Happy Birthday Mom

We still clean up good.

Thank you for all of my spunk and my good cheek bones. I won’t tell the world how old you are, but nobody would believe it anyway.

(Pictures above from her last big birthday… the date might be a little off on that camera.)

Love you Mom!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom”

    1. Thanks Amanda! Most people say I look more like my dad – maybe it’s that my mom has red hair! But then other people swear up and down we look the same. 🙂

      1. I think it’s the nose and the smile. But of course you’re probably a mix. As a litle girl and teenager people said I looked like a carbon copy of my dad… but nowadays people say I look like my mom, so you never know.
        Your resemblance to your mom did strike me right away.

    1. Those photos are from 5 years ago, but she actually still looks exactly the same. Her hair is a little different now but that’s about it! She is an age ninja, that one.

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