The Good Stuff

Lately life has been a little too crazy, the drama a little too tragic. It is time, again, to focus on the good stuff (and to be inspired as I always am but your good stuff!). Here we go!

A very active baby swimming and dancing around in my belly. Even if it wakes me up in the morning, it’s a very good alarm.

My hair! It grows! I’m finally out of the bob phase and out of the awkward bob phase and fully into the medium to short section of hair. I still can’t wait until it’s big and long again (at which point I will long for the easy days of short and sassy, I’m sure), but we are making progress!

The nights that I get some really good sleeps, don’t wake up to pee, and feel like a million bucks come morning. I live for those nights.

Cupcakes with sprinkles.

Kisses and hugs from best friends.

Dad’s pancakes.

Thinking our neighborhood has bats and then finding out that the curse of the downstairs weirdo neighbor continues when I discover they just have a shit ton of birds. Dun dun DUN! πŸ™‚

How the new car doesn’t make me car sick like my old car did.

Happy painted toes.

Cuddling on the couch, eating dinner, and listening to This American Life.

Making my mom really laugh.

A warm bath before bedtime.

Pillows. Lots and lots of pillows.

*I always feel like Tuesday is the saddest day of the week, it’s not the beginning, but it’s too far from the end to feel at all useful. Let’s brighten it up a bit. Tell me all about your good stuff (please!).

19 thoughts on “The Good Stuff”

  1. I love these happy posts πŸ™‚ Hugs to you….
    As for the good stuff:
    -I am having luck in the kitchen lately, I managed to make eggs benedict, a leek and potato creamy soup and chicken with a spinach sauce that were all super good… I feel super accomplished haha.
    -Having the next weekend fully booked, we will have friends for dinner, and visit a friends’ new baby.
    -Babysitting our neighbors upstairs. This is funny, we have been talking about how we would like to take care of those kids, however we were not sure if they know us that well, when yesterday, the neighbor came to ask if w would take care of them for a night (tonight) and we are both super happy and excited, those kids are crazy.
    -My brother will get married pretty soon.

  2. I need to pause and think of the good things more often. Thanks for the reminder!
    – cool weather so I can make soups and stews ALL THE TIME
    – lots of things to do at work that keep me learning and challenging myself
    – a husband who, when I walk in after work and say “this kitchen is stressing me out,” cleans it top to bottom while I’m working out
    – emailing funny pictures / gifs back and forth with friends at work
    – cookies. mixing them up, smelling them baking, and eating them. every stage is awesome.

  3. My college roommate was home for the weekend, so that meant she was only 4 hours away. I drove to see her and had a wonderful weekend – even the drive was beautiful, with all the fall colors! So, yay for great friends and beautiful fall drives!

  4. Um, YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT TUESDAYS. Tuesdays are the worst. Blech.

    So, um, good stuff:
    -Reclaiming my life after wedding planning (you mean I can spend a WHOLE SATURDAY on the couch and not feel guilty?? YES PLEASE)
    -Finding out that my goddaughter has named the stuffed buffalo I sent her “Beatrice.” Beatrice the Buffalo.
    -The possibility of buying our first home (eeee!)
    -Beginning to reconnect with the other writers in my life.
    -Getting to eat dinner on the couch with my husband and watch a movie together.

  5. Spending the weekend with a wonderful supportive friend, being silly, drinking beer, and having my first dress fitting!

    Looking forward to the beach wedding of another dear friend Sunday. Feeling grateful for her second chance at happiness after her first love passed away four years ago.

    Pumpkins, in soup, beer, and pie.

  6. SIGH, Tuesday. But yay good things!
    – Last night Lindi and I made sweet potato cannelini bean soup, fresh french bread and apple pie for dinner, and it was delicious and perfect for fall.
    – We are learning how to say no to work, even when it’s difficult, even when we need the money or want to do it, so we have at least one free day a month.
    – I got to see my family this weekend! It was lovely.
    – Tomorrow night I get to talk to my best friend on skype– she’s in Palestine, and I get to talk to her a few times a month when we can accomodate the time difference.
    -We watched The Decoy Bride this week, a silly but suprisingly wonderful Scottish romcom. Plus, David Tennant. I love David Tennant.


