Baby Files: The 1-Bedroom Apartment Nursery

Edit: Now that we are about to (coming July 2015) have our second child, I’ve written an updated posting about having 2 kids and 2 adults in a 2 bedroom apartment. Part 1 of a 2 part series is up now!

I am so excited for this post!! So much thought and energy (oh god the energy) went into making our 1-bedroom apartment baby-friendly without going overboard into baby-landia, that I am bouncing around excited to reveal the finished product to you. This weekend we went on a rampage to finish up purchasing 99% of all the baby stuff. Note: Babies-R-Us is a demon store and you should avoid it at all costs. Oh god it was awful. I wasted an hour of my life and everything was either over priced or non-existent. Target is a much better solution.

Anyways! I digress… As you will see in the photos, our bedroom was pretty much a blank canvas, so that made it a little easier. My number 2 priority (number 1 being: to find furniture that fit and was functional for baby and me) was making sure our bedroom was still a relatively grown up space.

1-Bedroom Nursury

We bought things that we would have wanted in our room even without a baby. I mean… a mobile is pretty baby-centric, but I chose one that isn’t floating cartoon characters, ya know?

1-Bedroom Nursury

For info on all of the furniture items check out my Baby Stuff Post.

1-Bedroom Nursury

The one thing I am giving myself a big pat on the back for is not feeling like I’m stepping over myself in the bedroom. We added a huge dresser and a crib, a diaper genie, and a shit ton of baby clothes just in this space alone, and I think we’ve arranged it and stored it in a way that makes sense.

1-Bedroom Nursury

The prints above the bed are from The Hello Poster Shop. The whale is part of my attempt to incorporate more fish for Gabe the little Pisces. The volcanoes were just something I thought were funny and yay science!

Baby_Room 3

The posters above the crib are from my favorite broken-up band, and I’ve been carrying these prints around for years. Thankfully they went with my gently suggested color scheme. They fit with my whole, “Hi! This is my bedroom, a grownup, adult bedroom! Oh yes, and we have a baby” thing.

Baby_Room 5

The ombre yellow fish mobile is from EveryDaysBeautiful on Etsy. And here is where I confess something: I could have, probably, made this. But! I am not crafty. I hate craft projects! I wish I loved them, but I do not. And this is why I love Etsy – I can pay other people to make fun shit for me. And yellow is my favorite color, and it matches our fun rug from Anthropologie that was a wedding gift and is the nicest thing I own. And fish! For Pisces! Winning all around.

Baby_Room 1

Here is our dresser/changing table. The changing pad is secured with velcro tape onto the top of the dresser so it will not slip and slide out of place, but I can remove it to hose it down if necessary. The cover for the changing pad was too small after washing it (argh) and kept bowing the pad, so I’m covering it with one of the swaddling (and easily washable) blankets we have. The lamp is from Ikea and cost, like, $30 or something. The robots are the greatest! The decals were super fun to put on, super easy, and removable! They are from RadRaspberry Vinyl Wall Art on Etsy.

Baby_Room 6

All of the baby clothes we have fit into this dresser (along with two drawers for me! haha! I get more clothes storage too!) and I saved the far left drawer for diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. If I need to move them up on top, I have the space, but standing at the changing table and having this drawer open should be fine. I love not having a bunch of stuff out willy nilly… it may be totally naive of me thinking it will stay this way, but I’m definitely going to try.

Baby_Room 7

Oh yes, and we’re doing disposable Huggies Pure and Natural diapers. And as long as baby Gabe’s rump is cool with them, then I’m cool with them. I read a lot a lot a lot a lot of reviews on disposable diapers. I wanted to get green or natural options, and I thought Seventh Generation was going to be a good choice, but all of the reviews said they leaked, especially overnight, and that people were using them during the day and then switching to something else at night. That makes no sense to me. And I know people rave about cloth diapers, but they aren’t our first choice for convenience. Maybe later down the road, but we’ll see.

And that’s it! We’ve been building this room since November, gathering, researching, purchasing here and there. Mostly, I wanted to prove to myself and the world that this actually is doable. Our apartment is a little bit less than 800 sq feet, we didn’t have a baby shower (though our parents and grandparents helped out with buying some big ticket items), and we are pretty middle-of-the-road financially. I don’t want to be in a 1 bedroom for more than a year of baby’s life. I don’t want to be in a situation where my kid can stand up, look at me and say, “Mom, it’s time to wake up,” ya know? But this is working splendidly at the moment! And though pregnancy and parenthood are giant sacrifices, making room for baby doesn’t feel like one.

