What Free Time? Giveaway!

As I am home, chillin with the Gabe of a thousand Gabes, we do a lot of sitting around the house. This sitting around the house sounds restful on paper, but it turns out, that is not so much the case when your main company is a new human. They are rather demanding and unpredictable. Plus, there is the whole broken Vagina thing.

Anyways! I was pretty stoked when the new Sim City came out because I am a city building Queen, and multi-tasking games like that are my specialty. More things to juggle? BRING ON THE JUGGLING OF THINGS! It’s also how I function in my life, I suppose. Job plus side projects plus second job plus travel? LET’S ADD IN A BABY! Ok… there is already far too much caps lock in this one small post. Sigh.

Anyways! In the wake of my complete loss of free time at the moment, I thought a for funsies giveaway was in order.

I am giving away 1 copy of the new Sim City!

Sim City

All you need to do to enter is tell me in comments whatΒ  your lazy free time looks like (so I can live vicariously). I will choose a winner on Monday, March 25 via Random.org.

18 thoughts on “What Free Time? Giveaway!”

  1. My free time right now looks like lots of episodes of The West Wing, alternating with reading– lately I’ve been on a historical fiction (East of the Sun)/nonfiction (everything by Cheryl Strayed, also The Art of Eating In and I’m eyeing Michael Pollan) kick. Funsies!

  2. My free time is a combination of reading (mostly sci-fi lately), minecraft, and too much time online, flitting from one site to another.

  3. My lazy free time mostly consists of reading books, drinking tea, and/or eating cereal. Or laying on the couch and taking marathon naps with D.
    And Oh! How fun! I haven’t played SIMS since I was a kid. Would love that!

  4. My ideal lazy free time is being able to spend hours on a Saturday just reading (also mainly science fiction)-with no guilt because I’m avoiding other things. Weekends where that can be the case are few and far between.

    But, I came home last night to discover that my roommates were in the mood for movie watching. So we curled up on the couch and watched Badlands. And that felt like lazy free time.


    (I am not officially entering, because I’m thinking this sadly would not work on our Mac, but I got SO EXCITED WHEN I SAW IT WAS SIMS. How many hours did I spend playing this game as a kid? It is the best and an HONORABLE way to spend free time.)

  6. I can’t imagine that you are actually having time to do anything besides sleep and care for the new human, HOW DO YOU DO IT?

    My free time has been spent apartment hunting/job hunting on the couch while I re-watch Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning. It is still way too cold in Chicago to even think about picnics and long walks, so I’m couch bound for the time being.

    More pictures of baby toes and cheeks please!

  7. Sitting on the couch (or in the guest room if I am hiding from the puppy) and looking at pictures of plants. Cause we are redoing the landscaping at our house and looking at pictures of pretty plants is much easier than digging a million holes for plants and figuring out how to remove grass. PS – I love, love SimCity.

  8. My free time recently has been house hunting/stalking, pinning home DIY projects, and trying to get my husband not to spend money buying me the new Sims since we are saving up our down payment! This is a perfect opportunity for me to win it!

  9. This week, my free time is spent binge eating chinese food, watching veronica mars, and reading my book in every other available free second (i.e. waiting for the train, on the train, waiting for the light at the crosswalk to change, walking in between rooms, reading while spinning my lettuce in the salad spinner…)

    oh, and counting down the days until its baby gabe time, of course!

  10. Sim City! I was just watching a youtube video of someone demonstrating a beta copy… haven’t played since Sim City 2000 (released in ’94? oh yeahhh), but I’m kind of getting the itch to build some stuff again (and then let loose a monster… if they still have those).

    My free time right now is spent reading blogs, catching up on twitter/facebook/e-mail, watching New Girl or The Mindy Project or Girls, etc., knitting, or reading one of the zillions of books I bring home from work. I know a lot of people who planned all kinds of projects for their maternity leave, only to find out they really had almost no free time.

    But at least you have a very cute companion. πŸ™‚

  11. Now that I have successfully crawled out of crunch time helping make a major motion picture… my lazy time currently looks like: Searching movie blog article comments for fan excitement for our upcoming movie, scrolling though Tumblr hashtags and blushing at poorly edited animated gifs of our trailer, hyperventilating when I read tweets from people who are able to correctly guess plot points in our story, and basically just being all around nervous about the release of a project I’ve worked on for the last year. I need a distraction.

    1. Hi Catherine. Congratulations!! I too work in the movie-making business. Totally random, but if you’re in L.A. and want an in-person distraction, I’d be happy to get some drinks with you (someone, if I can generalize, who’s obviously cool/like-minded because we both read this blog).

      shoot me an email at fastwomenrun at gmail dot com if you’re interested (trying to stay a bit anonymous on the internet)

  12. My free time looks like: spending a long time in my car commuting to and from work while listening to audiobooks of bad romance novels (hence why it’s free time πŸ™‚ ), watching hockey, writing a novel and a screenplay, and cooking for Passover πŸ™‚ And then passing out in the middle of watching Project Runway because I’m soso tired

  13. oooh i really want sim city! i used to spend hours upon hours playing the sims in high school. these days i let the internet fritter my time away, or i read. unless i have just discovered a new tv show obsession. then all i do is watch that show until i have seen every episode.

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