Various Outrages and Joys and Hopes

I have been swamped with guests in-laws in town and miss Eliza from Australia in for the weekend, so I did not get a chance to prep any posts for this week. I’m stealing time between chores and life things and work and sleep to get a few things down.

First I saw this article on the internet (and by internet I mean… facebook) the other day. The beginning got me and sent me into panic mode:

If things go according to plan, in about a month someone at Nestle Waters North America will turn a valve and water will begin running out of a pipeline near Buena Vista and will splash into an empty 8,000-gallon tanker truck. It will take roughly an hour for the truck to fill, and then another truck will take its place. The water will run 24 hours a day, filling approximately 25 trucks each day, every day.

I tried to watch Gas Land once and I made it about half way through before Kamel had to turn it off because I was crying… like ugly cry-ing… and saying how we were all going to die and, “what is the point of even LIVING?! We are all going to DIE!” And this article made me feel the same exact way. What are we doing world?! WHAT ARE WE DOING??
Then! I read THIS article about protesters in Turkey and their new approach. And I suddenly felt empowered.
Protesters opposed to the 10-year rule of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that he may have driven them from central Istanbul’s Gezi Park, which they had occupied for more than two weeks, but that he could not arrest them for standing still. More than a thousand people trickled into Taksim Square throughout the day, staring silently at a massive portrait of the country’s founding father that security forces hung last week on a building.
I love the spirit of people. They give me hope.
The lovely Lindi posted this quote yesterday and I love it so so so much. I’m going to carry it around inside me.
Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. —Clementine Paddleford
So what is giving you the ragies? What is giving you the hopes? What about the joys? Let’s spread some news around.

8 thoughts on “Various Outrages and Joys and Hopes”

  1. I also had a horrifying outrage moment and then a moment of redemption. every time i want to just throw my hands up and give up on humanity, someone does something nice that makes me believe again! although it feels like it’s a constant struggle to fight against the worst of humanity.

    outrage: i watched a documentary on netflix last night (called seoul train) about north korean refugees who escape. as i was looking for organizations to donate money to, I came across this article: China refuses to recognize north korean defectors as refugees, and calls them “economic migrants” and sends them back to north korea, where they are undoubtedly subject to forced labor, torture, and probably death. apparently, chinese soldiers guard the doors to embassies in china to prevent people from making a dash to a foreign embassy and seeking asylum there. it just made me SO frustrated, because I can understand why they wouldn’t want thousands of north korean refugees milling around in their country, but there really is no need to send them back to their deaths. there are tons of countries, including south korea, the US and canada who are willing to actually recognize them as refugees and protect them. we shouldn’t forget the horrible human rights abuses that are happening (in the documentary, chinese soldiers threw a 2-year old baby to the ground to prevent her and her mother from seeking asylum in the japanese embassy, north korean women are sold as “wives” to chinese men, etc.) every day. summary of the documentary here: 🙁


  2. Totally not my intention to start an argument here, but there are some pretty big misrepresentations in Gasland. Truthland is an interesting counterpoint to it, if you’re interested.

  3. Ugh. Bottled water tends to make me ragey. I mean, yes, I am guilty of buying it on occasion. But for the most part it is not necessary. Tap water is fine (at least in this part of the country). It’s a huge waste of resources, AND frickin expensive.

    AND OMG–Just discovered Nestle is behind this new bullshit “premium” bottled water marketed at women:

    Ok, um, have to get out of the rageys…what is giving me hope…I dunno. Cat GIFs? I saw a cute cat GIF earlier today. Is it sad that’s where I get my happies from?

    1. bottled water is so stupid. I only buy it when i’m at an airport or forget my water bottle at home. tap water is FINE, and I use a brita so i can keep cold water in my fridge. i hate it the most when a restaurant asks if i want tap or bottled water (for like a billion dollars fyi)–i give them my most contemptuous look. it’s not like we’re in some third world country. i don’t need bottled water in bethesda, thankyouverymuch.

  4. I have a thing for animals…mainly, dogs. I have two small ones of my own and they make my days brighter and happier and laughier (it’s a word, I say so). I am friends with many local shelters on Facebook, and my husband and I donate to our local shelter via food or money anytime they are in need, or at least once a month. I have always adopted shelter babies and if I could, would have a house filled with all types and sizes of these awesome babies.

    The things that make me angry (actually, if I’m being honest, more teary and upset) are when the local shelters take in a dog they found tied up outside, or trapped in some precarious spot, covered in mange, and wounds, and malnourished to the point of open sores on their bodies. I have seen all of this in the past few months, and my heart has bled for each and every one of these poor animals. The ones that are abandoned because their owners decided to move out of the country, and leave behind their 10 year old companion. The ones that are abused and broken and scared at the hand of their “owners”. The fact that someone could do that to an animal makes me feel like there is no hope. The fact that our court system here in CT just gave accelerated rehabilitation to a 23 year old monster who starved, tortured, beat and ultimately strangled to death his ex-girlfriends dog – makes me cry.

    However, it is the same situations that give me hope that the good will outnumber the bad. Each time I have seen one of these situations arise, I see the community pull together to help, whether it be with financing, fostering, or just showing support and solidarity. There are so many people who selflessly give of themselves on a daily basis to be advocates for these animals that have no voice of their own. I have seen so many stories that seem helpless end well, that I know there is still some good out there. When I see a community put the word out that someone has lost their pet, and then see the update that they have been found and reunited, I burst with gratefulness. That is the goodness, and I know it is out there.

    I realize that there are many other things in the world both positive and negative…but this is what is close to my home and my heart. It is something so small in the greater scheme of things, but it is something I feel as though I can make a difference in. So I will do my part, however small it may be, and try to be a part of the hope on a continual basis.

  5. I met Jeffrey and Mira the other day; they seemed awesome and we had some good laughs as I served them lunch. They’re from South Africa exploring the American west this summer making a documentary about fracking. It’s one of those things that makes me so so sad yet knowing people like them are working on spreading awareness helps a ton.

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