Real Life Conversations: The Carpool Lane

Kamel drove me to work yesterday because of a very early meeting I needed to attend. A car next to us (and behind us) was being a dick and wasn’t letting us merge over into the lane to get onto the freeway. We felt vindicated when we were able to zip past him in the carpool lane. Take that sucker!!

Kamel: Yesterday Gabe and I took the carpool lane all the way to Palo Alto. It was excellent.

Me: I thought he didn’t count as a “second person.”

Kamel: Oh no, he does. Remember that thread about it on facebook? There was a link to the law that specified what constitutes as a second person and babies are covered. You know what isn’t covered?

Me: What?

Kamel: Pregnant women.

Me: Hmm… but what’s interesting is that if you kill a pregnant woman at a certain point it is a double homicide.

Kamel: But they don’t count in the carpool lane!

Me: Weird.

Kamel: You know what else isn’t covered? And I love how they had to specify this in the law….

Me: What? Dogs? Other non-human things?

Kamel: Nope…

Me: ….

Kamel: Spirits. [Kamel gives a little nod]

Me: …. [enter hysterical Lauren laughter]

Kamel: Because you know someone got pulled over and when the cop came to give them a ticket for being in the carpool lane they were all like, “Well my grandpa WAS here, but… now you scared him off.”

Me: [continuing to laugh hysterically]

It probably took me a solid 5 minutes to catch my breath. Because “ghosts” actually having to be addressed as a NON viable passenger for the HOV lanes in California?… fucking priceless.

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