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  1. I love it! First of all your carpet ! So bright , and happy. I would say my favorite color is green, followed by maybe red, but yellow is close there fighting for the second place.
    Also, the fish mobile! Robots! The whale!

    And you managed to fit it all in 1 room…, mission accomplished. We would not have managed. We have one of those Ikea beds with cabinets under it for extra storage. But we would not have space to fit a dresser in front of it, or on any of the sides of the room (already our closet is taking up that space). Hooray, nursery.

    I really do love nurseries. It is one of the hardest parts… forcing myself to not yet succumb and decorate our one-day-to-be nursery-as-yet-empty room. Sure, we painted the walls : yellow! And I forced myself to take out all my shoes from the little closet in that room to leave the space ready, and move them to boxes in one of the cabinets under our bed. For the rest, we have these flamingo wall stickers that Mark and I bought in Barcelona way back, actually on our last trip there, the time he went there to pick me up (me and my 6 suitcases, after culling) to move to NL with him for my final internship. We had seen those flamingos several times and we knew we wanted them.

    It is also the only room that as of now still has no curtains. I have so many mixed feelings with this room for a while it made me so sad I just kept it closed and refused to go in it. I also would not let anyone (visits) stay in it either (since we have a sleeping couch anyway). I know I am crazy. But I am getting over my craziness and attempting a crafty project, using the sewing machine for the first time in my life: I will make curtains!!
    Anyhow so exciting that you get to do all of this. So happy, too. Gabe is almost here yay πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those posters and prints. And that mobile! I mean, can I have one?? (Seriously, I’m stalking that etsy shop as we speak.) So awesome!

    You guys did an amazing job putting that all together. It looks less cluttered than our bedroom!

  3. So cute! And totally functional!

    I laughed out loud at this: “I don’t want to be in a situation where my kid can stand up, look at me and say, β€œMom, it’s time to wake up,” ya know?”


  4. It looks wonderful! I’m so impressed by the balance you created between Adult and Baby space, and love the color scheme and subtle themes without feelings as though I’m looking at an amusement park. You totally nailed it.

  5. I love it!! I cannot wait to see it in person and ooh and aaah and make the fishy mobile spin/move. And THE FORMAT. don’t even get me started on how sad it is that they broke up and now his voice is on the radio singing songs that every 4 year old knows. Thank you for introducing them to me. I love the framed posters!

    ps: robots and whales!

  6. YAY, I couldnt WAIT to see this post! It looks fantastic and clean and clutterless. I have no doubt in your ability to keep it that way. Its simple and functional and CUTE. Loves it πŸ™‚

  7. I am so in love with this bedroom/nursery! You guys did a fantastic job with minimal space, that is one difficult task. Now all you need is a baby Gabe to complete everything. I am so excited for you and your family!


  8. Very adorable! And reallyreallyreally well-balanced.

    (Also, I don’t think you’re being naive about the diaper drawer. If our dresser/changing table had an extra drawer, I’d steal that idea.)

    1. Thank you for that! There is so much “well you’ll SEE!” going on… I try to admit up front I only know what my intentions can be, not the total reality of life-with-baby.

  9. Sooo cute! I love all of the colors the prints bring in to the room without being to matchy. Super random question… on the first baby stuff blog you said you were going to change the knobs on the ikea dresser? Did you nix that idea? (I think cute colorful knobs would be top notch!)

    1. Not random at all! We had planned on it. I had even researched which ones I wanted! But then as I was putting it all together, I worried that it would take away some of the masculine features I really enjoy about our bedroom as a whole. Not that I wanted to “gender” it because we are having a boy – totally the opposite. (and speaking on this subject randomly – we had picked out most of these things before we knew what sex the baby was. Kamel and I were both annoyed that our blue dresser would now be seen as a “boy” dresser and that robots are “boy” things when, we just like robots. Grrr.) But I didn’t want something too girly on the dresser because the rug in our room is so FLORAL! GO GO FLORAL! And the knobs I had wanted originally were these white animal knobs… and then there were just SO many knobs… it just seemed to be overkill. Though I have seen a ton of nurseries where there are beautiful giant flower knobs or mismatched antique knobs and it looks really cute.

      Maybe when we do eventually get a 2 bedroom I can switch up the knobs to add more decoration to a fun kid’s room vs our bedroom. It was a fine line to walk when thinking about the aspects I wanted to bring in and leave out.

  10. You did an amazing job combining the baby stuff and the adult stuff all into one bedroom in such a chic and modern way! I love and, and I’m very impressed. Also, kudos for not letting baby stuff take over your life/apartment.

