Books, A Little Give-Away

As we are prepping to move (hopefully, fingers crossed… we finally found TWO places that we actually deem livable and are now waiting on feedback from the RACE to apply), I’m trying to trim my things down a bit. Since I almost never ever ever get rid of books I have amassed a nice little library.

As we continue to make pretty kick ass reading lists my books are growing by leaps and bounds. So instead of running over to my local used book store, I thought I would pass along some of the book wealth to you all. For this give-away 5 people will be chosen at random (via for a mystery package of books! I promise none of these books suck, they are all reads I have carried with me from state to state, apartment to apartment.

If you’d like to participate, leave a comment  in this post telling me a story. Any story. From your day, from your past, a made up story, anything. Stories are my favorite, and since I’m passing along some to you I thought a trade would be fun!

On Friday I’ll contact the winners! Yay reading!!

22 thoughts on “Books, A Little Give-Away”

  1. I have always been fascinated by killer whales, at some point like many teenage girls, I wanted to be a marine mammal trainer. But lately, they just scare the sh*t out of me. Probably I have watched to many documentaries and read too many stories, so I know they are not as cute as they look. The other day I dreamt that we were in some kind of amazing aquatic park where you went rafting in open sea and we started spotting whales, and at the end of it, there was this swimming-pool like area (still at sea) where you could swim with them, and the guides would say it was absolutely safe. But I just could not do it and I woke up super scared, it was so real.

    1. A movie that recently came out you might be interested in is called “Blackfish.” It’s about a killer whale who’s killed 3 people and it looks at the consequences of keeping animals like killer whales in captivity. I haven’t seen it yet but looks super good.

  2. My family is obsessed with gambling. My dad’s family, that is. My dad and sister are throwing Eric and I a big family baby shower (men and women, thankyouverymuch!), and today is dedicated to calming my mind with a craft: I am making an “Off Track Baby-Betting” board. Therefore, people can bet on the height, weight, birthday, hair color, etc (not gender, we already know it’s a boy!)…I’ve spent WAY too much time researching this and can’t wait to get started. I even bought glue sticks today! Now that’s commitment.

    Olivia (olivia dot lovelyatyourside gmail)

  3. It’s raining. A few months ago, I was at a friend’s graduation party, and it was also raining. We were sitting around in the garage late at night with the garage door opened, watching it pour all over the cars and the grill we’d used to cook hot dogs and hamburgers earlier that evening. And all I wanted was to go out and dance in the rain, because it reminded me of this time in college, when it was pouring rain like this, and it was dark and water was flooding the streets. And my roommate grinned and suggested we go out and dance. We splashed and spun our way across the front yard and into the street, jumping barefoot into puddles and whooping into the darkness. But while I contemplated leaving the safety of that garage, no one wanted to come dance with me, so I stayed in my seat. I wish I had gone anyway.

  4. When I was a little girl, we lived in western New York. My grandparents lived about 45 minutes away, and we would visit them quite often. My grandmother had a lilac bush in the backyard that was so large that the inside was hollow– the branches had grown in such a way that there was a space in the center of the bush, invisible from the outside and just big enough for my little sister and me. We would play inside the ‘lilac room’ every time we visited when the weather was nice enough. I think about that everytime I see lilacs, even though my grandparents have not lived in that house in years, and that particular bush may or may not exist anymore. No matter what, it’s a pretty magical memory.

  5. Yesterday, I worked my weekly volunteer shift at a local wildlife rehabilitation hospital. It’s always a frenzy of cleaning up stinky cages, making up food dishes of unappetizing wild animal food, and dosing medication to unhappy patients. But it’s baby season now, and we have dozens of young animal patients who are generally more excited to see us. The trick of raising wild animal babies is to make sure they don’t get too attached or used to humans, but it’s a hard line to walk. The fawns are my favorites. They’re like leggy puppies, and it’s usually all I can do to not scratch and pet them. I brought bottles of formula to a pair of fawns, and they came trotting over to the door. One took a little bit of coaxing, but the other fawn just went to town on its (very full) bottle, jerking and yanking and slurping and sucking until that bottle was dry. Not a drop left, but it wanted more. So it started lipping my hand. And then licking my arm, and sniffing my elbow, and chewing on my ponytail. Meanwhile I’m trying not to pet it, or soothe it, or scratch it between the shoulders. Finally it got so impatient with me, it started whining like a little human child, “Uh! Uh uh! Mmmm! Eeeehhhh!” And I melted into a puddle on the floor. The end.

