Hullabaloo + Giveaway

There has been a lot of shenans and hullabaloo this week. Our anniversary evening was a total cluster and it was 100% my fault…. and of course I also blame Target, and its black hole of ALL THE THINGS. I walk in there and poof 3 hours just disappears from my life every single time.

And then there was more apartment drama. The full story on part 2: the 2013 2-bedroom apartment saga – coming soon, I promise.

All of that to say: I had plans for writing, but writing there was none. And wow, here it is Friday. What the hell? How did that happen? My life is in fast forward and I haven’t even put pants on yet.

But that is beside the point, today I am announcing the 5 winners of the mystery book giveaways!! YAY! And can I just say…. reading the stories in the comments was amazing. Amazing. Amazing. You guys are super super interesting, super funny, thoughtful, the whole thing was awesome. I’ll definitely doing a giveaway like this again. Plus yay books. Yay books indeed. Without further ado! The Winners!

Miss Amanda (Snorkles) all the way in Amsterdam!

Allie @ Everyday Adventures




Ashley (of the peeling skin!)

I’ll be contacting all of you this weekend and getting your book bundles together and sent off next week! <3 Thank you for playing!


7 thoughts on “Hullabaloo + Giveaway”

  1. Horray horray!! I love books! I just finished the first of a series of three 1000 pagers yesterday, and everything else I have to read are also series, so this is awesome!! Thank you so much Lauren, you’re so freakin’ awesome πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness, so exciting! I can’t wait to get some sweet new reads and winning a drawing from telling a story was one of the most fun things ever! Yay! πŸ™‚

  3. My books arrived! My books arrived! I had a pretty dang stressful day (including a tearful silent melt down as my mom described the specifics of a conference she went to about working with people who have had a stroke and ohmygoodnessIdon’twanttohaveastroke also notreallycryingaboutthatjustsostressedout) and the box of books waiting on my doorstep was totally a much needed highlight to a pretty not so great day. I have only read one of them (Bel Canto) and that book happens to be one of my favorites OF ALL TIME so I’m so pumped to own a copy so that I can lend it out to the people I recommend it to and maybe even re-read it myself (not a big re-reader, but there are exceptions). The other two are brand new to me! They are top of my list for once I get through my big comprehensive exams (T minus two weeks!) and I am so so glad to have hand-picked new novels on my shelf. They make me do a little happy dance every time I walk by. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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