Adventure-ing: Firsts, Part 2

Kamel is a Disney World person. It’s an east coast, Florida thing. And you would think, as an casual observer that Disneyland would be the far inferior of the Disney parks… but not so my friends. This weekend this happened:

And all because of Miss Sarah‘s birthday!

Hi Sarah and her husband Jon!!

And the verdict from Kamel? Disneyland wins all the games!! Why? Because the world is too expansive, he says. Too much walking, he says. Disneyland is everything you love in a nice, neat little package. Battle of the coasts settled!

*Also, please notice the creepy pirate on the right of this picture pointing his weapon at us. This was not a sanctioned Disney character, just a weirdo prancing around the park taking pictures with kids.

And for everyone’s amusement, a gratuitous pregnant picture:

After reviewing all of the photos from the weekend I am officially retiring this outfit. Something about the humidity and maybe the “Pizza Port” pictured above made me very very puffy. Puffy hands, puffy ankles, puffy arms. Bloated up like a big Mickey balloon. And this outfit? Not a winner. But what are you gonna do? I was just happy to survive all of the standing and walking without keeling over.

15 thoughts on “Adventure-ing: Firsts, Part 2”

  1. “Disneyland is everything you love in a nice, neat little package.”

    I’m with Kamel there! I’ve only been to the World once, but felt the exact same way.

    Also, I am amused/horrified by that rando pirate dude.

      1. And…ok wait…now the comment I replied to has disappeared…which just makes me look like a TOTAL WEIRDO…

        I give up. More coffee.

          1. It’s back! Wow, now I REALLY look like a crazy lady. Good, good.

            Yeah, I am Buffalo! I registered a wordpress account a couple weeks ago with the intent of starting a blog, and then promptly forgot. And did not remember until I commented this morning and it showed up. Clearly, my follow-through is REALLY stellar.

  2. Ha! about the outfit. I looked at that picture and thought, that outfit looks so comfy. I need to start wearing things like that. (I’m about a month behind you, pregnancy-wise, and failing at maternity clothes.)

  3. YAY DISNEY WEST COAST, HOLLAH! We went to the world a couple of years ago, and we all came to the conclusion that our Disneyland beats out the Magical Kingdom in the world, hands down. BUT….but. EPCOT CENTER!! I would go back to the world just for Epcot. To eat and drink in every country for days. And there was some Animal Kingdom fun we loved as well. AND the Magical Kingdom will soon (or already does?) have the Beasts castle!!! AAHHH! i cant WAIT to see that! My fave disney movie of all time 🙂 So glad Kamel loved the land! And that you did not keel over.

  4. Yes!! I love Disneyland – and even though I havent been to the World – I think the Land is magical and a bit old school and that is exactly how I like it! Wooden boats and all 🙂 and obviously, it has great memories with you, Lauren 🙂 remember those PICKLES IN A BAG? Oh lordy.

    ps: you are adorable in those ears, cant even handle it

    I’m so glad for Kamel – he looks so happy – I just want to pinch him!

  5. I’ve never been to Disneyland myself and have always been vaguely curious. But the idea of not having it be so massive does definitely have some upsides. I’m jealous that you’re less than a plane ride away from the Disney magic.

  6. ok, jealous of the bump! I still just look fat at 18 weeks… Yay for having a great time! Definitely on my list of “places I want to visit one day”

  7. The outfit doesn’t look all that bad except for maybe the blue shoes and what appears to be white socks… or is that your “haven’t seen sun” legs? Ha. Love you tons. and Disney land.. so much fun.


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