The Good Stuff

There are so many happies right now. It is spring! (In theory it is spring.) And new life burst forth (exciting!). And I haven’t sat down and really wrote about all of the little things that keep me smiling lately. Which means I also haven’t heard your lists either, and that is my favorite part! So here are my things that are keeping me happy:

The amount I’m able to say, “It’s really not that bad!” about all things postpartum. Especially about my lack of baby-blues, the healing parts (99% healed at this point!), and the magical body bounce back.

Walking with the stroller. It is so much more fun than walking normally and it adds an extra oomf of work-out-ness. Awesome sauce.

Lasagna in my freezer. It’s a little spicy and a lot cheesy and I look forward to eating it every time I pop a square into foil.

The feeling of soft baby head+soft baby hair under my chin during snuggles. Also baby snores. And baby sneezes. And baby farts. Ridiculously delightful.

Watching Ellen in the afternoons! I never get to watch any of the day time TV stuff when I’m working so it is a treat to watch her at 4:00pm. Even though she is in re-runs right now. Sigh. She always makes me cry with the nice stuff she does.

Kamel has been coming home for lunch to help with baby and to hang out with me. I really like spending time with my husband (imagine that!) and I would totally meet him for lunch every day during work if we weren’t many many miles away during the week, so having him come and hang out with me really breaks up the sometimes weariness of handling a newborn every minute of the day.

Being able to tie my own shoes!

Being able to roll around in bed without feeling like I need a crane-lift to hoist me!

No longer being so incredibly food-limited (both by what I can’t eat and by the need to eat constantly). Freeeeedom!

Oo! I’m looking forward to finally getting a haircut this weekend! Which also means leaving the house for an actual outing which may also lead to my first public breast feeding experience? Maybe? That will probably be a whole other conversation down the road…

The Amazing Race! Because this is a reality show that is actually a positive experience and has nothing to do with tearing contestants down or voting them off or being an ass hole on TV! At the end everyone who didn’t win stands on either side of the finish line and cheers on the winner. And I cry every single time!! And everyone there is doing the race for reasons beyond the money. I just love it. I could go on and on. And three cheers for shows that are positive and globally aware instead of just being about drama and who fucked over who. That makes me really happy.

Mid-morning snacks. I love snacks. I love feeling good about my snacks. I realize this is starting to sound like some sort of special K commercial. “Snack healthy!” But … I look forward to my snacks every single day.

New pillows!! I got two new super fluffy pillows from target the week Gabe was born to help with breast feeding placement and they are the greatest! I have a total love affair with clean shits, new pillows, and freshly laundered towels. Ahh bliss.


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  1. I love that feeling of going to bed with fresh pillows. It’s just so delightful. As for my own list …

    – Having my cat back, at least for awhile. She cuddles on the bed with me and that’s pretty awesome.
    – Finishing projects. I’m not a good finisher and the accomplishment always feels awesome.
    – Super validating feedback at work. I spend enough time there that I have to care how I do my job.
    – Orchestra tickets with my best friend in May. It’s nice to know fun social stuff is coming.
    – Finding out there’s going to be a Mesopotamia exhibit at the ROM.
    – Reading a good book and having something to say about it.
    – Baby showers, because it means I’m that much closer to meeting my nephew.

  2. I was in the audience a couple weeks ago at Ellen and she had that developmentally disabled kid on the basketball team and the kid from the other team who passed him the ball so he could make the shot, and I cried. In public. on tv. such is my life.

    I just bought a new pillow from Costco that is memory foam with a cooling gel layer that is AMAZING. i sleep great anyway (like i’m in a coma) but i fall asleep so much faster now and it’s been easier waking up in the mornings! My list:

    – my new costco pillow
    – being done with the bar
    – feeling like maybe it’s warming up? maybe?
    – having time to read for pleasure
    – watching movie trailers and getting jazzed for summer movie season
    – spring cleaning

    baby gabe is looking so cute! hope i get to meet him some day! 🙂

      1. my best friend works at the production company that produces the show, so we got VIP tickets and sat in like the second row, and didn’t have to wait around with the unwashed masses! 😉

  3. I also really really like Ellen’s show, she is so much fun and she seems like a truly kind person.

    Currently making me happy:

    – we are in the waiting part of another cycle. Hoping, praying, wishing. (and no more injecting, though the injections don’t even hurt and the hormones don’t really have any effect on me, I don’t feel anything, win).
    -I have a job interview next week 🙂
    -Tomorrow I am getting back the photos from a mini-photoshoot for the website we did at the park last week (in the middle of the freezing wind). After this is ready and the NL texts which I hope to get soon, we will be launching for reals.
    -Spring! Light! Longer days!
    -Hosting Easter lunch, making quiche (which has become a tradition).
    -Visiting friends on Sunday
    -New clothes. I might have splurged in 2 super fun patterned blouses and a dress, just like I like them. Yay spring.
    -April is coming soon: which means, travel!!
    -Reading and making time to read.

