Hair Today – Down the Drain, in My Bed, & All Over the Floor Tomorrow


My hair is falling out. The photo above is a huge CLUMP that fell out in the shower this last weekend. It scared me because, yes… I shed, I have always shed, but this was just the first pass through with the shampoo. This was what came out all at once! And of course it was just the beginning. So yes, big post-partum clumps of my hair are falling out of my head.

It is really messy and it is driving me bonkers. On top of that, I can now physically tell my hair is much thinner than it was a few weeks ago. I know that this shedding happens, I know that it is right on schedule with postpartum hullabaloo, but ahh!! I can’t imagine it continuing at the rate it is! You’re going to be able to see my scalp through my hair soon. I’ve been keeping my hair pulled back to slow the shedding roll a hot second. Maybe if I delay the actual falling out, the new hair that is growing in will get a day’s head-start to fill in here and there.

Yet another thing about making humans that I only read about here and there on the internet while pregnant. No one really talks about how around 3 months your hair falls out. I’m hoping the shedding peaked and is now on the decline… but I have a feeling I’m going to be covered in hair for a while longer.

5 thoughts on “Hair Today – Down the Drain, in My Bed, & All Over the Floor Tomorrow”

  1. don’t worry…. it changes… eat a lot of jelly, hope Gave get well. I love you, take care of you, ok?

  2. Oh I hope it gets better… and yes now that I read Claudia’s comment, there used to be gelcaps / supplements to make hair grow.
    I hope lil Gabe is slowly healing.

      1. Jelly = Gelatin ´(Jell-o?) it has lots of collagen / protein that can help grow your hair and nails.
        Gelcaps are supplements (vitamins or a combination) that are also supposed to help, they sell them often at natural / herbal shops (maybe at the Whole Foods?). I also saw a few of those shops in the Mission.
        Something kind of like this

  3. I was seriously considering some kind of hair transplant because of the amount of hair loss postpartum, especially around my temples/widow’s peaks. And just when I reached my peak of worry, boom – massive regrowth, so much regrowth I actually suddenly had a fringe (bangs?) that I certainly hadn’t put there myself. Very, very weird.

    Hopefully yours will settle soon too. This particular post-partum amusement ride is a tough one because it’s another quite public one (unless you’re a hat person – I am not a hat person).

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