Gabe @ 4 Months

A month ago this was Gabe:


He was a 3 month old baby-baby. And yesterday morning he woke up and I swear to you he had gained 5 lbs overnight. He was a 4 month old and built like a brick. How did we get from little green stripey peaches and cream to brickhousebaby? I’ll show you.



This last months has been really really fun. Gabe is full of personality and it totally delights me. He has nearly 100% neck control and is learning balance. We call him our little pinguino because he looks like a penguin with his arms out to his sides when he is trying to get control of his upper body. He still can’t roll over or sit up on his own but he is getting there.




Gabe also had his first real illness. Just a cold, but he spiked a fever and couldn’t sleep and cried and cried and cried. And even though I said I wouldn’t, even though our plan was for Kamel to handle the stay-at-home-ness because he has a more flexible work schedule and I had barely any PTO at all…


… I spent a long two days pacing our hallway with the little man in the Ergo front pack. And then of course Kamel got sick and I was slingin’ tea like a bar back in a place where tea was the only beverage available.


And then something major happened… we decided to start supplementing with formula. This was a huge angst-driven decision that had to be made in a matter of 24 hours. Gabe ate straight through my freezer storage and I was totally incapable of pumping enough to feed him exclusively while he was at daycare.


The most frustrating part of this whole thing was two-fold. First, I knew that if I wasn’t working and feeding him straight from the boob that I would have absolutely no supply issues whatsoever. Stupid inefficient pumping! I shake my fist at you!! Second, I had done EVERYTHING that I was told to do. Everything! I was drinking gallons of milk-inducing tea, I was pumping after feeding, I was pumping in the middle of the night while my baby slept, I was squeezing and massaging every last drop out of my poor sad boobs. And I STILL wasn’t able to make enough.

White baby.

So… we formula-ed. And I cried the first time because I felt like this whole breast feeding thing is straight BS. They tell you, “you make as much as the baby needs!” yeah except with pumping you just can’t get to it all! It’s in there, waiting, but… no dice. They tell you to over stimulate to make more, but all it did was chain me to my house on the weekends. Feeding on the go was impossible if I also needed to pump after ever time. And talk about stress! Being at work, pumping, and KNOWING that I wasn’t going to make enough for the next day. Horrible. When you are the only thing that is providing food for your baby, and you are working full time… I just couldn’t do it all.

Hot time in the old town tonight (fire fire fire)

So now he eats 1-2 bottles of formula a few times a week, only at daycare. And I still pump my 3 times a day, and I still do all the feedings while at home and my supply has not diminished at all – in fact it has grown to support his appetite. But I STILL can’t pump enough to feed him all day long. Last week dude ate 20 oz JUST during the time he was at daycare. I am lucky if I pump 15 oz max.



And then there is his mouth. He isn’t teething but he wants to chew on ALL THE THINGS. All the cloth things! All the rubber-y things! All the hands and all the fingers! He will routinely bring my hand up to his face and suck on my thumb knuckle with a vengeance. So anyone who comes in contact with my little zombie baby – sorry about that…. he’s going to try and eat you.


And on his 4 month birthday, you know what awesome milestone he crossed off the list?


Mr. 4 months finally started to respond to his own name! I tested it out several times and then Kamel tested it out, and every time we called his name he would search around until he found our faces and then greet us with a big big big Gabe grin. Coolest thing ever!






Happy 4 month birthday my little dude! You have the greatest little fuzzy head and you continue to absolutely amaze me.


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  1. He is growing so fast, and it is amazing to see little glimpses of his personality coming through (those smiles and little videos Kamel puts up).
    (BTW, you are doing what is best for your family, so do not beat yourself up for supplementing with formula, you are doing great and the most important thing is that Gabe is growing happy and you have some peace of mind / less pressure on).

  2. The bath tub picture is killing me. LOOK AT THAT BELLY! I have a little boy coming in November. I can’t wait! Also, is he crying in his boppy because you took away the ball contraption he was chewing on? Poor baby…

  3. I had to supplement with formula while we were still in hospital, so at about 3 days old because I just wasn’t producing. I spent my last night there walking the corridor crying and muttering to myself “formula is not failure” and trying to believe it.
    But it had to be done.
    LJ is currently refusing the bottle about 90% of the time, which means I always have to be on hand at feeding time, just when I am getting to the point of needing time alone! We are hoping to remedy this over the next couple of weeks, especially since I am managing to pump once a day at the moment, so have about 4 feeds in the freezer.
    You are doing awesome, Gabe is absolutely stunning, and yeah, that first cold sucks, huh? We had LJ in his portacot in our room for a week when he had his. He slept better than we did!

