Pregnancy Files: Month 7, The Wonder Years

First, I’m going to apologize for the no-blog-monday thing. Kamel was supposed to write about his feelings on the impending dad-dom, but he flaked and didn’t and now here we are on Tuesday and I am one blog short and we had a whole scuffle about it yesterday morning because, what the fuck, he could write something every few weeks and it wouldn’t kill him, etc etc etc. You get the idea. But to the point…

I am 7 months pregnant and my life doesn’t suck as much as it did in the previous months. Hooray!! And while I am continuing the theme of, “nothing happens like you think and everything that most people say doesn’t apply to you except for 99.9% of all of the pregnancy symptoms,” in this case it’s moving a bit in my favor.

(Please excuse my wet/messy hair from Monday’s shower)

I mean, I know I am pregnant. I am clearly, clearly pregnant. And there are some clear physical limitations that come alone with gaining 30 lbs and having it be egg-shaped, and completely replacing your once lovely (sigh) waist. Bending over to pick things up is really difficult, putting socks on – sometimes I just don’t have it in me, I need some sort of assistance getting out of bed, and the hunger is no joke.

But that stuff doesn’t even really bother me. I work around it. It just is what it is. I am really no longer puke-y, except for the occasional acid reflux. And I sometimes have discomfort lying down or sitting for long periods. Plus I have pretty much grown out of my demi-panel maternity pants and wearing them now makes me want to rip them off in about 1 hour. But guess what? Most of what I wanted to share with you about being 7 months pregnant is good stuff.

First! I feel the best I have felt since June. YAY! Second, my hair is amazing. I have good hair day after good hair day after good hair day. I know this is because of hormones and I may have a flood of hair shedding after this is all done, but for now, bring on the good hair days! All of them! Every single one! My hair virtually does not shed when I am in the shower, and it is shiny and bouncy and awesome. Also – most of the breakouts on my face have totally gone away, and all of the awesome chest acne I sported for all of the first trimester and most of the second is now gone.

I still am lacking in energy. I get run down and if I push myself too hard I get contractions. But! My body doesn’t ache as much as it did during the initial stretching. And the coolest thing – which is both a pro and a con – Gabe is way more active now and he has some serious strength. I’m getting excited to play with him in the real world. He is a wiggly, curious little munchkin and he is already delighting me. Now, if you leave your hand in one place or put pressure on my stomach he will investigate what that thing is. He will poke around it and rub back. Sometimes Kamel will play with Gabe by putting his fingers on my stomach and tapping in a certain spot. Gabe will tap back, make little probing motions. Kamel can keep his attention until I’m tired of being jabbed from both ends and shoo them both away.

I think I’ve been done being pregnant since I was 4 months. I was like, “Ok, I get it. You can come out now! Pregnancy experienced. (check!)” But now I feel like Gabe could come out and even though he wouldn’t be totally done cooking yet, in my hypothetical world, he would be a real boy and not a blob. He is more and more a real boy in my mind too – and not just an idea, or something that is making me sick. I see the pregnancy as this separate thing. Pregnancy = suck, Gabe = fun. And really, we’ll see what next months brings – but I know for sure it will bring me 1 more month closer to ending this particular story. (Eee!)

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Files: Month 7, The Wonder Years”

  1. I’m absolutely amazed at Gabe playing with Kamel and being so curious and exploratory about his world even when its still so small. He sounds like he’s going to be an amazing little person.

  2. Yaaaay, Gabe!! Yay Kamel for the interaction and most of all….Yay for Mommy for growing Gabe! I can’t WAIT to meet him and for him to have play dates with Tahlia! Hang in there, you’re doing fabulous!!! xoxo

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes to almost everything! And Yay!
    Peanut has developed a tendency to hide from Dad… Will be kicking so well you can see it, Dad will put his hand on my belly and boom. Stoppage. Hilarious. Poor Mark is getting seriously frustrated!
    Worst thing for me? Now that I feel more “normal” again (and hey, I was this heavy – plus some – three years ago, so its only the shape thats different), working out is getting frustrating… The sneakers, the having to take two days off for every workout etc.
    But yay for Gabe becoming so real for you ๐Ÿ™‚ We hit 7 months just on new years – scary to think that our little things are technically “viable” now, right?

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