  7. There a glimmers of good amongst the yucks:

    -feeling like an awesome, responsible, on the ball adult and (finally!) rolling over my 401(k)
    -enjoying the rich company of wonderful friends
    -having more time with my parents and appreciating how much they love me
    -a lull at work that lets me balance productivity with relationship building time with my coworkers
    -my awesome and coordinated new trench and rainboots. Fall, bring it.
    -the foundational knowledge that I can plan a Saturday, cook a meal, put an outfit together and do it well

    And finally, reading this and knowing its 100% true:

  8. I love the one you said about making your mom laugh. There is something magical about that! ps: I really need this type of post today, honey, so thanks!

    My Good Stuff:

    -Iced coffee this morning left over from event last night at work. Do stupid things faster with more energy.

    -spending lunch break away from my desk with a friend

    -singing katy perry really really loud while driving in the rain

    -rain boots that I can wear all day long bc they also look like leather motorcycle boots

    -hugs and kisses from best friends πŸ™‚ ditto

    -trying (and failing) to make applesauce, but having my whole house smell like real life cinnamon apple!

    -texts from a very nice boy

    -my health (not so little, but its making huge appearances in my grateful list recently, and I will not take it for granted)

    -hardcore confetti sparkling nails (they really are the best)

  9. I <3 happies. And i love reading your happies and everyone elses!

    My current happies are:
    -watching my friends bellies grow
    -salted caramel mochas from starbucks
    -pumpkin bread from starbucks to go with the above
    -pumpkin soup
    -pumpkin everything
    -boots, pea coats and sunglasses, all at the same time
    -gaining enough courage and confidence to make a meal from scratch that i have never tried before, and amazing friends to share it with
    -a whole other set of amazing friends to be there, cheering me on and supporting me while i prepare said meal in a teeny bit of an overwhelmed im-in-over-my-head panic, and then leave before the dinner friends arrive, and not minding one bit <3
    -the blue trees outside my building

    Xoxo my friend. Miss you guys to pieces. Kamel, give Gabe a kiss for me.

  10. My first reaction here was, “Meh, I don’t have any good things right now AT ALL,” but of course that’s not true. It was good to list them. Thanks!

    Seeing my son learn his letters, shouting β€œMi β€˜I’! Mi β€˜I’ de Isaias!”

    My favorite little first grader saying complete sentences in English with a huge smile of accomplishment. β€œThey are green kites!”

    Wearing a coat in the mornings (even though I have to take it off again by noon).

    Marigolds blooming everywhere because Day of the Dead is coming.

    Playing with my husband and my son in a perfect crystal-clear river, even if it was only for an hour.

  11. Today, my happy is that the cold seems to have knocked down the ticks enough that I no longer have to worry about them when I go into the woods during my lunches. And also, it’s glorious outside!

  12. Ok, I really need to force myself to do this today, because seeing the light seems impossible right now…

    *Ivy Bar-rito from Protein Bar…yummy and filled with things that are good for me. A rare combination.

    *The giant grey scarf/blanket I bought myself for fall/winter. It has proved to be a great train pillow/leg warmer/comfort object.

    *The fact that Elphie spoons with me all night long in this weather and that I got to spend 3 extra hours with her this morning.

    *That my room (aka my entire living space) is the cleanest it’s been since I moved in (almost 2.5 years later). Almost there!

    Ok, that’s about all I can muster. It’s a start though.

  13. – Cooking weather! Making big batches of soups and having them for lunch all week long (mmmm delicious, and healthy!)
    – Sour cream and onion rings. Less healthy but still delicious
    – MotoGP racing being available online to feed my strange addictions
    – Cuddling up and reading on the couch with my wonderful husband
    – Big, overstuffed couches to fall asleep on after work
    – My mother in law’s banana bread
    – How sexy my husband looks with the reading glasses on

  14. I’m struggling to see the good at the moment, so this post is a good reminder. Thank you.

    – snuggles with my puppy
    – making delicious cinnamon pull apart bread on the weekend
    – nice weather
    – making a lot of progress with my knitting
    – Gilmore Girls marathons.

  15. Here is all of the good stuff.
    1. A son-in-law who can fix anything computer related in the world and has the patience to really help his mother-in-law. Ha.
    2. A grandson
    3. Leaves that turn a great color of yellow or red this time of the year.
    4. A daughter who understands and has the same sick sense of humor as I do. Ha.
    5.That perfect bite of a fresh maple bar. The ones that melt in your mouth with a ton of sugar that you can feel in your toes.
    6. Lastly…my wife.

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