Nosy Secret Santa

I said this a few weeks ago on Twitter – The most fun lifestyle improvement that technology has brought us: The Internet Secret Santa.

Thank you WeddedBlush!! (AKA the lovely Rebecca)

I was not in San Francisco to receive it, but Kamel dutifully opened it while I was on the phone and took all of the photos so I could see everything.

I am really stoked about the cloth bracelets! For both the comfiness, the non-clanginess, and that I have been scoping this style out for MONTHS. So, lovely Bec, you read my mind!

And the cutest, most thoughtful gift: A hand-me-down zippy for baby Gabe.

Thank you Bec for bringing the holiday spirit!! You are incredibly kind and I am so happy to know you via the internets. The world is sometimes a shit place, and sometimes it is freaking awesome.

*And! Thank you Jacqueline for putting this all together!

1 thought on “Nosy Secret Santa”

  1. I looooooooove the soft/silent/cute bangles. What a neat and useful thing to have. They are bright colors (win!), go with so many things (duh!), and don’t wake the baby (crucial!). It’s all around genius!

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