outfit. And day dresses are an amazing thing; they’re easy and comfortable and always look way more dressed up than they feel.

      On the other hand my hair? My hair is a constant mess. It’s long and frizzy and even when I’ve just done it it’s tangled, and when I cut it I have awful cowlicks and I almost never have a good hair day which is why I prioritize how I dress. Have a system is so key.

        1. I am another one in the throw-on-a-dress-look-put-together camp. I will say most of mine come from: Target, Old Navy, Macy’s, and Mod Cloth, with the occasional score from TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack.

          I’ve been working on accessorizing more (scarves, necklaces, belts), but definitely casual dress or skirt/cami + cardigan + dressy sandals/cute flats/boots is my go-to work outfit. And I plan out what I’m wearing when I’m in bed or the shower, too.

          1. I live in wrap dresses for work. Add boots or flats depending on whether and out the door. I’ve gotten good ones at Target, the Rack and once or twice at H&M. I also have a few sweater dresses I like from Old Navy. Just throw a slip ($15 on Amazon) underneath to smooth any unwanted bumps. I usually belt mine too to give myself a waist.

            Accessories are key! I also don’t have a kid so I can use 5 minutes of brain power to try 1-3 necklaces before deciding.

            I once did an hour or so of just straight outfit production. Without intending to actually get dressed I just “built” about 12 different outfits with shoes and accessories and then took pictures with my phone. It was great to look back on when I had “nothing” to wear.

  9. Cracking up… “AGUA!!!” I still can’t wait to meet Gabe!
    BTW, I would trade my talent of the 1 minute application of “cat eye liquid liner” for your flawless, no need for ANY make up skin ANY DAY! 😉

  10. “I bought two new soaps from trader joes this weekend and I want to open them right now and start using them even though I am not done with my current soap.”

    Life is short. BREAK OUT THE NEW SOAP! 🙂

  11. You know who I want to be? The woman who can accessorize without looking like she’s trying too hard! I’ve never been able to get the knack of wearing a bunch of jewelry without feeling like a poseur, alas.

    1. I get like that too! I feel like a tacky clown in too much jewelry, and get overwhelmed at trying to coodinate. So my plan is always wear one thing: dangly earrings OR necklace OR scarf; belts and glasses/sunglasses don’t count towards that and I don’t bother with bracelets.

  12. Similarly, I feel like it is obnoxious to say I am one of those people, but… I am one of those people.

    Tips and tricks! Because you asked 😀

    Have a makeup ROUTINE. Makeup to me is just as essential as showering, and more essential than brushing my hair (which usually goes up in a bun anyway). I can do a full face of makeup in 3-4 minutes. I do shimmery eyeshadow base, three different eyeshadow colours, pencil eyeliner, mascara, blush and tinted lip balm. Once you do it all the time, it gets really fast, and you barely notice you’re doing it as part of your day. If you buy one REALLY GOOD PRODUCT, make it mascara. I use a Revlon one (3D photo finish? I think?) that makes me look like I am wearing falsies when I am not.

    Accessories – I usually pick one key piece and work around it, or just wear one piece. In order for this to work, I only really buy statement jewellery. I’ll wear a long necklace OR big earrings OR a chunky bangle, etc. And I do a lot (A LOT) of colour matching because it makes me feel happy and put together and confident.

    I also buy clothes in all the same shades because they make me happy and because they work well for easy matching. I literally have two tank tops, two different cardigans, a dress, nail polish, and earrings, all in the exact same shade of cobalt. This is not a joke. And no, I do not wear them all at once! But it means that if I want to wear earrings that match my outfit, I usually have them 🙂

    As for shoes, I keep a couple of pairs of heels at work and wear flats there. Walking in heels is bullshit, but I like to feel fancy! And bright coloured shoes, even just ballet flats, are your friends.

    I hope this helps! Yay outfits! Yay colours! Also I wish I had been at your dinner party, bringing the good wine and playing with adorable Gabe! xo

  13. Um yeah, I am one of those people who stare enviously at the well-put-together women in my office and wonder how they did it (based on the comments above, sounds like a lot of work and practice is key).

    Here is an example: now that I am almost 30, I finally bought a hair dryer. I made sure to buy one with a diffuser because I know that’s what my hairdresser uses to make my curls look fabulous (and not a frizzy mane that I have on my head about 99% of the time). But do you know WHY I bought a hair dryer? To help me remove stickers from the baby’s new crib! (Heat helps melt the glue, worked really well if you are wondering). So that was my first use of the hair dryer.

    But today I tried to actually use it on my hair. Obviously I am missing some vital piece of information because my hair looks nothing like it does after my hairdresser does his magic. I have the feeling it will be a steep learning curve…

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