  4. Good Stuff:

    I’m paying to have my blog/website redesigned/moved/generally prettified, and although it feels super indulgent and ridiculous I am SO excited about it. My blog kind of died off because I hated so much about the interface (is that even the right word? I’m SO not tech-savvy) or the mechanics of importing photos and making a post and whatever. It was awful and frustrating and so I just stopped. But a good friend of mine has always done webdesign as a side gig, and when she got laid off from her full-time job a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance to both hand her some cash AND get the website of my dreams! YAY!

    La Croix sparkling water. I love it madly. This is hilarious because I used to absolutely hate it, and I don’t know what changed. Now I am obsessed.

    Spring is still a distant dream here in Minnesota, but I’ve been buying myself flowers and plopping them down all over the place lately (my desk at work, the kitchen table, my bedroom) and it is making me feel SO much better about the endless grey gloom of Winter.

    1. My parents used to always buy Talking Rain from Costco and I haaaaated it HATE HATE HATE. But now I really love sparkling water in the afternoons. Maybe it’s like broccoli – as a child, despise, as an adult I really enjoy the crunch.

      1. I am also on the sparkling water kick. But we call it “bubbly” in our house, which makes it seem fancy (like champagne!) and also fun to call out (“bring me a bubbly!”).

  5. Your happies posts are my favorites. I love coming back to read everyone’s contributions all day. Mine:
    – Really kind recommendation letter for a birding/art/writing camp I hope to go to in Maine this summer. Also, dreaming of Maine in June is making my heart sing.
    – Our new apartment home that has a place for everything, is full of light, and is nestled into a wooded corner, so I can watch the bluejays courting from the kitchen, and spy on racoons before bedtime.
    – The early spring light. It’s the best thing about March.

  6. My happies this week:

    – FINALLY being able to announce my pregnancy (on the blog as of last night!)
    – Indulging in a croissant whenever I feel like it without feeling any guilt whatsoever (this is almost daily at this point)
    – Warmer weather as of today!
    – Upcoming weekend trip to Miami in a couple of weeks (I am such a beach bum)
    – Hanging out with my husband’s little cousins this weekend

  7. I love these posts… and it’s always good for me to recognize my happies. So, here goes…

    – Losing 6.4 lbs (yes, that 0.4 is important!). I started Weight Watchers again and I love seeing the numbers on the scale go down.

    – Spring! It’s no longer gloomy winter… even though SF doesn’t really get gloomy, per se, just knowing that we’re out of winter is enough.

    – Getting my cat’s nasty tumor removed – successfully. She is doing so well after surgery and that makes me so happy.

    – Work… I just completed an awesome training and it made me motivated.

    – My hunny… I love him.

    – TTC in September…. can’t wait!

  8. Oh happy!! my favorite happies of yours is the rolling around in bed easily (such a great feeling!) and the body-bounce-back awesomeness.

    My happies:

    1. this is at the top for a reason: being able to read the voices of my friends online. I realize it does not take the place of real life happenings and talking over drinks and fries and walks around seattle – I do really love being able to have a little bit of my day filled with YOUR voice, and voice of other friends who put honest and brave and beautiful things online. sometimes its happy things and sometimes its sad things, but I feel totally blessed to share it.

    2. chopped ginger iny my tea. Shredding it myself and literally being able to feel as it heals me via tea/honey/lemon/ginger goodness that does not come from a factory.

    3. being able to say “I am loving myself these days and thats all that matters” and have it have not ONE iota to do with my size or shape or weight or clothes or hair or any of the millions of things it could be connected to. yay freedom!

    4. iced coffee. iced coffee. iced coffee.

    5. an overall feeling of calm, fun, and safety when coming to work every day. no politics. no whining. no feelings of inadequacy or doubt or not being support by my teamates. Even though I thought I was over those days from the years I spent working in residential treatment, especally the feeling of both literaly and metaphorical safety (which is hard for others to understand) – it is not something I realized untill now, when I. Have. It. Back.

