Gabe @ 3 Months

It has finally happened! Gabe has graduated from newborn to full on baby-baby.


This is where we left off last time and since then lots of fun things have happened. Gabe can now reach out to toys, he can pull his pacifier out of his mouth (and then freak out when he realizes he no longer has something to suck on), he can hold onto our hands, place his hands on the bottle while he eats, and spends a lot of time with his fingers in his mouth or clutched on his chest.


A few weeks ago he laughed and it was awesome. (Click for video!) He is ticklish on his neck and ribs and tummy. He loves having his clothes changed so he can eat them as they bunch up under his neck and he finds the whole thing ridiculously delightful. Kamel and I fight over who gets to change his clothes.



His eyelashes slay me. And there he goes again with his hand in his mouth.


He has just finished his first week of daycare and it could not have gone better. I have to admit that even with all of my big talk on how I was ready for him to be at daycare and for our normal routines to kind of set in – I was teary on his first day. I worried he would be afraid, I worried he would wonder where we were, I worried they wouldn’t know all of the little ins and outs of him like we do and he would be uncomfortable. I worried he wouldn’t understand, how could he understand? And then feel abandoned.



But it turned out he loves it! He loves interacting with the other little kids and babies. He loves our daycare lady, Pom, and he thrives in the hubub. That first day Pom sent us picture texts and updates – a surprise to both Kamel and I. It was such a relief to see him wiggling around on the floor with another little baby, a big grin on his face. Every time Kamel drops him off in the morning Gabe is a pile of giggles and flirty little smiles to Pom. He eats well, he naps, all is good. And I am so relieved. My big 3 month old, going off to school like a big boy. Heart = melt.


The boys watching TV.
The boys watching TV.


Having a 3 month old is SO much more fun than having a 6 week old. And even though he doesn’t curl up like a little tree frog on my chest anymore, he recognizes me when I get home from work, he laughs and smiles and interacts with me on a real level, and he has even started playing with us – real play. And on Saturday when Gabe turned 3 months old, this is what I got to wake up to:


And we are having a really great time. Happy 3 months Gabe! You are hilariously awesome and I love it.

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  1. I love these posts! So much cuteness… I always wonder what he is thinking (he seems to be analysing everything). Super funny, and a total baby boy now! Congrats… And, I am glad to hear daycare is going well,and that he likes it, I was about to email you asking how everyone was handling it.

    1. It is going really well. I need to write something up about time management because holy hell this is hard! But daycare has been incredibly fluid and and easy addition to our routine. 🙂

  2. Ohhhh the eyelashes!! and that little grey zip up photo is officially (as of 30 secs ago) my new wallpaper on my work computer. It is the BEST face evah!

    1. Oh my god it was such a process. We used Yelp a lot. A lot a lot a lot. And scoured reviews and called community centers and kept our eyes open while driving around. And we also got recommendations from co workers etc. As it turned out – we found this daycare from one of kamel’s co workers. Ask around and call around – that is my best advice. 🙂

  3. I LOVE this post! Gabe is adorable and I can’t believe he is already 3 months old! Also, your experience with him at daycare gives me comfort. I’m not even pregnant but when we’ve discussed daycare, I go into panic mode and get nervous that our future child would hate it and feel abandoned and all that jazz. This puts me at ease, that there are awesome daycares out there and I can still work! Anyway, thanks for posting this update. I love it, especially that last photo of him. 🙂

  4. I’m still adjusting to news that I’m having a little boy and these pictures make me SO excited about his boy-ness. Gabe is perfectly beautiful and full of personality 🙂

    1. I think I’M still adjusting to the news that I have a boy. hahaha… but it is really great. And we have friends with little boys and i am always amazed at how different they all are. Different personalities, different vibes, the whole thing. Amazing.

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