The Good Stuff

This week has been pretty great. I don’t know why… we still don’t have an apartment and my kid hasn’t been sleeping awesome because of a stuffy nose and a little fever. My hair is still falling out and I only have 1 pair of pants that truly fit. Nothing remarkable has happened, so it must be the little things:

Being able to be a total goober parent with my husband. Sqeeing over the baby, laughing over his farts, and making him wear silly hats, taking silly videos, and making fun of him behind is back – all with my buddy.

Buying the Mexican beer sampler at target. I look forward to my options every day after work.

Arm and Hammer detergent. I love the way it smells.

Passing three levels in a row without losing a life on Candy Crush.

My lavender pedicure. I really love having pretty toes.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I look forward to it every single year.

Tea! The milk-inducing tea is one of those little pleasures at work. It isn’t exactly an indulgence, but it is in my mind.

My eyelit jacket. I’m not one to really get into trends, but Kamel’s parents got it for me for my birthday and I get compliments on it all of the time. It has been ridiculously hot here lately, but yesterday it cooled off for a second and I got to wear it to work. Yay!

Books. Books are making me very, very happy right now.

Plans to get a drink after work with my co-worker today! And that it is Thursday. The weekends are my favorite.

Oh – and PowerPoint presentations. I love making them. It’s like arts and crafts time at work.

*Your turn!! What is on your list right now? What it are your happies?*


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  1. I must say your Silly Gabe videos often make for hilarious/awesome moments in MY life. I love cheerful babies!! My incredibly cuddly dog has been cheering me up, coming home from rookie school to a goofy clumsy dog that just wants to hang out makes me smile.. AND!! the fact that rookie school (preliminary training for my job) is almost over and I can get out of this stupid classroom, that is the happy I focus on when I am bored or incredibly frustrated… Which has been often.

      1. Babies are just so full of reasonless joy, and sometimes that is so refreshing and awesome. Also, it’s hilarious how entertained you both are by him lolz

  2. -when I’ve managed to wash all the clothes and can wear anything I want (not stuck with only light colored shirts and a black bra, for instance)
    -toasted everything bagels with cream cheese
    -Indian food
    -when credit card balances go down

  3. Having an 18-month old. Even with the tantrums and fussiness, I love this age. She is so much fun.

    Making birthday plans – it’s at the end of this month and I’m taking off work, but Frances is going to daycare. I’m so excited to get a pedicure and drink tea and be lazy and relaxed!

    Meeting up with Jami and Frances tonight for a little baby happy hour at a neighborhood French place. Yummy food that I didn’t have to cook!

    Highs in the 80s (not 90s or 100s).

    Weekends with no plans.

  4. Our CSA! It’s fun to see what we get each week and trying to decide what to do with everything.

    Setting goals on It’ll take years to complete most of them, of course, but seeing the minuscule inch forward each month is a small pleasure.

    My mom went to Norway and brought me back my favorite Norwegian candy. Yum!

  5. Love these 🙂

    1. having a really amazing multiple generations picture as my desktop background: grandpa, sister, nephew!
    2. rocking out to Al Green, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, The Fugees, etc on the best Pandora station that ever existed
    3. dance venting that happens occasionally with my coworker
    4. snapchats: of people dance-vacuuming and their dogs
    5. having a friend tell me exactly what I needed to hear but couldn’t tell myself – and having it calm me completely!
    6. budgeting, like a boss
    7. getting a solid tan line from my swimming suit
    8. wearing my grandpas red and black lumberjack shirt on the couch while he tells us a 1.5 hr story about starting his own business when my dad was a kid
    9. reading everyone’s “good stuff” on here throughout the day

  6. 1. I just got fun, exciting news about a possible new career path at my job. Hooray!
    2. Despite the fact that our baby is sleeping crappy as well (also due to another freakin’ cold), he is still so fantastic and sweet and excited to see me if I’ve been gone even just a few minutes.
    3. Since our son nurses less frequently these days, I think I’m actually going to go out for a girl’s night (my book club) before we move back to Massachusetts. I am ridiculously excited about girl time!
    4. The fact that we have leftover homemade lasagne for dinner tonight. Heaven in a lasagne dish!
    5. I get to continue packing us up for this move. I know it’s crazy, but I loooove packing. I have to hold myself back from not packing 24/7 out of excitement.

    Yay for small joys!

  7. -Avocados
    -going on a weekend road trip
    -a box on the mail with my delayed birthday present (a satchel)
    -sunshine days (but it seems they’re over once again)

  8. -The fact that my son loves The Princess Bride and requires me to put his hair in a ponytail like Westley and play sword fighting with him.

    -Getting a huge bag of hand-me-down clothes and shoes from a friend and loving everything in it.


    -Starting out on a new path, for the right reasons (for once).

    -Sharing writing with people I know would tell me if it sucked, and having them tell me it’s good.

    -Framing pictures.

    -Reading the entire Spenser series by Robert B. Parker in order (except for the crappy ones from the nineties).

  9. Without question–being on vacation and everything that goes with it.
    Sleeping in; waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the waves of the lake; napping on the dock; kayaking; big family dinner; not being aware of time at all and it not mattering at all; being able to read all day; eating awesome food; recharging.

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