Kathleen Got Married!

Last weekend I made my pilgrimage to Seattle for more wedding activities and my first winter wedding extravaganza! There is something fresh and fun and youthful about spring and summer weddings – flowers and green grass and sunshine and spring dresses and rosy cheeks and tan lines. But there is something absolutely magical about a winter/Christmas-time wedding – ornaments and twinkle lights, mistletoe, cranberries, holly, an abundance of candles, and an overwhelming amount of romantic lighting. Kathleen’s wedding was a great day. Winter magic included.

These photos are a combination of Kamel, Claire, and my phone-photos. Not professional grade but still amazingly fun. And wow the red, so much red! And of course I couldn’t post without a little snippet of the amazing boob whisperer. The greatest magically wedding and/or formal dress fairy godmother there ever was.

I stayed in bare feet as much as possible, and everybody was a trooper with the chilly weather. My favorite parts of being in a wedding is ALWAYS the getting ready/champagne pre-ceremony. Quality lady time cannot be beat. And Kathleen’s dress was to die for, seeing her sister tie up the ribbons in the back – breath taking. It looked like it was custom made for her body.

Yes I wore real person peep-toe T-strap patent leather shoes. I even put little gel cushions on the balls of my feet. But after standing in them for a good 20-30 minutes, I could barely walk. Immediately after the ceremony I had Kamel whip those puppies off of me and spent the entire reception gleefully in bare feet.

That dress, Miss Kathleen. I DIE.

There was a very convenient bench just to the left of the dance floor. I sat there often. Chair dancing – way underrated.

Such a good picture of Kamel and Kathleen I can’t even handle it. Cannot.

And then of course I have to end with the greatest photo of Kamel ever taken…

It was just that kind of night. And now I will attempt to sleep for 1000 years to make up for all of the attempted pregnant dancing and staying up too late. Or ya know… I’ll just sleep my usual amount and drag myself to work this AM like everyone else. Sigh.

Yay Kathleen and Devin are married!!! And it was an amazing party. Hip-hip Hooray!

13 thoughts on “Kathleen Got Married!”

  1. Ohhh so exciting. You all look super good and your shoes are very cute indeed. Weddings of your loved ones are the best, I think more so after having being ther, it’s like you understand it better, know how to help, be more available. And it is just pure magic to see, to share those joyful moments.

  2. There really IS something about a winter wedding – isn’t there?! We shot one the first of December that was winter white and SO perfect! And it was interesting to see the guests in something different for a change! No sundresses/strapless kind of thing… everybody was all decked out in sparkle and long dresses! It just had such a different feel to it – I loved it!! Anyway – that was my take on winter weddings. haha 🙂 You look fabulous lady!!!

  3. What beautiful pictures! You look fabulous and not pregnant at all in all of the pictures. Not that you can’t look fabulous AND pregnant…. but you just happen to look fabulous and not-pregnant. Which I think means we should all be allowed to wear empire waisted (that’s what they’re called, right?) dresses everyday all-the-time because they are fun and flattering and generally fabulous. So much fabulous!

      1. I love empire dress cuts, they echo not only the regency (Jane Austen era), but also the Renaissance and Ancient Greece, basically every period I would have liked to live. So beautiful.

  4. Boob whisperer here, what can I say, I do my part 🙂 and what. a. whirlwind. weekend! Weeeeee!! So fun and so much lady time! Chair dancing is very underrated, you are so right on that one! Fabulous time had by all!

    ps: empire waists, I live by that truth!

  5. Wow. Kathleen’s dress is AMAZEBALLS. Love love love it.

    I’ve become rather obsessed with winter weddings. They always look SO inviting. If I wasn’t a huge cold wuss, I would’ve considered one.

    The Sanctuary at Admiral…sigh. Such a beautiful spot.

    1. Look at you dropping the location knowledge! I had never heard about the Sanctuary until Kathleen started her planning. It’s pretty amazing and they have a speak easy in the bottom! I think it’s only available for events but it would be such a cool 30th (or other big birthday) spot.

      And yes. Her dress. I seriously am still not over how amazing it is.

  6. Looks awesome, and looks like you had a totally awesome time 🙂
    And I agree with the others – you really have to look to have any idea you are pregnant – a cursory glance (as I did first time through) and I didn’t pick it at all – I had to go back and look again! As opposed to me, who got asked last weekend if I was carrying twins at a wedding I went to! (bad choice of dress I think, especially since I didnt *need* a visit from the boob fairy!)

  7. I keep going back and forth on what my favourite picture here is, because this wedding looks so beautiful but that shot of the bride sitting on the floor in the dress with the shawl is just stunning. You all look so radiant though.

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