Pregnancy Files: 8 Months Like Woah

Today, right now, I am 8 months pregnant. Eight Months!! That’s almost done!Β  In my mind 8 months pregnant is really, really pregnant. In real life, it also happens to be really, really pregnant.

Month 8

Last month I felt good. This month I feel …. big. I feel heavy. I feel out of breath and cumbersome. My hip joints are sore, probably from compensating for some new angle I’m walking or the new weight. My feet are very sore after only 30 minutes of standing or walking around. Sleeping is harder; the baby is pushing on my lungs and my stomach is being shoved up into my chest. I have a lot of acid reflux for no particular reason. And oh my the gas. It’s a lot… and from all directions, at all times. I am so lucky that I haven’t made a scene at work yet.

It’s funny how things change so quickly from month to month. I really did feel totally active and capable at month 7, and now I don’t so much. But! I would still choose feeling like this than feeling like I did for the first 5 months. I would rather deal with swollen hands, weight gain in my butt, thighs, hips, and arms, weird crushing of the lungs that prevent sleep, and a general slowing down of everything than the constant hungover nausea horribleness.

There is a real tummy under there.
There is a real tummy under there.

I realized this last weekend that I can no longer do malls. I went shopping on Saturday to spend gift cards, to do some returns/exchanges, and to help Kamel with the Nordstrom Men’s Sale. I, of course, had rocked Christmas shopping before this moment… and with proper snacks and meal breaks had avoided many meltdowns. But the amount of people bumping into me, my sore feet, the need to sit down every chance I got, the pee breaks, the energy it took to lumber from store to store – it was all too much. And when I left that afternoon I told Kamel: That was the last time. Until this baby is free of me, I am not spending my afternoon huffing and puffing around a mall again. Dunzo.

Other things that will not be happening until after the baby is born:

– Consumption of salty things. We made homemade popcorn the other day and the bottom of the bowl had the noms salty popcorn bits… this caused my hands to swell a ridiculous amount that could only be cured with ice packs and a lot of water.

– Flying. I am done with flying anywhere until after the baby is due. I flew a lot this pregnancy, more than I would have ever thought I would. And now I am done. And I am grateful.

– Walking up big hills. Even a small incline makes me slow down noticeably. And I feel like a crazy person saying this out loud, but hills are just too much work… and if they can be avoided, I will.

– Wearing my demi-panel pregnancy pants. They were so cute! And I had a lovely collection of pants with a stretchy top. But no more – I no longer fit into them, nor do I fit into my own sweatpants. It’s full panel pants, Kamel’s pajamas, or leggings only up in here. I also don’t fit into the majority of my normal human shirts. Or sweatshirts. It’s kind of a mess trying to get dressed in the morning.

Tiny, maxed out, belly button.
Tiny, maxed out, belly button.

Overall I feel like this has gone by really quickly. The first 3 months dragged in my mind because having the chronic flu for that long feels like eternity, but once the first trimester passed I definitely had the “Wait, what? Pinch me. We made it to the place where the baby will most likely not kick it? For reals? Wow” moment. And then it was 20 weeks,Β  and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, and pow! Here we are today. 8 freaking months. Two more months to go.

I cannot wait to show you before and afters of our bedroom with the nursery setups. Plus more talk about prepping for babyland in a small space. All I am waiting for is some of my etsy purchases to arrive and for Kamel to Mr. Handyman that ish. Next time I do a for reals update it will be at 9 months. NINE MONTHS. Insanity.

18 thoughts on “Pregnancy Files: 8 Months Like Woah”

  1. Huh? But if you are 8 months you only have 1 more month to go, not two right?
    Anyhow…. I am so happy and excited for you guys, you can’t even imagine. You really are almost there.
    I wish this later stage will be as comfortable as it possibly can, that you’ll feel better.

    1. Ah. Pregnancy is actually 40 weeks, 10 months. I will be “full term” at 9 months and can give birth without a lot of concern, but due dates are at 10 months.

      1. I just checked… average 266 days. Almost like cows, 285 days. It’ll be a Spring baby then I guess. πŸ™‚ He’ll come to sunshine and flowers and crisp blue skies.

        1. Everyone says 9 months, but really that means 9+… months. As in, due by the end of month 9. Just like aging. You turn 1 after living for a year and are called 1 for the entire second year you’re alive, but it’s really 1+…


          1. This is a totally weird mathy pet peeve of mine, but months aren’t actually four weeks long (except February.) Six months=half a year=26 weeks. Nine months=39 weeks. Due dates are at 40 weeks which means you are nine months and one week pregnant. Except you’re not, because the way gestation is counted you get two free weeks at the beginning before you ovulated. So really gestation for most people is just under nine months. Yes, I totally came out of lurkdom just to do some math. I know I’m a weirdo, but like I said, totally weird pet peeve.

  2. (On a non math/counting note…)

    OMG! You look very pregnant. Not in a bad way, just in a HOLY COW BABY! way. πŸ™‚ Soooo excited to see you and Kamel and Gabe in the spring.

  3. You certainly are very (beautifully) pregnant! They don’t lie about pregnancy boobs either, do they? Fingers are crossed for the last stretch to go as smoothly as possible for you, especially after having such a rough time early on.

    1. Haha, i just had to scroll back up to see boobs πŸ™‚ What a pretty belly you have! I cant WAIT to see nursery/bedroom pics. And I need to go to your profile on Etsy and see what youve been ‘like’-ing!

  4. You are one of the few bloggers I read who can write a post about pregnancy that’s not totally annoying. That’s not annoying at all, actually. That’s interesting and funny. And, though the pregnancy posts are almost over, I bet you’ll do the same with baby posts.

  5. Wow, the clothing thing would be SUPER annoying. Especially since (I’m assuming) at the 8 month mark you wouldn’t really want to buy any more maternity clothes if you can avoid it. I’m sure you’ll navigate the fashion waters with aplomb, though πŸ™‚

  6. 8 months?! It seems like just yesterday… Have you shared your birth plan yet? I know they’re problematic because we don’t have control over some things (a lot of things!). But, what is your intention? What would you like it to look like?

    1. Ah yes! we were just talking about this this weekend. I’ll probably write about it next month after our hospital tour. πŸ™‚ Thank you for commenting with questions! It’s excellent to know what people curious about.

  7. You look awesome πŸ™‚
    I’ve exploded outwards recently, and I gave up on malls for anything more than pop-in, pop-out a couple of weeks before Christmas, when I had to stop and buy a muffin and hot chocolate (that I didn’t want), just so I had an excuse to sit in some of the only chairs I could find. Man I felt SO crook – I almost had to get Mark to get a taxi out to the mall to save me. That would have been embarrassing!
    My fun things at the moment: having to wear my rings on a chain around my neck because I resized them down for the wedding when I lost 10kg and now they just aren’t comfortable for more than 10 minutes in the morning, and cramps in my calf muscles.

  8. Man, I spent almost all my final weeks at our local shopping mall and in their cinema. I was pregnant through the (Australian) summer with temps 30+ every day (and a few in the 40s), so I sucked up all the air-conditioning I could. It was that or wallowing in a small blow-up pool in our backyard.

    Love to hear about your birth plans – although, be warned that that may inspire birth stories in the comments πŸ™‚

  9. Nothing super insightful to add, just: preach it.

    Even my normal walks that I try to take during lunch have become more of a effort than I would have expected. And when I see a person whose mobility is impaired in some way, I have to say I have a lot more empathy. Feeling tired, unwieldy and sore affects your entire day.

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