The Good Stuff: Marriage

Today is the day for appreciating the people you love. Last year I sent valentines to all of my people, this year I am a roly-poly mess of no sleep and slow walking… so valentines (and half my christmas cards… shhh) took a hit. So I think instead of grand gestures, a little thoughtfulness on the little happies is in order. This is the relationship edition (I know, barf, gag, etc…) so feel free to shareΒ  your small happies in comments!

How waking up in the middle of the night for a waffle and/or to wander the apartment in a fit of crazy, go look outside at shooting stars, spend a few insomnia hours reading the internet is a totally acceptable group activity on a school night.

Farting. Because sometimes it is even applauded, and thank god for that.

How I am still excited to see him when I get off the train. How I look for him in the crowd, how he is looking for me – every day – and how happy and relieved I always am when I find him.

Underpants are a totally acceptable outfit on the weekends.

We make each other better creative people.

Even when I very much do not agree, Kamel will stop mid thought or mid activity and say, “You are so pretty. I married the prettiest one.” And when I say, “I look like an egg!” He says, “I’d hit that.” And I know he means it.

When things get quiet in the kitchen and I yell over, “What are you eating??” and Kamel responds with a mouthful – “Nothing!”

Our mutual delight in kid food. Like fruity pebbles, toaster strudels, spaghettios, mac and cheese, hot dogs, and the nachos with the weird nacho cheese that they pump out of the bin at sporting events.

How much I hate the way he chews.

How much he hates how I never put my shoes away.

How much I hate how he sings in the morning. All of the time. The most annoying songs in the world.

How much he delights when those songs get stuck in my head and he catches me singing them too. Fucker.

Our mutual enthusiasm for sitting on the couch.

Our mutual enthusiasm for grand adventures.

How I have no idea how to end this list because I just keep thinking of other things to say. But eventually I have to stop because otherwise it will become ridiculous and everyone will puke all over their computers because of the lovey dovey valentines day overload, and just think about how expensive that would be if everyone broke their computers from gag-reflex-barfing? I would feel so guilty about that.

Happy Valentines Day internet! It is a totally stupid holiday but there is often free candy and it’s nice to tell people you love them.

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  1. Yes exactly. There is always free candy, or chocolate. I don’t know about the US, but in Mexico , Valentine’s day was not only about couples, but it went on to celebrate friendship (it was called “Dia del Amor y la Amistad”). This was probably a marketing strategy to be able to sell cards and treats to more people, but it made it inclusive and we often kind of did fun stuff with friends. I never had a boyfriend during Valentine’s day until I met Mark, so to me it was always more about the friends and less about the (romantic) love.
    Happy Valentine’s day to you both. Your list made me smile πŸ™‚ I’m also happy like a little dog when he comes home, every day.

  2. Valentine’s day is silly. But it’s also kinda fun. It is really what we make it. For me, it’s not about flowers and diamonds. It’s just a good reminder to tell people we love them. I sent cards to all my girlfriends, just to remind them they’re still my first loves, boyfriends or no. And I baked for the office. I love the list!

    Here are a few of my small happies:

    How Daniel gets so into songs while he’s driving, and it always takes him a few verses of belting it out before he catches me staring at him like a crazy. Then we both burst into giggles.

    How it makes me simultaneously irritated and warm&fuzzy when I find that towel he left on the floor…again.

    Kisses on the forehead. Those are the best.

    I could also go on and on. Thanks for always reminding me to reflect on the little things! πŸ™‚

  3. I love your happies!

    This is our first valentine’s day together since 2010, so while it is a silly holiday, I am holding him extra tight today.

    Happy valentine’s day Duprez family πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve always considered Vday more of a day about friendship love – agape love. Like Amanda J., I usually didn’t have a SO on Vday but I delighted in making gifts for or, as the years progressed, writing cards to my friends. This year I actually sent my mom flowers, like a real grown-up! haha

  5. We were just talking the other night about how much we missed you guys <3 Compatibility really is the best gift that goes hand in hand with being in Love. Theres nothing better than being perfectly compatible, having the same habits, the same happies, etc etc etc with the person you fell in love with, when at first it was just because they were cute πŸ˜‰ And yes, your Christmas card still stares at us from the coffee table every night, refusing to go in the mail, because it wants to be given to you guys in person πŸ™‚ Happy Valentines Day <3

  6. Love this… and thanks for the reminder to look at the happies. I especially loved your “Farting. Because sometimes it is even applauded, and thank god for that.” We’ll sometimes rate each other’s farts. I never understood how some couples don’t fart in front of each other. It’s a bonding experience!

  7. Even when I very much do not agree, Kamel will stop mid thought or mid activity and say, β€œYou are so pretty. I married the prettiest one.” And when I say, β€œI look like an egg!” He says, β€œI’d hit that.” And I know he means it.

    haha, I know this one. Mark doesn’t *quite* phrase it in the same way, but I’ll be feeling bleh and fat, and he’ll still be hitting on me…

    Cuddles on the couch

    Mark complaining about having the cat sleep on his side of the bed since I am sleeping with no blankets (and the cat loves blankets).

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