Newborn Product Review: I Like To Move It Move it!

Nothing cuter than a bear hat and a newborn snuggled in a car seat.
Nothing cuter than a bear hat and a newborn snuggled in a car seat.

A few weeks ago, as I was high-tailing it up some massive hills, I had this great moment of pride. Not for my burning thighs, but for my kick ass stroller. Fuck Yeah, stroller.

Baby Buys 17

Fuck Yeah.

I was pretty proud of my Bumbleride Indie when we bought it. It was our 1 big big splurge. I think we paid about $500 bucks for it, though what I can find online right now is a little over that price. Granted, there are strollers WAY more expensive and I think this might even be considered mid-range, but it was a big splurge for our budget and the most expensive thing we bought.

And though I am proud of our stroller, I am even more proud of our decision to spend the money on it. We use this bad boy almost every single day. Most of the time we use it two or three times a day. It will last us well into toddler-land and is the most versatile baby item we have. When I was home alone with Gabe I would carry the stroller up and down our outside stairs, no problem, by myself. It is incredibly simple to strap Gabe in and he can either lay flat or be propped up. There are wind flaps and wind guards by the feet that are moderately successful at blocking big gusts that startle him. But most importantly the stroller is ridiculously maneuverable. It turns on a dime with one hand, can be popped up and over curbs without any issues and can handle bumps and cracks in the sidewalk no problemo. On the other hand, it can also zoom around slow walkers at the mall, groups of people who won’t move to the side even when I say, “Excuse me!” and is amazing for busy city streets.

There are only 2 problems I have found with it – First the front wheel. I always underestimate how far it sticks out and I have accidentally bumped several strangers, display cases at the grocery store, and elevator doors with it. Oops. Second – In order to collapse it you have to lean over the handles and pull up on the two sides. I am too short in the torso to be able to do this effectively. Thankfully, this is not an issue for Kamel, but if I had to collapse it somewhere by myself, it would be a huge struggle. I have never had to do this yet, but… could happen.

But even with these two issues I still rate this 5/5 stars of awesomeness on the Lauren-O-Meter.

The car seat on the other hand….

Baby Buys 6

… I kind of hate you. But maybe that is because all car seats suck? We have the Graco Snugride 35 and it will protect our kid from flying out of the front window during a crash and has a plushy interior, and he falls asleep in it with gusto… but I still fucking hate it. The straps are SO difficult to clip shut. He sweats like a mofo in it, and the sun shade goes right up against the handle so having it covered makes carrying it extra annoying.

And this is my biggest complaint: It barely fits in our car. In order to make it fit I have to have the front passenger seat pushed so far forward my knees literally touch the dashboard. Grrrr car seat you are the worst worst worst!

Some other issues with it:

  • The straps often cut into Gabe’s legs and leave red marks.
  • It is SO heavy and as Gabe grows the car seat becomes like a block of freaking cement.
  • Oh… and the “newborn insert” … is only good for baby’s between 4-5 lbs!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! That is only for preemies! And this was a total parent fuck up, but we had him in that thing until he was probably 10 lbs! And he was sooo pissed. Anyways… I just had to add that one in as a forehead slap moment.

So! If anyone is madly in love with their car seat, don’t be shy! Let me know in comments. Can I recommend this one? Sure… it does what it does and I have no experience with any other contraption… but ask around if you’re in the market. Find one that people in the real world rave about – you’ll hopefully (unless your baby grows out of it) be using it for a solid year.

8 thoughts on “Newborn Product Review: I Like To Move It Move it!”

  1. I havne’t used any yet, but I am super in love with the Maxi Cosi Mico. So soft and plushy and clean and modern looking. It’s only good to 22 lbs, but oh well. Will probably have another baby only 2-2.5 years apart, since I’m already going to be 32 when the current one cooking is born. We’ll probably get a convertible one for the other car and switch over to it full time when the kid is over 22 pounds.

    1. For the convertible one, I’m interested in the Pria Convertible 70. Haven’t seen it in person or felt the material though. Looks leather-like, so maybe too hot?

  2. For car seats, we have the Chicco Keyfit 30, which has worked out fine. Easy to get her in it (as long as she’s not toddler flailing!). Not TOO heavy when I was taking it in and out. I really wasn’t sure what of the “stuff” to buy, so I used the recommendations in Baby Bargains a lot. I do recommend that book for any body feeling overwhelmed with the “what do we buy?!” question.

  3. We use the Britax infant carrier (for the life of me I can’t remember what it’s called) and I love it. It’s one of the lighter weight ones so as she grows it won’t be as heavy. She still sweats a lot in it but I think that’s just the nature of the beast. If highly recommend it!

  4. We have the Peg Perego SIP 30/30. Honestly, we got it because I was a nervous pre-parent and it has just about every safety feature imaginable. It’s probably as safe as safe can be. I’ve never loved it, but it’s always hard to know with these things if the features I dislike are commonalities to most/all car seats, or if it’s particular to this one. It’s a little on the heavy side, but aren’t they all? I mean, when we were comparing infant seats, the other options were only a pound or two lighter (but without the fancy safety features that enticed me). And our kid has never seemed particularly comfortable in it, but he’s always been someone who wanted to sit forward in a car seat. He grew out of his infant seat at 8 months, despite the extra long length allowance (it goes to 30 lbs/30 inches; our tall skinny boy hit 30″ long at 8 months), and we’re all much happier with his super-safe-and-kinda-expensive convertible seat (a Radian RXT) . . . but are there any infant seats that he would have liked? I’m guessing no. Then again, the Peg Perego cost nearly $400, so at this point I don’t think I want to know if there are better options out there! 😉 Our theoretical next kiddo had better love it (spit up stains and all)!

  5. We were given a really simple, generic car seat when Dear Boy was born and at first I hated it because it wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t super padded and squishy, it didn’t have a carrier we could just unclip and cart places, so any time we went anywhere we would have to wake up the sleeping baby. When it was rear-facing, we had to limbo him over and under the straps and all in all I thought it was a pain. But we eventually got a squishy insert and just got used to the straps being in the way, and when he grew too big for rearward facing and his little legs were squished against the seat, we turned him round and it still works for us now he’s 16 months old. We can use it up to 18k (I think!), so I suspect we’ll still be using it for some time to come. It’s also been really easy to take travelling with us- it’s light enough to sit on top of the pram or to lean against the handle of a suitcase while rolling through the airport. Funnily enough, it’s also the generic car seat that all the rental car companies use so we’ve had issues trying to work out foreign straps and contraptions.

    Just a suggestion for the car seat issue – are you allowed to put the baby seat in the middle in the US? A few mum friends were having similar problems with fitting their carseats into their smallish cars and were advised by the RTA/VICRoads (two state roads and transport authorities here) to try them in the middle rather than the position behind the passenger seat (rear left here in Aus). It worked for two of them (one with a Ford Focus, not sure about the other car) but not another (Nissan Pulsar).

  6. We purchased a convertable car seat and so far have been very pleased with it. The Britax Marathon 70 G3 because my husband was at a work lecture about car seat safety and preventing traumatic brain injuries. This was their #1 recommendation so we got it.

    My only complaint is that because we live in TX and this seat stays in the car it can get pretty hot during the day. We bought a reflective cooling cover & throwing an ice pack in the seat cools it down quickly in a pinch. The other bonus is that it will last until our little guy is 70 lbs. I’m all for one car seat (especially at these prices). When we’re out baby is either being worn or is in the stroller so it’s pretty easy. I’d much rather wear my 10 lb. baby than try to lug around a baby car seat.

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