The Good Stuff

Because it’s the day before Thanksgiving and everybody’s doing it, right?! Ha. Yesterday at work I thought I had a moment in the bathroom where I thought, “aww the little things,” and I knew I needed to write a post. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking.

I love knowing that I am the first one to use the toilet since it’s been cleaned at work. How do I know this? Because the toilet seat is still up, just like the cleaning people have left it since they scrubbed it the night before. Aww yeahhh virgin toilet seat.

Cookies. I can’t say enough about them so I will just leave at that. COOKIES.

The Nordstrom holiday catalog. It has brought me unending joy this week. Sometimes the good things and stuff are actually THINGS and STUFF. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Presents are awesome, buying them for others, scouting and plotting, receiving. The whole thing. I love it TOO much.

Having a day where Kamel works downtown and we get to meet for coffee and lunch. I love having him close by.

Friends who understand your crazy. That ish is key, right there.

Salsa. Lots and lots and lots of salsa, all different flavors and colors. Mm Mm Mm… get in my belly!

Crisp fall mornings at the farmer’s market.

Discovering new fruits and vegetables and taking on new culinary expeditions.

The looming 4 day weekend. Deciding not to go anywhere, which means more naps, more catching up on house stuff, more cooking and recipe exploring. Perhaps even breaking out the crock-pot. (!!!)

Ok, this is kind of silly…. but whatever. I love getting “likes” on photos we post on instagram. It is so FUN. And I know that it doesn’t technically “mean” anything, but I still get a kick out of it. So there! cynical social media people! I said it! Instagram = a small part of my joy.

Lately I have really really loved waking up next to Kamel. Not like the theoretical “waking up next to my husband, oh aren’t I blessed” way, but the actual, physical, specific way. I like that he, in particular, is there in the mornings. And lately he has been a trooper with how sleepy I am and how sleepy he is, but he still rolls over and flips on the light and then we cuddle or hold hands while we watch a little news before the start of our day. I really like that.

Dangle-y earrings.

Root vegetables.

Jam on warm buttery dinner rolls.

Christmas music while cleaning the house. I can’t help it, it’s so cheesy but I know all of the words and it makes me so happy.

When people say that I look “cute” and “tiny” as a pregnant person when really I feel like I look like a giant egg. Aka Humpty Dumpty. Thank you kind people! Thank you one and all!

Finally getting around to returning those maternity clothes that didn’t work and oooo look! More money in my bank account! Score!

**What are your small happies this week/month? What has made you do a little dance inside yourself? What get’s you through the day? What do you look forward to? Where is your joy?

8 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. – Waking up to spend the morning with my husband. I hate the getting out of bed part, but the payoff of couch cuddles b
    before work is so worth it.
    – Seeing my quilt top come together. It’s exciting to see something I’ve been working on so long take shape.
    – Having the inlaws next door. Because just walking over to say hi is awesome.
    – My new coffee mug, that allows me to bring ridiculous amounts of caffeine with me in the morning

  2. We’re connected… I just wrote a post like this on Monday (not really for Thangsgiving specifically)…. but here goes again. I am happy for:
    -my brand new sister in law. She’s crazy like me.
    -candy , specially gummies.
    -babysitting our neighbors upstairs. So much fun.
    -Mexican hot chocolate. Kgs. of it that we smuggled in until our baggage was just slightly overweight,
    -My sparkly nails
    -A really exciting job interview (but now we’re in that angsty space where I have to wait and hope and not get too carried on…. and wish I’m chosen).
    -Having a full on agenda pretty much until Christmas… which means tons of family and friends time.
    -Having had the luck to cut the starting winter and be in Mexico for a short week.
    -And I also love listening to christmas carols at full blast, so you’re not the only one. My favorite one is “up on the house top”.

  3. My little baby boy’s huge smile when I get home from work is the best thing in the world. I can’t wait until your baby smiles at you; it’s an indescribable feeling. I’m sure I’m thankful for much more but the joy he brings me outweighs everything else so much it’s hard to compare it to being thankful for coffee and chocolate. All the secondary things are offshoots of the primary like I’m thankful for my job so that I can provide for my wonderful family and I’m thankful for our house so that my family can be warm and dry.

    Also, reading all your posts, I really expected you to be huge but I saw a recent pic that you posted and you’re not huge at all. I remember the same thing when Laurel was pregnant. Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as you think and everyone thinks pregnant ladies are super cute anyway unless you’re carrying octuplets because your body’s just not designed to handle that sort of thing and it’s doing all it can to not burst at the seams.

  4. After a shitty weekend where I was stupidly cranky, this week has been full of little things!

    – Being able to have hard but honest conversations with my best friend.
    – Ry, he has been such a trooper lately, taking my crazies in stride.
    – Planning for the Big Life Steps without tears or yelling
    – Charlie Brown soundtrack/Christmas music
    – Our 1st solo Thanksgiving (bittersweet)
    – Starbucks holiday cups
    – Bus driver halting traffic to give me a shot at getting on rather than just driving away & pretending not to see me running and waving my arms like a crazy person
    – Sushi

  5. 1. the toilet thing. you are reading my mind. it happens almost every single morning so maybe I take it for granted. but it makes me very very grateful for the hardworking cleaning people.

    2. watching a thrift-store mackelmore video with my boss after she found a fur vest (that she did not buy) at costco.

    3. giant mother effing rings

    4. getting my green christmas evergreen door SWAG from my coworker today, that I ordered from her daughters fundraiser, and that it makes the office smell like christmas!

    5. having my voicemail red light actually light UP

    6. coffee with an almond butter english muffin

    7. the double pack of Rafi childrens songs CDs that are staring at me on my desk that I have been meaning to send to my sister and her new baby. makes me sing baby beluga every time.

    8. balsalmic beets.

  6. A few days late to the game, but…
    *Gran and Grumps (my Aunt’s in-laws) being so excited to see my bump, and saying EXACTLY the right things: “That looks like about… hmmm… a March-sized bump” Thankyou!
    *My brother and Dad getting along so well with Mark when they spent 5 hours putting new plasterboard up in the nursery.
    *Watching Mark interact with our neice. He is going to love being a Dad, I can totally tell.
    *Being able to rest as much as I like since I’m not working at the moment.
    *Having a heater in the bathroom (finally!)
    *lots and lots of books from the local library

    might have to do this on my own blog sometime soon… 🙂

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