    6. the west wing

    7. cozy purple worn in jersey sheets

    8. going to Ghana to do service work with teens. Pinching myself.

    9. can I say iced coffee again? Cause I am.

  9. 1) Coming into the office this morning to discover that we have 2 dozen gourmet donuts, an entire package of chips ahoy for the taking, and that we are ordering lunch from my favorite pizza place. YAY food.

    2) Adorable baby photos in the morning!

    3) Having stayed up late last night to watch the USNM soccer game with the husband and it being TOTALLY WORTH IT to be tired this morning

    4) A cozy red sweater on this grey day

  10. Homemade banana bread! And I think I’ll try my hand at making cornbread for next week!

    My wonderful bed: mattress, sheets, and duvet! I will miss my four seasons duvet when it gets too warm for it…

    Q1 is almost finally over, which is a great chance for a fresh start!

    Instant pudding, OMG!!! Best snack ever. Also, my macaroni and cheese from scratch tastes better each time I make it. I’m never getting it in a restaurant ever again.

    Daylight! I love my daylight and there is so much more of it lately.

    And now it’s pretty much time for lunch! I love lunch!

  11. road trip to Sedona this weekend, four day weekend, the grapenuts I’m eating right now for lunch taste really good with almond milk, baby carrots are finally popping up some tiny green tufts, other news that is still a secret 😉

  12. *My parents taking pity on me in my poor, overdue, addled-brain ness and inviting DH and I over for dinner last night. Even if it was only take-out, they paid and cleaned up after.
    *The nights when I dont wake up for 4 hours in the middle. Thankfully, one night of a 4-hour awake spell usually means 2-3 nights good sleep! Roll on tonight…
    *Supportive friends
    *A friend who has PCOS finding out she is pregnant and being super excited about it, since it was something her and her husband had completely written off ever doing.

  13. My happies:
    – Hoping and wishing for this cycle to be the one that ends in a healthy pregnancy (and no more injections)
    – An email saying that hot cross buns are being delivered to our office this morning as an Easter gift!!
    – Sunshine
    – two four day work weeks in a row made even better because my boss is taking extra time off during that time
    – Finalising trip plans for Japan – we leave in a week!

  14. Ellen’s in Australia filming at the moment. In fact she was right here in Melbourne. There were crazy amounts of people going out to see her. Yesterday the headlines on the papers were that Ellen said she could see herself moving here with Portia. I’m sure her US producers loved that.

    Our happies are:
    – Dear Boy ate banana as a finger food for the first time tonight (normally he turns up his nose because it’s so squishy) – but I cut off little circles and left the skin on and the novelty of peeling it off meant he shoved it right in his face. He even said ‘na-na’
    – We have Lovely Husband home for a 5-day weekend.
    – He found out today he can officially submit his PhD thesis and the printing’s only going to cost $95 for 4 copies. Bargain.
    – Bub came home with an Easter basket that he made in childcare yesterday. It was covered in craft straw, glitter and coloured paper, which is now also covering my floor, but it’s terribly cute.
    – There is a stunning amount of chocolate in my house at the moment. And we didn’t buy any of it.
    – I made a fabric carrot.
    – I won two blog-run competitions last week. Two! One is a piece of art and the other is a Target voucher. Love me some Target. Also found out that if you run giveaways on your blog (at least in Aus) you need a gaming licence unless there’s an element of skill involved. Apparently gaming licences cost $85. Go figure.
    – My gloriously wonderful son decided he’d wake up every 30-40 minutes between 11pm and 4am last night. The happy part is that the thought of going to bed tonight is giving me little moments of anticipatory joy.

  15. I love reading other people’s happies! It’s always re-energizing to meditate on the good things in life 🙂 Here are some for me:

    –My birthday is in 3 weeks!!! (I am a crazy person who love, love, loves celebrating her own birthday)
    –New crush / possible new love interest
    –Buying 2 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes online and having every single item fit perfectly 🙂
    –Preparing to run two 5ks (1 in April, 1 in May) –this is a new adventure for me and I’m a bit nervous!
    –And losing some weight as a result to my 5k prep
    –Driving home and needing to wear my sunglasses!
    –Volunteering Saturdays at the library by my house where I get to play games and read and play with all the neighborhood kids –especially this little 5 year old with the deepest dimples and brightest smile in the whole world and who loves to sit in my lap. Makes it worth coming in every time. 🙂

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