Baby Bomb: 1 Successful Month of Gabe

Today Gabe is officially 1 month old. Hooray!! The last time Gabe was on the blog he had just turned 2 weeks, so that is where the photos will start. He is now smiling a lot at us, which is the greatest, and sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches with more and more frequency.

WP_20130321_013 (1)



His flaky skin is almost done being flaky! Except for his forehead…


… and we are pretty sure his eyes are going to be blue as they have lightened considerably since he was born. He has the greatest facial expressions and cracks Kamel and I up every single day. I hope he has this much personality forever and ever.



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Oh! And Thank you to Amanda and Chad for this awesome bunny hat. We tormented him with it allΒ  Easter morning.


He is weirdly growing out of most of his newborn clothes. Weirdly in that he doesn’t quite fit the next step up, but what he would usually wear is now too short, too tight, too fitted. So I’m hoping we can make the leap to the 1-3 months outfit options very soon. It has been a lot of laundry trying to keep him in the same 5-7 outfits because they are the only ones that fit now.

His angry faces are so incredibly cute that sometimes I let him cry for a minute just so I can take a picture. The sad face lip-quiver is the super best.



His cries have developed and there are even a few new ones added to his song and dance. Actual cries happen not so often and most of the time he just lets out these little yells to let us know he is super pissed that we are not moving fast enough, goddamnit… WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FEED ME?! It’s hard for me to feel sympathy for someone who eats a bajillion times a day and is so freaking demanding at the same time. He is like a tiny little Napoleon. He thinks he is so big and bad and yet….



… still lacking in basic neck strength. Who is the cutest tyrant on the block? That’s right! You are! You are!

And just for cuteness before we get to the official 1 month photo, here are a few more:





And here he is today:

Baby Gabe 1 Month

One month little Gabe! You made it to another milestone!

15 thoughts on “Baby Bomb: 1 Successful Month of Gabe”

  1. Wow 1 month already! Congrats to you and Kamel, you are rocking it. And he does look like a funny baby (can’t wait to meet him πŸ™‚ ) I love his grumpy faces, sometimes he looks like a little old man!
    I am glad he is sleeping for longer stretches ! The first picture is so cute… and the last one! Mega hug, come and get it πŸ™‚

  2. I love that you think it’s a little hilarious when Gabe is mad, because I’m pretty sure I’ll feel exactly the same about my own future baby. So precious and adorable and angry!

    Gabe is the cutest, and I love, love, love all his stripey outfits. Stripes are the best.

  3. He is getting SO LONG!! And so fast! And i will feel horrible if the kid fears rabbits for the rest of his life. LOL! Happy one month Gabe! Love you guys!

  4. Oh I’m dying of happiness!! This are going to get my through the day. So much personality so much cuteness so much awesome. He is SO BIG. I cannot believe it’s been 1 whole month. HOLY COW.

    ps: cutest tyrant on the block : HE IS

  5. Happy 1 month Gabe! He is such a little sweetheart. I loooove the first pic of him crying, that’s the biggest pout I’ve ever seen!

  6. That last picture is the cutest. Don’t count on his eyes staying blue – we thought the same when Dear Boy’s eyes were a lighter shade of blue by four months. Then they transitioned into dark hazel around 6 months. And now they’re a light/medium brown. True eye colour can change right up to about three, but tends to be settled by one.

    1. About that eye color… my eyes were pure blue until I turned three years old. Then, they suddenly turned green and stayed that way. So, you never know!

      Whatever the eye color, you’ve got a real cutie there!

  7. Oh he is gorgeous πŸ™‚
    Our wee Peanut turned 1 week yesterday and I so totally recognise a LOT of those faces! I’m still struggling with the hormones, so him crying makes me upset if I dont deal with it quickly enough. But, really, he doesn’t do it too often. Yet. Touch wood.

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