  11. The Format! I’m way out of the popular music loops, so I didn’t even realize Nate Ruess was in another band until I saw fun. on SNL a few months ago and kept telling my husband, “this guy sounds exactly like the singer from a band a used to love, it’s so weird.”

    I love your decor so much that I clicked over to all the shops you linked to, which I never do. Especially the robot decals. The whole room looks awesome. Good job.

    1. Oh yay!! I am so happy to hear that! We really like the stuff we got. There were a lot of google searches and pinteresting happening. I don’t think I would have been so picky if we had a dedicated baby room, but I’m glad my thoughtfulness paid off in public opinion. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. This makes me so happy!!! Every time people post their fabulous baby-only nurseries I’m always thinking… well that isn’t going to work for us, seeing as we have no room for a nursery! So happy to see someone else in the same boat and seeing you rocking it so! Love it!

  13. Gorgeous!
    We gave up trying to find a dresser that fitted in the room and was a good height and depth to put a change mat on – instead we cut down my old sewing desk and its an over-cot change table. But we, too, have the nappies in the top drawers of the dresser, within easy reach of the change table.
    Baby shower this weekend, and then it will be time for the finishing touches, final photos and I can post one of these as well πŸ™‚
    Cant wait to meet baby Gabe!

  14. That dresser is one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever. I have been looking at it at IKEA for years. But we had an extra dresser so my husband and I sanded it down and stained it with the same color. It’s not quite the same, but close enough. Also, we have two bedrooms, but really (partially because of family who I know will be visiting after the baby is born and mostly just so that I have less distance to travel to get the baby in the middle of the night) the baby will be sleeping in our room for most likely the first year (hopefully less, definitely not more) so I know we’ll be trying to figure out the same thing. I think you did a great job fitting everything in!

  15. Love all the little details – it really pulls the room together into a coherent ‘our family sleeps here’ kinda place. We had a similar sort of arrangement (although much less pretty) for our small home but it didn’t last more than two nights with us because my son was (is) such a noisy sleeper – I was wide awake listening to him all night. For my sanity, we wheeled him out into the dining room and he slept there for six months.

    Sending our wishes to you that your Gabe is a quiet sleeper (and that he doesn’t come early and become an Aquarius – or late and turn into an Aries).

  16. I can’t believe how beautifully you’ve fit the baby stuff into your bedroom! It definitely looks like it belongs there rather than having been just put there because there was no other space and it’s a great combination of having some kid stuff and still being an adult space. Even the mobile isn’t overly babyish.

    And that rug is ridiculous awesome.

  17. I love it! You’ve done a great job πŸ™‚ Our eventual nursery space is going to be a shared room too (currently my dressing table and T’s computer desk are in that room) so it’s nice to see someone else do it so well πŸ˜€

  18. Wowsers! I am so impressed. Your room for 3 people is much more livable and uncluttered than mine for just me. It looks so good! I’m really impressed that everything has a purpose, it’s all very utilitarian, but it looks so welcoming and warm. You should hire out your organization and streamlining skills to pack rats like me.

  19. It’s so AWESOME!

    Those robotos are my favorite things EVER. Ever.

    You guys did such an amazing job. plus…extra drawers! I am so jealous.

  20. Your room looks great! I love the colors and the way that you fit everything, way to go! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  21. Very nice! I will say that our changing pad cover bows too, but after a couple diaper changes it goes back to where it should be. The wall decals are a great idea. I have some for my son and now that he’s getting older and may want a different theme, its easy to remove and inexpensive to replace. I live in a small apartment and tried the diaper genie. I think the scented bags work much better. The diaper genie didn’t seem to mask the odor any better than a garbage can, it was just more difficult to use and clean. I was overwhelmed with stuff and literally gave away some new baby things because they were unneccessary. I think you have the right idea by starting out with the bare minimum and if you find later you need a swing or items you can pick as you go. When they’re newborns all they need are your boobs and diapers honestly. Good luck!

  22. Very cute. I like how simple it is. πŸ™‚ I hope sharing a room with baby has worked out for you. My baby was born in December and I spend the first two months of her life sleeping on a futon in her room. That wasn’t so bad because she was always waking up. But recently, she has had to spend a few nights in my room and now at nearly 8 months old….this is not fun. She is a loud sleeper. It’s very hard to share a room with my child. Probably because she isn’t use to it either….she sees us and thinks it’s play time.

  23. Not sure if you’ll get this comment since it’s so late from the date you originally posted but I was curious what the dimensions of this bedroom are. My fiance and I are moving to our own one bedroom place and will have a baby in late August and I think this might work for us.

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