  6. In my office, I happen to work with a husband & wife duo. They do not report to each other or have any overlapping duties. In general, they are lovely co-workers.

    The wife-half of this duo packs a lunch from home every day for the two of them. I see her carrying it in every morning. Around noon, she preps two plates of food and delivers one of them to her husband’s office. Occasionally they will eat lunch together in his office, but usually she just drops off his plate and moves along to her own office, and they eat separately. I usually see her washing up both plates after lunch.

    I have decided I need a work-spouse to prepare and bring me food unbidden on a daily basis.

  7. For the Fourth of July, my fiance and I met some friends in Savannah for one of our first “Adult Vacations” ever. We rented a house (with a fenced in back yard for our dogs… score!) and created a list of all the things we planned to do and explore in Savannah. While we did do most of those things (wander down River Street, buy fresh seafood to cook, try on wedding dresses (eek!)) one of the things I learned from our few days in Savannah was the ability to adjust plans based on the feeling of the group. I wanted to go see fireworks so we scoped it out, drove to a popular viewing area and then when we realized it was super crowded and only going to be worse once the show was over, we bailed and went and got dessert near our house instead. When we wanted to eat out but realized we could probably make something better for cheaper at the house? We bailed and made dinner at home. When the Ghost Tour we had all been looking forward to was totally lame and over crowded? Yep, we left! Being ok to change plans and value our time (even though, yes we’d already paid for the tour or yes we’d already inconvenienced the waitress to bring us menus) feels like an important lesson to me. The best laid plans and all that. Successful adult vacation, complete with redefining expectations!

  8. When I was seven years old I became convinced that I did not sleep. Every night I went to bed wide awake and in the morning I had no recollection of falling asleep or being asleep. When my parents asked how I slept, I insisted that I didn’t. Not at all. Not one wink. I didn’t dream, I didn’t doze, I didn’t sleep fitfully or restlessly, I just didn’t sleep. On the morning of my eighth birthday I got out of bed early after a long night of not sleeping and ate breakfast and laughed with my family and got excited for our trip to Sedona later that day. After breakfast, I got in the shower and washed my hair and washed my face and felt the hot water streaming down my back. A few minutes in, soap in hand, I glanced down and saw something strange. A series of dark marks on my stomach. Really dark, like permanent marker, all over my stomach. I yelped and started scrubbing. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted it off! I rubbed my stomach, scraping the skin until it turned pink, but the marks only faded to a grayish green. When I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, I saw a grayish green smiling face looking back at me. I approached my parents confused and a little scared. They confessed they’d grown tired of playing along with my “I don’t sleep” routine and decided to prove me wrong by sneaking into my room and tagging me. Apparently I didn’t even stir.

    1. This may be one of the best things I have ever heard… I just hope my children have some sort of weird thing like this so I can “tag” them too hahaha

  9. This weekend I went to a BBQ with two old friends that I moved across the country with. One was actually an ex-boyfriend, the other his best friend. It was such a strange experience to sit with two people that I used to know so well and lived with for 4 years and yet here I had a hard time making conversation and very little in common anymore. I had better conversation with my ex’s wife and a third party than with either of them. I suggested the BBQ because it made me sad to think of so many old friends i have lost touch with over the years and instead I realized that if we lose touch it was definitely for a reason. While I would visit with these guys again sometime, I don’t myself being the one to suggest it. I’m in the midst of wedding planning and sometimes I feel bad that I am the only of my current group of friends who has no old friends from the high school or college years,. But now I can feel okay about it since we really did just grow apart.

