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Things have been crazy the last few weeks. I feel like our weekends have never been full of more to-dos than ever before and our work weeks are just as crazy with stuff happening before and after the times we are actually working. Running running running… and being big and slow. And not sleeping through the nights and itching to use our baby things.

We make up little rules. “We can only do 3 errands this weekend. Let’s pick just 3. Because you need to rest!” This is what Kamel keeps saying, and we try… we really do. But every weekend those “3” things seems to take up way more time than we expect. No napping, no lollygagging. Maybe this is practice for the baby times to come.

I was trying to figure out what to write about for yesterday and I kept coming up blank. Do you want to hear about how we cleaned all of our blinds and windowsills? I doubt this, because that’s about as much story as I have. Or about Kamel’s cute haircut? I’m so happy he isn’t as shaggy anymore. Oh! Something interesting did happen on Saturday – Kamel is becoming a little bit protective the closer I get to delivery. And on Saturday, when I was feeling really great and I was in DO-Mode extraordinaire, Kamel was all, “Stop doing that, let me do that for you, you have to be careful, you can’t carry that,” etc etc etc etc and on and on and on and on. And then I exploded because… AH! I am not broken! I am capable and I am totally good with figuring out when I have done enough or when I need to rest. I could have throttled him, I really cold have. I repeatedly told him to cut it out and that I was fine and to stop treating me like a little kid. He had a hard time with that concept, but eventually got over it. But it’s also very interesting. Two months ago he was all, “I have no worries or concerns!” And now his tune is a-changin’. The journey of becoming a dad is just as unique as becoming a mom.

Anyways! Some things to look forward to in blog land:

  • Giveaway! Coming up either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how much ish I can get together on my end.


  • Finally a photo post from Kamel and his Hasselblad!

Other than that, I’ll just be winging it like usual!

How have you been? How is your week going? What is going on in your world?

8 thoughts on “BusyTown, USA”

  1. This weekend involved a little trip to go shoe shopping for my best friend’s wedding. It was nice to get some girl time and hang out and enjoy getting to know a couple of the other bridesmaids more. Other than that life has been the same old same old except with browsing housing listings online and dreaming about buying a home.

  2. I’m finally in the second trimester and are starting to tell our friends now. My husband is being much better about it, I’m having a really hard time picking up the phone for some reason.

  3. Totally nesting you two.
    I dont have the energy for it. And I really wish Mark and I could both figure out beforehand how much is too much. I walked 2 miles yesterday for various reasons, and then came home and felt crook as. Probably because Mark wasn’t there to tell me that taking the bus two stops to save walking 3/4mile in my lunchbreak is not actually a BAD thing anymore.
    Thats ok, this weekend, for some insane reason, we are walking 4.5miles as part of a fun-run we have done every year. Dont know if I’ll make it to work on Monday…
    Anyway, I have the day off today, and the sun is shining, so I should totally do laundry, right? I think I might take the car to the cinema and see Les Mis instead 🙂

  4. We did our boy’s 12-month vaccinations this morning. Happy Valentine’s Day, little love. Ouch. He gave the nurse the stink-eye for the first two, whined at the third, then screamed the house down when I took their ‘distraction’ toy of him so we could leave. That’s pretty much it for this week besides the usual house, home and never-ending laaaauuundreeeeeey.

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