Mama, What?! Mama, Who?!

Last week I mentioned on Twitter that I was off to buy a diaper bag – a bit of an extravagance of a diaper bag. Because! There are a lot, a lot of things about motherhood that are all about baby, all of the time. But there are only a sparse few that are for moms. The bag is one of them. The bag is mine.


This is a StorkSak and it is a Patent Diaper Bag and it is so beautiful! And also happens amazingly wipe-clean-able.

DiaperBag 2

It came in white, and lemme tell you – the white was… stupendous. But even though I was willing to spend all of my Christmas money on a bag that will most certainly carry around poop in some form, I couldn’t go that extra step of also buying it in WHITE.


If you are in the market for a bag… a pretty one, not just a functional one (because… they are out there… the meh looking ones that are HIGHLY functional, I know nothing about those kind) you should check out StorkSak…. because of this and this and this (and those are just a few). Also check out timi & leslie, and yeah – Diaper Dude (Kamel will for sure be receiving one of these for all of his dad duties).

DiaperBag 3

DiaperBag 8

So many awesome pockets! Some snug enough for bottles, some big enough for diapers/wallets/phones/small stuffed animals. And this pretty bag came with a changing pad and a waterproof draw-string bag that I can only assume is for… wet things, things that you want kept away from other, more dry things.


This isn’t sponsored or even well-tested, but I love the pretty… and the sensible. And when I find something that even surprises me with its awesome, I want to share. I stalked this bag online, and then went to find it in the stores, but of course I couldn’t find it actually IN Nordstrom when I went to scope it out, so I took a risk and bought it online and … it is just so much more awesome than I thought it could be. I really worried that these pretty bags were just a cover and a ploy to get people like me to spend too much money on something that would eventually fail them. I don’t think that’s what is happening here.

Happy shopping! Even if it is for something practical. I have a yellow and white polka dot laptop for a reason – happiness. I now have a sassy diaper bag that will (as said before) eventually carry around some form of poop for the same exact reason.

9 thoughts on “Mama, What?! Mama, Who?!”

    1. There are definitely other brands that have fun bright colors… these are more classic lady-bag colors. But check out Petunia Pickle Bottom for the bright fun patterns. 🙂 🙂

  1. Of course my favorite is the Elizabeth Quilted!

    This makes (totally unpregnant) me very happy. One less thing I have to sacrifice on the alter of total motherhood.

  2. Sigh. Love it.
    My MIL gave us a diaper bag, which is practical, but sorta ugly at the same time. I might yet still have to buy myself a “round town” handbag diaper bag, and keep the MILs one for going to and from my parents place, and going out on daywalks with us (its from a local outdoors shop, so would not look out of place on a bushwalk).
    I’ve never been one for trendy handbags, but this is a step too far… I guess I can also hide it in the bottom of the pram??

  3. I couldn’t find a baby bag that worked for us so we ended up with a $15 Kmart beach bag that rocks. And it fits over the handlebars of our pram, which turned out to be the most important factor even if we didn’t know it.

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