  10. After the reading the story about sleep, and since this post is about books, I thought I’d share a little anecdote from my childhood.

    I loved to read so much. My mom would take me to the library, we’d load up on books, and I read them all in a week. Once I won a summer reading contest for reading the most books over summer. My mom and sibs would go play at the park and I’d want to stay behind and read my book. I often stayed up as late as I could reading. Once, while reading Charlotte’s Web, I was so taken by the story that I feigned sleep when my parents went to bed. After I was pretty sure they were asleep, I took my blanket, crawled into the hall (we always left the hall light on), and stayed up late and finished the book. I remember being sad, but loving the book so much. I’m sure I also felt a little lonely having nobody to discuss the book with. They were all sleeping!

    Also (because recounting this story made me remember another story related to sleep that happened while living in the same place), I slept-walked a couple of times. Once I was having a dream that my mom was putting make-up on me. I got out of bed, walked to her room, shook her awake and repeated, “Put it on it.” I think it was a little creepy actually.

  11. I worked in a kitchen as a cook for 8 years (give or take). In college I got a job at the hoppin’ Main St. Pub. I was the only chick which was very awesome. This place was a big operation. In the back we prepped over half the food by hand and the front seemed like it always had a wait. I was about 4 months in (still pretty new on the job). It was my first real long day–meaning my scheduled shift was 8-2 and it was now going on 9p, the middle of dinner rush. I was prepping food and assisting the broil line. At one point someone called out that they needed more ranch on the line. So, I went to the cooler and grabbed the 5 gallon container of ranch that a co-worker had literally just made. I carry this heavy 5 gallon thing of ranch over but it’s too busy to put it on the line. So I turn and see a an open prep table by the dish area. As I’m lifting the container up, I loose my footing (because the floor is wet because I’m by the dish machine) and I fall. But I don’t go down alone. No. As I fall I bring the entire 5 gallons of ranch down On Top of me. My head is in the container. Everyone heard a huge crash and then I appeared from around the corner and the kitchen erupts in laughter despite all their efforts to not. I tried to wipe the ranch from my eyes and face, grabbed a squeegee and tried to mop it up but they told me to just go home and clean up. I’ll never forget the look on my roommates face when, after knocking on our bathroom door and in a very weak voice asking her if I could please get in, she opened the door and saw a ranch-drenched Lindsey. It took three showers to get the ranch out of my hair. And I never lived it down.

  12. I met my husband on Myspace.

    I had been through a string of unhealthy relationships, and was coming out of a few years of heavy partying, and wasn’t expecting much of anything. We emailed back and forth and talked on the phone for a few weeks, and then set up a day to meet. I invited him over to my place, and had roommates and friends check up/in with me to make sure everything was going smoothly. We watched movies, listened to music, and by the end of the evening he asked me if he could kiss me. I was so impressed with the fact that he asked.

    Fast forward a few months and we were seeing each other regularly. After coming home from a restaurant one evening he asked me if I would “go steady” with him. After I laughed, because really, who says that anymore, I said yes. Our relationship grew over time, and we adopted a puppy together, and we talked about our future together.

    We made the decision to adopt another dog, and the next day, while I was in my pajamas, and we were folding laundry, he asked me to marry him. I knew it was coming at some point, but I didn’t expect it right at that moment. I said yes, because of course I wanted to marry him, and we immediately sat down and chose the date together. We have now been married for a year and a half, and I am thankful every day to have him.

    Marrying him has been one of the best decisions of my life.

  13. Common themes in story include religion, mystery, royalty, and adultery. The shortest story to include all four?

    ” ‘My god,’ said the queen, ‘I’m pregnant! I wonder whose it is.’ ”


  14. Hmm … stories! This one is almost 2 years old…

    On our first anniversary we went to a B&B in tiny town, NC. As in, 40 people lived in town TOTAL. J was training for his marathon, so was gone running most of the time, but one afternoon the owners asked if we’d like to go kayaking. I’d never been in a solo, so I said I’d go if we could have the two-man kayak.