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! We had to really work with Gabe for a few weeks to get him bottle trained. It was a really frustrating sad process where he was crying and crying and crying and Kamel was very patient with him while I was in the other room trying not to listen and trying not to cry. Horrible.

      1. If it helps, 4 months was the exact time that my son decided the bottle was waaay better than nursing because he could eat faster and look around more. Ugh. To add insult to injury, he only wanted momma milk, just in the bottle. So my supply nosedived b/c he was an awful nurser during the day and ate like a horse at night. Fun.

  4. yay!! Getting my Babe the Gabe fix 🙂 Love all the pictures (and the dog in a rocket onesie from me!) – it is amazing to see him grow up – even just via pictures and videos! What an amazing kiddo.

  5. Holy wow. Granted, I’m not really used to babies — but that is INSANE how much he’s grown in a month! He’s like a completely different little person!

  6. HE. IS. SO. CUTE! And such a mini-you! And Mama, you are doing awesome. I always think how you are doing all of these “tricks” for milk producing that I never knew about. And kudos to you for that, it’s not easy! I love seeing happy Gabe, it gives me a glimpse of where I hope we are with Nate Dog in a few short months, cuz right now it’s just lots of crying (from mommy too…)!!!! 😉

    1. You’ll get there!! You’ve done this once before and you are rocking the 2nd kid thing. I would love to hear more about how you balance it and what it is like the 2nd time around. I am really curious. I can’t actually imagine doing the newborn dance while having a toddler…. how does it all work?!

  7. “You’ll make what the baby needs!” – cough bullshit cough. I couldn’t make anything! Pretty sure my kid needs some sustenance. I hate when “they” say things like that, it’s like an instant guilt trip. Ugh. Ugh!

    HOW did he get so big so dang fast? He’s a squishy bear and I want to squish.

  8. Love those cheeks and gummy smiles. What a cutie!

    I’m going to say over and over again that formula-feeding is not about failure, even though it feels like it (cue my huge big fat failure-y meltdown when Dear Boy was three days old and failing to thrive on my boob-milk). It’s not “the easy option” and it’s not “the worst option” – sometimes it’s just “the option”. And in five years time, or twenty years time, Gabe won’t know the difference and neither will anyone else unless you tell them (or they read your blog). No-one can pick formula-fed kids out of a line-up. No-one could do a test of intelligence or creativity or dexterity or physical strength that’d show which kids were formula fed. We beat ourselves up so much when we’re just trying to feed our kids.

  9. I love these update posts. It’s always like reading a mirror of our life. Our little Ben is Nomming All The Things too. I try to give friends fair warning, though sometimes they don’t take me seriously and have to find out the hard way when the baby suddenly goes all facehugger on them.

    As far as the formula stuff, it helped me to finally realize (like, actually realize, as opposed to knowing logically) that we didn’t have to be totally in one camp or the other. Giving him formula wasn’t the “beginning of the end” or anything like that. We breastfeed. He gets bottles occasionally. And that’s been working great for us (with slightly less pressure on me!). I hated that feeling too though of “Damn, I’m just not making enough.” That feeling sucks, no way around it.

    Unrelated: I was just holding Ben while reading this post, and I stopped and said, “See the baby?” And he cracked a huge grin right at the photos! Your baby is so cute even other babies appreciate how cute he is!

  10. Wow this post made me tear up. 🙂 he is so incredibly beautiful. I am beyond obsessed with my nephew. Thank you for making him. He’s the best gift ever in the world.

    And don’t worry about the formula! You did everything possible and no matter what you’re still the shit and I can only hope to be as amazing as you were/are with this whole baby thing.

    I think i’ll die of a panic attack the first trimester hahahahaha.

    love and miss you all!

  11. I just want you to remember that the second and third bottle of formula was given by his grandpa Gene. He wasn’t sure that he was going to like it and with a few words he was all in. I also want you to know that the wonderful person that made this great little guy, had been raised on formula and she did just fine. Alright, she did great. Just look at her now. You are a wonderful mother and Kamel is a great dad. I loved watching the three of you interact. Can’t wait for our next visit.
    Gabe is a very happy, healthy child and is living in a very loving home. YOU DID GOOD.

    Grandpa Gene

  12. Say, have your heard of / tried a milk saver? My friend recommended this to me and now it’s also one of my top recs to other new moms. It collects milk from the opposite breast while he’s eating, which can let you save a bit more each time with zero extra effort (& possibly increase supply, but I don’t know if that’s actually true). Just thought I’d mention it in case it helps. You’re doing great!

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