I am bored. Really, really bored. I am also annoyed by how I am bored because I can’t seem to fix it.

I am sore from my belly button to the tops of my thighs, my feet kill me, my heels especially (and I spend the majority of my day limping around).

I am slow – ridiculously slow, though I feel like I am going as fast as I possibly can.

Going to a movie and sitting in those chairs for hours at a time sounds like absolute torture, so I don’t go. Going out to eat for a date night dinner and being trapped in a booth or a chair is exhausting – to the point where I stop eating and just need to go home.

My big event for any day is dragging myself out for a walk. The last few weeks I have been able to walk to the train (20 min) and then maybe 2-3 evenings also go on a 40-60 min walk either before or after dinner. And then on the weekends there is much more on-my-feet action with target runs and laundry and another long walk 1-2 times. But this weekend was a little different. Saturday I was lethargic like I had the flu. Usually I know when I am sick if I am completely content being on the couch for long periods and for no particular reason. I am not very good at lounging. And of course, I’m not sick – just very pregnant, but Saturday my body was on shut down mode. I tried to do some things, but I couldn’t. I napped, I felt tired still. I ate my morning snack, I was still hungry. I was bored, but there was nothing at all that seemed appealing to do.

This boredom thing, it is also making me grumpy. I feel so hindered. I’m trying hard to not be, but the truth is I feel like I am pulling the titanic behind me everywhere I go. And that bitch is heavy. It has been difficult for me to come up with stuff to write about as well… which (in my mind) has been the situation for the last 9 months – but last week, and I’m thinking now this week, especially.

And I wanted to title this post “almost done” because that is what everyone keeps telling me… but I know that realistically I could (very realistically) see my due date come and go and then some. So even though I feel increasing discomfort, nothing spectacular has happened. It’s not March yet, none of the gross signs of impending labor have occurred, it’s just me and my big heavy, achingly sore body that I insist on continuing to lug around. And my insane boredom.

12 thoughts on “Snooze-fest”

  1. Oh It will go, I promise.
    Are you already on maternity leave? (I hope?)
    If you have to stay in the couch, what about reading? I am sure you have stacks of books / articles you would like to get into? Drinking tea, eating nice stuff, watching your favorite movies?
    I really hope you will feel better soon, and maybe make those walks a little fun… take photos, notice the things, insects, flowers…

  2. You are about not to be bored for a very long time. 🙂

    Use this time to sleeeeeeep! Sleep all you can. Watch movies. Read. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

    Also, write down all your thoughts in a journal. Write letters to Gabe.

    Fun ensues.

    So excited for you.

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain. Although I’m only 6.5 months along, the limitations on my body I have been forced to abide are absolute torture for me. Normally, I am very active, independent, and just generally on-the-go. Now, I am achy, tired and sloth-like, despite my best attempts at being otherwise. I am also SO OVER being told-“Rest and relax-you’ll never do it again!” or “Just wait-it gets so much worse!” No shit. I am trying to be mindful and observant of this whole experience, but I just want it ultimately to pass by, and for my little guy to just be here, already.
    Sending you lots of good energy to get through the remaining difficult, boring days, and on to just enjoying sweet baby Gabe!

  4. Ough, I know your feels. At some point your brain just says: I WANT OUT! But of course, I think we have to invent that technology, don’t we?

    Sending you hugs in lieu of “I don’t know what to say that will help.”

  5. Maybe it’s time to get lost in a good novel? I recently enjoyed my maybe-new-favorite-author Tana French’s The Likeness (her other two, In the Woods and Faithful Place are also excellent but I loved The Likeness the most). Or Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was super engrossing. Sounds like you need something to take you out of yourself for a bit, though on your own terms. Also, I just devoured Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander after having it recommended to me for years and, well, that will certainly take you out of yourself for a bit. Hang in there!

  6. Boredom is the worst… sometimes I get so bored that I don’t even have the energy or motivation to figure out how to be un-bored. I guess the good news is that it always passes and then I end up spending days and weekends so busy that I can’t imagine how sometimes I feel like I have nothing to do! I agree with the previous comment about ‘Outlander’, that’s a terrific series and could keep you entertained for quite some time.

  7. I feel ya on that frustration of not being able to alleviate boredom in the ways you’d like to normally.

    Not a lot of advice here, but a message from the other side (we finally had our little guy two weeks ago) that it feels SO GOOD when you get your torso back. I took a walk down to the grocery the other day while hubs stayed with the baby, and it was amazing to have this time where I was a single, self-contained, mobile human being again.

    Hang in there, it sounds like you’ve totally got this!

  8. Feeling you. Totally.
    I get the boredom where you just dont want to fix it either. And reading? Not so helpful, because I have the attention span of a gnat a lot of the time – I’ve been reading one of the “Outlander” series for over a month now and am only half way through still. Doesn’t help that its a heavy book, and resting it on the bump is not comfortable! (should splash out and buy it on kindle, so its lighter, but the moneys!)
    And the bloodtests, and the appointments, and the scans.
    And the husband who as much as he tried to understand, keeps forgetting that I *just cant do those things now* at the pace I used to, or with the enthusiasm I’m used to. “Come help with X”. Well, I would, but its just too hard! And then I feel guilty for not helping out.
    Not too long to go for either of us though. I cant wait to be out the other side now either, and have my body back at least physically, even if I’m exhausted from lack of sleep, at least I can start losing this extra weight I am carrying around!

  9. I can’t relate with the preggo-stich — but being bored is pretty much the worst thing in the world. I feel like being bored for extended periods of time eats away little pieces of my brain.

    And it’s even MORE infuriating because I KNOW I have no right to be bored. There are SO MANY THINGS to do in the world! So many things to see and learn and create.

    And instead I’m the slug who insists she’s bored. THANKS, SELF.

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