    We get to the creek, start unloading the kayaks, and immediately another woman jumps in the two-man, claiming it for herself and her sister. Then it started pouring. POURING. Where’s the ark? style pouring. And they all still wanted to go.

    I was sitting in the car, warring with not wanting to get soaked (or lose my contacts) and not wanting to spend even MORE of my anniversary trip without my husband.

    Eventually the rain let up a bit, and I decided to go. Within 15 minutes I’d gotten stuck, flipped the damn kayak, and the rain had stopped. We spent the better part of 2 hours on the water before deciding to head back, marvling at the gorgeousness that is a rural, over-hanging tree lined creek … and ducking from the GIGANTIC spiders.

    100 yards from the landing the rain started up again … worse than before. It took us nearly 30 minutes (and much swimming against the current while dragging the kayaks) before we made it, but we totally made it.

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.

    And J totally got caught in the rain the next morning on his run. Bwahahahaha.

  15. I was a hardcore believer in Santa Claus. Like. As hard core as they come. Loved me some Santa. One year I found a price sticker from my parents’ store in my stocking. I started bawling hysterically. My Mom asked me what was wrong and I told her I found the sticker. I can only imagine she was thinking…busted! But I managed to tell her, through my tears that Santa had stolen candy from the store. 🙂 she assured me he left money on the desk.

  16. In February I bought myself my first road bike. It’s black and pink and all of my gear coordinates with it (because, yes, this was a very important part of the buying process ;). On my first few rides I remember feeling incredibly exhausted despite thinking that I was in great shape. The more rides I went on the more I felt like I just wasn’t going to get much better at this whole cycling thing. And yet, slowly I started to get better. I didn’t feel like I needed a nap after every ride, my knees didn’t ache as much and I started to feel a sense of accomplishment instead of failure.
    This past Sunday I rode my 18th ride since buying my bike and it couldn’t have gone better. Since that first ride I’ve completed over 400 miles, climbed nearly 23,000 feet and have spent over 32 hours on a bike. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ecstatic to get on my bike, where I feel strong and capable and where I can imagine myself continually riding longer and harder. I can finally call myself a cyclist.

  17. Once in college, I went out to breakfast with three friends, C, A, and E. As soon as we had all paid for our breakfast choices from the school cafeteria, we sat down and prepared to eat. We were all maybe one or two bites in when friend C says, rather loudly and with a definitely scare in his voice, “Don’t eat that!” A, E, and I all put down our forks and start scrambling to figure out what is wrong. C is in panic mode and staring at A, so we are all in panic mode trying to figure out what the heck is going on. And nearby eaters are now staring. And A, E, and I are more confused as ever as we see NOTHING wrong with A’s plate.

    C was in so much shock, it took him a couple minutes before he was finally able to say,”You can’t eat milk and orange juice! Your stomach will explode!” Cue long pause from A, E, and I while it dawns on us C is completely serious. The three of us start laughing harder than you should in public while trying to explain the science (to an already incredibly smart guy) as to why this is a perfectly legitimate and healthy combination of drinks that WILL NOT CAUSE A’S STOMACH TO EXPLODE. C was not so convinced and decided to spend extra time with A all day to make sure he survived his breakfast.

    11 years later, we all still laugh at the insanity of the event and how one of our smartest friends went to college thinking milk and orange juice caused stomach explosions. Oh, and last year, C and I married, so he is now assured a lifetime of reminders of this incident. E was our officiant and even managed to work it into the ceremony. Priceless.

  18. When we were middle school, my best friend and I liked to go swimming during the summer as often as we could. So unfortunately, we found ourselves sunburned from time to time. On one occasion in particular, Ashley and I found ourselves annoyed at our peeling skin. As we both continued to pick at our skin, ONE of us (of course we both say it was the other) thought it would be a good idea to take it off all at once. Imagine the horror when Ashley’s mom found us applying scotch tape to our sunburned skin….

    Needless to say we learned our lesson. Our raw, burning skin was punishment enough.

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