…And You’d Swear It Was a Ghost Town

I have been so lame with the blog this week and I apologize for that. I was thinking about what stories I could tell you or what interesting articles I’ve read online and I am coming up blanks-ville. Even when I think about the 3-day weekend, I can’t for the life of me remember what we did. Vacuumed? Went to a newborn class where they showed us gross slides of the belly button falling off? Went for a walk?

Everyone keeps asking me when my due date is and I keep telling them. March 6. March 6. March 6. And their response is always “OooOoooOooo!” But it really doesn’t feel close to me. I think it’s better when I’m not a ball of anticipation and I can just take weeks as they come. This week: finish hanging prints in our bedroom for baby-decoration-palooza. Next week: doctor’s appointment on Monday, hospital tour on the weekend. And so on and so forth. Every day: praying I still fit into my giant panel-pant jeans.

In other news: there is no other news. I promise to let you know when I think of something

11 thoughts on “…And You’d Swear It Was a Ghost Town”

  1. Sooo does that mean you only have like 2 weeks left until Maternity leave?? Eeee! How are you feeling about that? Even though you just said youre taking it one week at a time…..what are your thoughts/plans for the final weeks of just you and baby in tummy, at home?

    1. Hi Amanda!! 🙂

      I don’t have maternity leave. :/ So I will be working all the way up until I pop. I’ll be waddling to the office and home on the train every day! I’m hoping hoping hoping they will let me work from home starting in March if I haven’t had the baby yet, but my boss said it wasn’t likely. And then once I go into labor I will be taking about 8 weeks off. Six at a reduced rate and about 2 totally unpaid.

    1. I know a gal who owns a hedgehog. She’s always posting pictures of it hanging out outside on grass. She swears he’s actually really cuddly, but I just wonder — aren’t they prickly?

    2. I want a hedgehog kind of too. It all started with a doormat with three little hedhehogs. Or maybe it started when I read and loved “the elegance of the hedgehog”. Then I found this cute little hedhehog candle that I am obsessed with and don’t even dare lit, I don’t want the cute little wax cute to melt. And now I see and hear about them everywhere.
      Hayley from Wee Hermione just mentioned in her last post that she has one. Maybe we should all ask her.

      And Lauren, I hope it will go smoothly until the end. You can do it. We are so hapy and so cheering from you here.

    3. I had a hedgehog. It was pretty great. I got him when he was 2, so he wasn’t litter trained, but apparently they can be when they’re little. Hedgie (I know. I was going to be more creative, but he was full grown, so names had a harder time sticking) really liked playing tug of war with socks, and running on his wheel, and exploring the little bit of grass and bushes across the street. They’re spiky, but not bad. Like little itchy prickles when you hold them. But you get used to it pretty quickly. He was a lot of fun, and when I left Seattle (I couldn’t move cross country with him, he had some health issues) I gave him to a really nice guy who rescued them. He refused to eat food that was good for him and would only eat cat food, so he was pretty chubby. and the guy was really good at getting him to eat some good things.
      Pregnancy related- I know it seems long, but it’s also soon! January is almost over, February is heck of short, and then Gabe will be here in the beginning of March! But yes, that is a bunch of weeks.

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