Here We Go Again

We had some major plans. Plans that relied on universes colliding, or planets getting all lined up and orderly, or … a bunch of stuff that was only a teensy bit under our control. And those plans did not happen and that means! We are now looking for another apartment in the bay area.

Waaahhhhhh! I’m weeping money tears.

Not only do we need to move on principle (this rent is to damn high for what we get…. it’s too damn high in general, but we’re about to start paying even more for more space so I have to try and soothe my outrage somehow), we also need a little bit more space. Baby will one day (very soon) need his own bedroom, which means we should probably get an apartment that has more than one.

Last time we moved we made a video about the new (current/old) apartment. This time I’ll be sharing our journey to find an apartment that doesn’t make me feel like I’m being robbed every single day and yet gives us a little more room to breath. It might be impossible. It’s probably totally impossible, but we’ll be moving regardless so let’s make the best of it, shall we?

Here is my wish list:

  • Maybe 1.5 baths?
  • 2 bedrooms (obvi… even if bedroom #2 is more like a semi large closet)
  • A kitchen that is NOT simply a strip of linoleum in the living room.
  • Oh, and… Kamel would delight in a patio. That is all.

It is probably going to cost between 1800-2000 a month. And the fact that we have to pay that makes me want to cry. So let’s see what my money tears will get us! YAY MOVING WITH AN INFANT! And overpaying! For something we don’t own! And for something that we can’t even paint… Joy.

Whenever we go on apartment viewings, I’ll share our finds here. And we can laugh at the expense and cry over the futility of it all together.

25 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Oh…. this kind of sucks. But on the bright side, maybe, probably, hopefully, you will get lucky and will be able to find an apartment that you love. I really really hope for that.

    Is there anyway you could paint? (And then repaint to beige / white / cream / whatever) when you move out or is it forbidden? Here people do lots and lots of work on their apartments, even when they are rented. A lot of people have to put their own floor / carpet (and take it out when they leave too).

    Crossing my fingers that you get lucky šŸ™‚ (A patio would be great, imagine all those barbecues!)

  2. Apartment hunting is the worst. We’re trying to decide whether or not to leave our place in August. Hopefully we stay (I love it, our neighborhood is amazing, it’s rent-stabilized!) but I wonder how much of that is me being too damn lazy to find another place.

    I hope this helps make you feel better: I always get a laugh out of it. (Even if it is also super-depressing.)

  3. You could move to Fayetteville! šŸ˜‰ Haha, just kidding. (But really!) It makes my face hurt to think about rent in other places (especially cities) since the cost of living is so reasonable here… and it is a little sad, in a way, because I don’t know how we could ever go from this to something else. I won’t tell you what our two bed, 1.5 bath, with a (teeny) patio apartment costs. Heh.

    I will send all the good thoughts your way! And Lindi’s sister and her husband moved the month after our nephew was born in the fall and they survived, so it can be done!! <3

  4. Oh NO! That really sucks and I’m sorry.

    But you didn’t even mention the worst part! Which is that now every time you talk about apartment hunting I am going to comment and say “Yeah, OR you could MOVE TO MINNESOTA!” And all your well reasoned arguments about not having jobs here or how much you do not want to buy big snow boots will fall on (my) deaf ears, because I will be off concocting fantasies of you living down the block.

    That is going to be so annoying for you…

    P.S. Minnesota!

  5. Ouch. That’s more than we used to pay living in downtown Toronto and I thought our rent there was expensive (even though I knew we were getting a steal in a run down neighbourhood). Moving is hard enough on its own, having the baby must definitely compound that.

    The no painting at all really does surprise me. I’ve always been able to paint my rentals with the same caveat Amanda mentioned that we paint it back to neutral before leaving.

  6. Sounds like your rental market is almost as bad as Boston. (A 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment here runs about $2200. No joke.) I hope you find something you love, and I hope you get a great landlord and stay in that new place for a while.

    As for painting… we couldn’t paint our rental either, but that was mostly because our landlord was living downstairs. Otherwise, it’s like Amanda said, maybe you can paint and then repaint before you move out?

  7. Yikes!! I thought apartment living was expensive in Austin!! I have this love hate relationship with apartment hunting. I love the IDEA of living somewhere new and daydreaming about where my furniture would go and so on, but I haaaateee moving. It is expensive and time consuming and yuck. Sending good luck vibes your way!!

  8. Ugh!!! That is so annoying šŸ™ Boo. Hiss.

    Let me know if you need any help – I am a google/craigslist/etc apartment hunting fiend!!

