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Oh man am I tired. And I am writing this on Tuesday evening so all I can think is “it’s only Tuesday?!” But when you are reading this it will be Wednesday, so at least there is that. I am not tired from lack of sleep – there is lack of sleep, but we’re managing quite nicely. I am tired from all of the do-ing. The mental strain of excel, of active listening, of being effecient, the mental strain of using my mouth to form words, you know how it is. Thankfully there are some really excellent things happening at the same time. So let’s cling to those, shall we?

When Gabe clings to my clothes. Oh man, the joy.

Game of Thrones. When this season is over I might possibly cry a little.

The sound of wind in the eucalyptus trees. They sound like ocean waves.

Friends, even when they are far away, and surprise gifts (Thank you Amanda and Sarah! You both made my week!!).

On Monday while I walked to the train all I could think about is how much I want another baby. This makes me happy. I worried that after the meh pregnancy I would be dreading my next go-around. But I’m not! I am thrilled! I would do it tomorrow if my rational mind wasn’t all “girrrrllll please” about it.

Kamel. As much as he does drive me totally nutso some days, I am incredibly grateful for his partnership. I will say it again and a million times more: I could not do what I do every day without his support. I could not be as successful as I am or as put together as I seem without him.

An old standard – Clean Sheeeeeeets! They will always and forever be one of my biggest small joys.

Gap V-neck tshirts. Oh! And the $10 t-shirt sale. Yes and yes.

Eyelashes. They are pretty great.

Pedicures! And brightly painted toes!

Trader Joes and their generic brand beer. So delicious. So the same as the brand name. So so much cheaper.

Being able to write this as Gabe chirps and wiggles next to me. (While I sing the Game of Thrones intro music, let’s be honest.)

**What are your happies? Let’s get through this Wednesday together.

10 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. I am also happy for friends, close and far 🙂 and you’re on that list, glad you got the book! (And I hope you like it, I have read 3 other books from him and they’ve really made me think).

    I just finished covering a cake (using the mysterious tube 🙂 ) and it went quite well!

    The sun is shining today!

    Tulips by the window (they came late this season because it was so cold until mid April, but they are finally here). And now, there are even peonies by the flower shop.

    Bright coral-orange nails.

    I am about to finish a book that was taking me a bit too long to read.

    Hope for the good things coming in the future.

    (There is also a Game of Thrones obsessed person in this household, and I am getting kind of hooked. Did you read the books? ) .

    And another baby, that would be exciting 🙂 I always wanted a sibling very very close in age.

  2. The Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale!

    Feeling really loved by my friends and family this week.

    The end of Alex’s night float is in sight

    Looking forward to a wedding this weekend- celebrating everyone’s happiness is one of my favorite things

    New pictures on the wall

    A clean apartment


    And looking forward to a pretty busy summer with new adventures right around the corner

  3. – nearing the finish line on a project I’ve been working on for months
    – coffee with a touch too much sugar
    – puppycuddles in bed, instead of getting up for work
    – the leaky ceiling at work, because while it’s nasty it’s also crazy funny
    – springtime weather and the ability to wear skirts and dresses
    – coming home to dinner already made

  4. Oh man. The eucalyptus trees. I wrote about them yesterday and am now pining for them all over again. Best tree ever?

    Game of Thrones makes my happy list this week too. My sister just put HBO2Go on our Xbox, so now I get to catch up and watch season 2. Yippee!

    Other happies:
    The pulled pork tacos that will be in the crockpot when I get home.

    Our new couch. God bless our new couch.

    3-day weekends.

    Sephora and all the free samples I now get to play with.

  5. This statement makes me so happy: “On Monday while I walked to the train all I could think about is how much I want another baby. This makes me happy. I worried that after the meh pregnancy I would be dreading my next go-around. But I’m not! I am thrilled! I would do it tomorrow if my rational mind wasn’t all “girrrrllll please” about it.”
    I’m so meh about pregnancy but would love 2 children, so I was afraid of whether I’d feel the same way after it.

  6. *Excellent friends who are there for you when you reach out
    *A husband who comes home one days and says “you know, I think you might be right about this only having one kid thing”
    *Spending time with said husband sans said kid while the grandparents babysit. Even if it was only an hour at the pool, it was bliss.
    *Baby asleep on my shoulder. And on the floor at coffeegroup. So gorgeously cute. I cant stop looking at him when he is asleep.
    *Being told finally that yes, the razor blades in my boobs after a feed ARE something to treat, and not “just something that happens”
    *Finally starting to feel a bit human again, and getting back into photography and blogging.

  7. Yes!! I really need this also 🙂 it has been a week fit into 2 days. And I am not really super upset about it, it just is what it is, lots of do-ing. Lots of “forming words with my mouth”. Hehe. (ps: Gabe clinging to your clothes, I could just smile forever about that!).

    My happies

    1. college roomates who come for visits just because and we wrap ourselves in blankets and eat grilled cheese and love jeopardy as much as me
    2. the cute old retired doctor at work who brings in the carefully numbered and organized dahlia bulbs (each year) from his garden to give to people for theirs
    3. the sheer joy and teamwork that happens when someone in our office group gets a new (short) haircut and we come together to talk product, calm their fears, and boost their esteem. Followed by yelps and laughter in the hallway for at least 10 minutes
    4. my really awesome dream about Josh Lyman from west wing last night that included the entire west wing team gossiping about who I was and why Josh was going away with me for the weekend, and again the next week to see my lacrosse tournament. Hehehehehehehe. I have no shame.
    5. Coffee
    6. my clean living room and the intense half hour I spent vacuuming my rug inch by inch with the hose thingy
    7. seeing my friends come out of icky times and also just plain love themselves

  8. Sunsets at 11pm, seriously. I can get some many things done in 17 hours of daylight! Sort of makes up for the fact that there is still snow on the ground.

    Yes to fresh sheets!

    Grilling, which means less dishes to wash.

    Checking things off my to-do list.

  9. Being a temporary stay-at-home dad.

    When Gabe is super chatty.

    Steel barrel chardonnay.

    Gabe reaching out and touching toys.

    Buying Studio Ghibli Blu-rays for Gabe (and me too, honestly.) on sale at Amazon!

    Fun visitors! Sister meeting her first nephew.

    Worktime Lunch with Lauren in the City.

    1 Month of being just the three of us.

    Dark Souls.

    Eating out with Lauren and Gabe with no fussyness.

    Guests making us delicious foods!

    Slowly getting back to normal and new routines.


  10. Happies!!!

    -when Verona runs to give me a hug, just because

    -my neighbors. They’re all seriously awesome and super helpful. From tilling my garden for me or watching Verona during doctor appointments. Seriously never moving again.

    -Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch ice cream made at the local ice cream shop! (By the pint, obviously)

    -Baby #2 will be here soon! 2 1/2 weeks-ish, holy shoot! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!


    -When my hubs brings me a cherry dip from DQ to surprise me 🙂

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