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It’s a Baby!

The Yaris’s motto or slogan or whatever is…. It’s a Car! …. so I thought on this day of gender days the title was meant to be.

And after two long hours of a lot of pushing on my stomach and a lot of goop being spread around and a lot of staring at a screen that was tilted away from me – we found out that…

we are indeed having a boy. Complete with picture of baby penis because… I might as well be the first one to put a picture of his junk on the internet before he ruins himself by sexting all over hell and back. (Pictured above: Two feets, spread eagle because yes he is my son, his little balls and his little penis. Photo proof my friends, priceless.)

And speaking of pronouns….

this sweet little boy is named: Gabriel. Or baby Gabe as I have been saying since the very beginning.

Gender day has come to a close, and I am really really tired and starving. And yes…. it’s weird that there is a penis growing inside me. I went there.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! I’m so excited for you all, and to eventually meet Gabe 😀

  2. Hahahaha. Sooooo excited to meet Gabe! :)

    • Bring on the little hats! haha

      • Uh-oh. If you give me permission to buy baby socks and shoes AND TINY BABY HATS you’re going to have a hard time sticking to the “low amount of stuff” deal you’ve been aiming for….

  3. Gabriel is such a beautiful name! I’m laughing so much at you posting a photo of his junk (and your reasoning behind it) hahaha. Congratulations to you both xx

    PS. Given your certainty that your child will be hairy, it is probably for the best (for Gabriel!) that you are having a boy 😉

  4. Awww! Yay!

  5. EEEEEP! Congratulations!! I did so much checking back tonight that I finally made your biscotti to pass the time. I’m calling it “baby biscotti” – Go get some food! You’re growing a baby boy in there!!

    • hahahahahahaha that is AWESOME. mmmm now I want biscotti!

  6. OH MY WORD TO YOUR MOTHER! I am so excited for you guys in both having a boy and I love his name and gah, I’m just happy for you! :)

  7. Heyyyyyy!!!! We went to the doctor’s the same day!!!! Congrats on the boy! They are awesome! And Gabriel is a beautiful name…..i’m having a GIRL!!! Paula! Kisses and hugs to the duprez family!!!!

    • I’m going to get even MORE facial hair aren’t I??

  8. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you guys. Little Gabe and Penelope can hang out and be BF’s!

  9. Congrats – baby boys are awesome! I had wanted a baby girl and cried when I found out it was a boy – because we’re just having the one, I grieved for the daughter I’d never had… but once he was here, I felt a bit stupid because it really didn’t make any difference. Okay, no-one bought us any princess-y sparkles but now I can’t imagine having anyone else in our little family. It’s like he always belonged here. P.S. Baby boy junk… soooooo much easier to deal with than baby girl bits in those early days.

  10. Congratulations!!!! OMG with futball costume is going to
    look very handsome….Gabriel is beautiful name. Besos a los tres

  11. BABY GABE! I love it! What an awesome (and I’m sure exhausting) day for you guys.

  12. Ohhh finally, I kept checking until late last night and finally I had to give up and go to sleep.
    I am so happy .
    Little Gabo.
    It is going to be so much fun and adventures.

  13. What a beautiful name for someone I’m sure is going to be a beautiful little boy.

  14. Congrats! You’re having a baby! Love his name, glad everything’s going well in there 😉

  15. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA there’s a penis growing inside of you. ewwww. peniseses.

    I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed and my everything is going to explode.

    Can’t wait to see my brother not know how to throw a ball.. <3

    • Hey! I can teach him manly things! Like how to change the video card on his computer. OR how to budget!


      • oh my god. I have never loved you more than I do right now after reading the word “budget”.

  16. Yay!! You know what’s great about a gender announcement? It’s happy news, either way. :) Love the name, too.

  17. er, “sex-of-the-baby announcement,” I mean.

  18. Alright!! Gabriel (Gabe) is my brother’s name! So I 100% love the name choice!! Congratulations :-)

  19. Dancing baby Gabe – yay!

  20. Congratulations! Love his name!

  21. Ahhhhhh hi Baby Gabe!! I cant WAIT to meet you! I had a feeling it was going to be a little boy, i could just picture you guys with one. Im so excited!

  22. Darling baby Gabe! I’m EVEN MORE excited now!!

  23. Ahhh congratulations! Baby Gabe looks so adorable already!

  24. Congrats!! And I’m totally with you — it’s weird to have boy parts growing inside you! At our Passover Seder last year I said to a rather tipsy friend, “I’m great, but it’s totally bizarre to have a penis inside me,” to which she responded, “we’ll, it’s not the first time, right? I mean, isn’t that how you got here?” Ha! Touché, my friend. I think you’ve phrased it much better: it’s weird to have boy parts *growing* inside you. :)

  25. Congratulations guys!! and you choose a beautiful name Gabriel, love it!!
    Besos a los 3 con todo mi amor! Gaby

  26. Kamel gets to have the sex talk!

  27. Grandson! I can say now “Grandson, and his name will be Gabriel” (Gabriel not Gabriél)… I’m so happy, and very proud of mom and dad!

  28. A boy, how exciting! :-)

  29. Gabe and Miles will be FRIENDS. Miles will show Gabe ALL about grabbing his penis whenever possible. It’s like a comfort thing or something.

  30. Congratulations on having a boy! :)

  31. Hooray! I love your attitude about….everything! :)

  32. Congratulations Lauren & Kamel! (Official on the blog congratulations anyway.)
    I love the name. One of my best friends is a Gabriel, so I may be a bit biased, but still. I love it and am so excited for you both!


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