Fooding: Lentil Munchies

We had plans to go away for Thanksgiving and then we worried that all the things we had planned for our weekend getaway wouldn’t really happen because 1) I am not hefting myself up on a bike and 2) I’m not really supposed to be lounging in a hot tub. We were going to go to a spa away from the city, but they didn’t offer prenatal massage and it was in a small town where the only reservation I could get for Thanksgiving dinner was at 2:00pm. I worried we were going to be bored and spending a lot of money to sit around and watch TV in comfy hotel robes, something we could do for free at home.

So! We canceled. And I immediately made a giant list of all of the things I wanted to catch up on during our 4 days off, sans get-togethers, sans family, just us at home. And then! we both got flu shots on Wednesday after work. Cue the entire rest of the weekend with me battling an annoying sore throat/sneezy/mucus-y cold. Grumble. Thankfully (pun intended) we did get to 1 of our little projects.

I have a hard time with prenatal vitamins. If I take them too many days in a row I seem to get upset stomachs for no apparent reason. But! I don’t want my iron and blood levels to suffer, so I’ve been searching out more whole ways to stick iron in my diet. Bring in the lentils! The problem is, I don’t really like lentils. They smell like feet. And I’m not a soup person, especailly with items that get mushy (I wish I was, life would be so much easier).

So instead of steaming or mashing or boiling, Kamel and I found a recipe for roasting! In doing so we created an incredibly high iron, high fiber tasty bar-snack. Zesty and crunchy and noms… at least that was what we were hoping for.

Kamel was in charge of making these, because he found the recipe. But I made sure to annoy him as much as possible with my back-seat cooking and friendly suggestions. Ahem.

This also meant that I was in charge of the photos. Behold a pot of boiling lentils! Do not be alarmed by my photo genius! Except… I think in the future I do better in front of the stove and Kamel does better behind the camera…

Has anyone ever roasted lentils before? The most time consuming part was letting them dry. I took Kamel to Target because he kept wanting to skip ahead to the roasting, but I worried that they were similar to kale and if we coated them in oil and popped them into the oven with wetness they wouldn’t crisp up well. I could be wrong about this, so if you have experience that says we can lighten up on the “laying out to dry” portion of the show – definitely let us know. We are not patient people.

Originally I wanted us to make the whole bag of lentils… because yay more snacks! But this is 1 cup of lentils and it made plenty for our first go around. We made these on Saturday and we still have a small tupperware available for snacking.

The recipe (from calls for 2 tablespoons of canola oil but that is incredibly unnecessary. One tablespoon was more than enough to coat and crisp all of the beans. We read reviews that said using too much oil made them soggy and made it necessary to pat them dry after roasting. I am really not into pouring on the grease, so… no thanks.

During the 10-15 minute roasting we shook them around twice to make sure one side did not burn. We opted for the full 15 because I prefer crunchy over meh.

We added a bit more cayenne to the seasoning mix because we like things with a little kick, but other than that we followed it exactly. Kamel is big on exacts in cooking…. I’m more in the “just wing it” camp.

After tasting, we both agree you could use about 1/2 as much salt and be fine. I would rather have spice and flavor than salt and this was a little too much for us.

But other than that they were super crunchy, flavorful, and I felt really good about noshing on them! They will come in handy during my after work snack fests while I’m starving to death waiting for dinner to get done. If you’re interested in adding some more veggies into your life in a non-typical way, definitely check out the recipe here.

11 thoughts on “Fooding: Lentil Munchies”

  1. These remind me of roasted peas that a friend would make… it is basically the same, except with peas. I normally hate the green balls, I only add them on rice for decoration, because that’s what you do and green on red (from the tomato) is beautiful, but then I am always pushing them to the side.
    The other day I tried lentils on a salad with tomato, feta, mint, and lamb’s ear lettuce and it was delicious.

  2. What a great snacking idea! I never would have thought of roasting lentils … and buying a bag of dried lentils to roast up is so much more cost effective than a package of roasted soybeans or something at the grocery store.

  3. I’ve never heard of roasting lentils before! It’s too bad that you aren’t into “mushy” soups because I have a lentil soup recipe that I love – it’s like my turn-to recipe when I am too lazy to come up with something original for dinner.

  4. My Aunt who is a nurse suggests taking prenatal vitamins before bed. She said it reduces upset stomachs. Maybe something you might want to try if you haven’t already.

      1. So it’s not nausea but sudden and intense stomach pain. Kind of like when you eat something bad and you have to go to the bathroom… except i don’t go to the bathroom, I just wallow in pain until it goes away. I was doing really well with the prenatals, taking them after dinner at 7pm every day, but when I took them too many days in a row I had a slew of these stomach aches. So every other day is the max for me… and now supplementing with useful foods. Another good source for iron are Luna Bars. 🙂 (And beets, but they are currently giving me heart burn… actually everything is giving me acid reflux. Actually everything is right now. Even cereal.)

  5. Oooh, interesting! I’ll have to try this…have you tried roasted chickpeas? They’re also tasty.

    We’ve been eating a TON of lentils ever since we figured out that we can throw some lentils and brown rice in our rice cooker, press “Cook”, and walk away. One week’s worth of healthy lunches, with minimal effort (and OMG CHEAP).

      1. Yup! We pour the bag of lentils in, add some rice, and cook it (well, after rinsing off the lentils and rice, for good measure). We do equal ratio of lentils to rice. And then prior to eating, “dress” it with some olive oil, salta and pepper.

        Warning: this is NOT an attractive meal. It’s pretty brown and…well, just not appealing to the eyes. But it’s actually pretty tasty, and filling…and basically this lazy girl’s way to having lunch every day 😛

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