Gabe @ 2 months

Yesterday Gabe turned 2 months old. He also had his 2 month doctor appointment and first round of vaccinations (and yesterday evening, his very first fever). Kamel sent me this photo while I was at work:


But then Kamel calmed him and he was eventually like this:

photo 4

So I knew that even though babies hate shots, this baby was going to be ok.

It has been an amazing month with Gabe. I have seen him slowly emerge for newborn-dom and become a happy, smiley, flirty little boy. He chirps and sqwacks at us, tells us his stories, rages and demands to be taken here and there, to be fed and changed. He is now 12 lbs and 2 oz/24.5 inches long. He is totally average for weight and in the 96% for baby height. I love stats like that. They are fascinating. Also, he makes me really really happy.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last month (from the time he turned 1 month until now):





Baby burrito post bath!
Baby burrito post bath!
Thank you for the quilt, Margaret!
Thank you for the quilt, Margaret!

WP_20130424_017 (1)









And finally! Mr. 2 months exactly. Gabe the Babe:


19 thoughts on “Gabe @ 2 months”

    1. Oh god, me too. I feel so bad for laughing, but crying pictures CRACK me up.

      I imagine the kid looking through baby pictures when he’s older, saying, “Really, Mom?? I was crying and you took a picture instead of COMFORTING ME??” Which is what I said to my poor mother 😉

  1. I just died. He is such a STUD muffin!!! I just want to kiss that face! And man, those eyes. He is going to be a heartbreaker, that one <3

  2. So much cuteness. All over the place.
    I love that pic where you are holding him and taking a photo with your phone, and where Kamel has him on his arm, belly down (green stripes).
    I hope his fever will be gone soon, and that he’s happy again after all those shots yesterday (today?) I’m confused (oh jetlag).

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