Saturday Edition: The Aunties Part 3

This is Kamel. He sometimes writes on Saturdays:

When we were kids my sister and I used to talk about what we would do with each other’s kids. She would always say that she would send her kids over to my house so they could get their techie / video game fix so she would’t have to spend too much money. She figured I would have all the things they would want, haha. And I would send my kids to her home so they could get healthy nutrition and learn to draw. We were around 12-15 ish when we started talking about ourselves as future aunties and uncles.

Flash forward to last week; my sister finally met her first real life (not pretend life) nephew.


After a couple of months of just texting over pictures pretty much non-stop, she was finally able to hold him.

She came over with her girlfriend, Lara, who made us delicious food. and homemade Jam. (Mmm. Jam.) Thanks, Lara!!


They spent a full week in the bay area and in that time they were able to get some mad bonding time.

We went on walks. Made fatty quesadillas. Handled Gabe’s Social Security issues. (Mommy issues come later.) And played TONS on the quilt Kathleen made him.


She kept being shocked at how much darker she was. It’s true… I did somehow make a white baby. Regina’s little vanilla wafer.


Gabe had a blast too. Lots of attention, love and happies.



We even managed to play Catan.


While at two months it’s too soon to live out any of the things we used to talk about as kids, it was still an extremely successful visit.

Thank you for coming Tia Regina! We can’t wait to hang out again soon.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Edition: The Aunties Part 3”

  1. What an incredible loving post it made me cry! Thank you Flaquito, I love my family! See you in a couple of weeks my beloved Dupuis-Perez!

  2. Three things:
    1) your sister looks just like you.
    2) she has badass tattoos.
    3) that second photo on the play mat (the foot kissing picture) is PERFECT
    4) (bonus!) I love Saturday kamel posts.

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