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I have been horrible. HORRIBLE. At replying to emails. Maybe this is a pregnant brain thing, or an overwhelmed by life thing… mostly it’s me being an email douche-bag thing. I see an email while I’m running around or in the middle of something at work, I read the email, I think “this is fantastic! I must reply to them after this other task I am doing!” … 3 weeks go by without a peep from me. Blah!! Horrible!! So today I am making up for it.

Did you know there are some AMAZING things going on in the world and on the interwebs?? Thankfully, readers like Miss Robyn keep in the loop. She let me know about the She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry documentary about the Women’s Lib Movement in the 1960s. Something that feels like it needs to happen all over again sometimes. Plus, the reality is, the idea of a “feminist” has been pretty bastardized since the times when women were marching on Washington. You know… because all feminists are bra burning, man-hating, non-shaving, militants (oh a girl can dream!). Robyn let me know about the documentary while the kickstarter was still going, but … douchebag email-er took over and I didn’t get it together until it was over. But thankfully, the filmmakers Mary Dore and Nancy Kennedy made their goal. YAY!!! Also thankfully, on their website, they are still taking donations. So while the holidays are fast approaching, possibly think about taking a few minutes and 10 bucks or so and helping some ladies out. Check out the amazing women who lend their voices and stories to the project while you’re over there… it’s pretty freaking inspiring. 🙂

Do you guys remember Oliver? The singer/songwriter who was all like “I have a dream and fuck it, I’m going for it!” Well! He has finished his album and he emailed me many many weeks ago to let me know. You can grab it online for only $6, or more. Pretty freaking cool to see how people have grown from the time they were Visiting Artists!

Unfortunately this year I haven’t been able to make a big lust list gift guide like I did last year. There has been too much travel and too many necessary naps. As the Bay Area has been flooded with days and days of massive rain, Jessica Swift’s email could not have come at a better time. She makes rain boots that are super cute and have little happy notes inside them.

Plus, Jessica donates $5 of each purchase to Charity: Water. I love items that are bright, happy, fun, support independent artists/designers, are practical, and are not something you see every day walking down the street. No one at the office are going to have these boots, too. Jessica also makes and sells a bunch of other really cool things as well (postcards!! eee!).

These are not sponsored in any way, I was just alerted to these fab people and awesome projects by readers. So thank you!! And if you have anything to share, let me know at betterinrealife at gmail. Have a great Monday!!

7 thoughts on “The Internet is a Big Place”

  1. Ohhhh I love those boots. LOVE them love them love them.
    I use to have black ones with colorful flowers all over them… unfortunately they had to stay in Barcelona.
    Now I am going to go check out that documentary.

  2. The outpouring of support for She’s Beautiful in the last few days of fundraising was so awesome and exciting to watch! When I first donated to the project they were barely over 50% and there was just over a week left. Getting to see them exceed their goal was awesome.

  3. If it makes you feel any better–the email thing is not just a preggo-brain thing. I have been SO bad about responding to emails the past 2-3 months. I try to keep up, but just haven’t been able to. It’s gotten to the point where I have to tell people, “Hey, I may not respond to your email…ever…but that doesn’t mean I don’t care!” 😛

    1. I am having this same problem. I think a large part of the problem is that I check email on my phone, but it’s a pain to reply to them on the phone keyboard, so I just say I’ll wait til later…but then the email is marked as read and I forget about it. Oh, smart phones, I have such a love/hate relationship with you.

      1. I do this, too–although I try to “Star” them (in Gmail) so I know to respond later.

        But then I just end up with an inbox full of stars. Sheesh.

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