  9. Come live in mexico! Hahahah i rent a house with big living room, tv room, my room, son’s room, daughter’s room, 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen, patio, laundry room and parking space for 600

  10. We are looking to move, too. And it sucks.

    Originally the plan was to buy a house this summer. But I am pregnant and although we’ve been saving money for years and have a nice-sized down payment ready to go, a mortgage is slightly less affordable now that daycare is being added to the mix soon.

    But looking for a two bedroom apartment is also depressing. If I had ONE wishlist item it would be a washer and dryer in unit, but that puts things so far out of our price range…

    Best of luck, Lauren! I hope you find the perfect balance between wants, needs, and financial feasibility!

  11. Hm…..I might be the only one going against the grain here. But I’m jealous!! I would love love love to move right now. But it isn’t even remotely feasible. My apartment isn’t terrible-horrible. But it has 0 storage. And I’m so sick of paying for laundry. And no storage… and no garage. Or central air. Did I mention no storage? Or laundry? ::sigh:: Those are definitely on my *must* list.

    Moving is definitely a pain and a lot of upfront costs (movers, renting trucks and the like) and it can be stressful (I have 2 cats which is bad enough, I can’t imagine having an infant). But it’s still exciting! I love picking out where everything will go in the kitchen drawers…picking out where the artwork will hang on the walls… Plus this will be the first place Gabe will remember. šŸ™‚ That’s cool to think about! šŸ™‚

    I hope that this process isn’t terribly stressful and you 3 are able to find what you need. Since I’m stuck for the foreseeable future I’ll just live vicariously through your posts!

  12. Oof. I am so sorry. I cry money tears on the reg about the cost of living in Chicago, but you’ve put me in my place. Bay Area is no joke. Good luck; I hope you find something that not only gives you room to breathe, but also makes you happy to come home to.

  13. Moving is a pain in the butt. BUT sometimes (hopefully this time!) moving takes you to places that are better for you. That being said, it’s so so hard to pay money to rent something you don’t like–horrible sometimes. I really hope you find something nice and cozy for your family!

  14. Good luck with the hunt! Have you used I pink puffy heart love that site – it saves so much time when you are trolling craigslist.

  15. The compromises you have to make are always so hard when it comes to house/flat hunting. For what we pay here for a small two bedroom house (with a massive yard), we’d either get a one bedroom flat in the city with a small balcony or we could live in a McMansion in far outer suburbia in a cultural and aesthetic wasteland with truckloads of crime. We chose a slightly more expensive area so we both didn’t have to commute for up to two hours a day and could still see each other and the boy or have some daylight hours together.So now we’re five-fifteen minutes from work by car and pretty much broke.

    1. That’s totally it exactly. It’s a balance between what is important and cost. It is more like a battle and not like a balance… but sigh none the less.

  16. Is there a reason that buying is not an option? For $2000 a month you could buy a pretty nice house a lot of places in the bay area.

  17. I know this is NOT what you were hoping your outcome would be, but I am selfishly jumping for joy right now!! Yippee for at least one more year of DuPrez memory making!!!! <3

  18. UGH…BOOO!!!!! So sorry to here this. Fingers crossed you guys find something worthwhile soon.

    We went through something a tiny bit similar. We were looking to buy as soon as we found out about the pregnancy and thought we had a little bit of time. Fast forward to when Ari was born—we hadn’t found anything we *loved*. We lived in one of the most enviable places to live in SF—Pac Heights. But it was a one bedroom. We could’ve made it work but staying in my mom’s 5 bedroom practically empty house right after Ari’s birth spoiled us rotten. We couldn’t believe how small our place actually was. And though it pained me (we had lived in our hood for 3 years) I had to let go of it and ‘the city’ overnight. Bruce moved us out in a month—all by himself. From SF back to my hometown of San Jose.

    My mom was generous to offer her place rent free with no expiration date attached. And believe me we couldn’t say yes fast enough. It was difficult to get used to the idea at first—living with my mother again. But financially and emotionally it’s been far more rewarding than I could’ve imagined.

    I hope that you guys find something great. I look forward to reading about your adventures!!!! Good luck.

  19. Oh I so wish we were ready to move out of here (and that our HOA was lower): we have everything you need though small balcony instead of patio… but looking around at houses has made my heart spring a leak. So I don’t think we’ll be moving out soon enough to help you šŸ˜›

    But commiseration, I can totally do!

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