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(Wo)Man, this week has gotten away from me. First there was the holiday and then the DNC and now it’s friday and I posted… once?! What is up with that?

I have a new goal (well, not knew but the last two weeks I have been incapable of following through with it) of posting 4 out of 5 days. I’m hoping Kamel can get back on the Saturday-post-metaphorical-horse, but lately he’s just been running about like a chicken with his head cut off, attempting to keep the house in some sort of working order while I wallow. The wallowing is all part of pregnancy recovery 2012.

But enough of that, on to more interesting non-whiny crapola:

Kamel is almost thirty. He keeps telling me, “It’s almost my birthday! It’s almost my birthday!” It’s the first big birthday of a peer that I have witnessed since the onslaught of 21s. Of course, I won’t be turning 30 any time soon (Mwa ha ha ha), but ya know… oldy mcoldypants is just a week and a few days away. (And by mcoldypants of course I mean: mature and distinguished).

I’m keep looking at my work shoes and saying to myself: Feet, we need new flats. I’ve been dreaming about the new(ish) Toms Flats… especially theseΒ or these. But for whatever reason (more pressing wardrobe issues currently?) I have been lax on purchasing them. I’ve been wearing the Born brand for a few years but have not been recently inspired by them. Are you wearing flats? Do you love them? Are they awesome? Scoop me.

Dangly eargins: very useful when you are too tired and/or yuck to do anything but put your hair in a lame bun.

The Baby Industry Complex is for rea-ea-ea-eals. And it’s driving me nuts. We are very anti-stuff. It makes me antsy to not be able to throw 90% of what I own into a car and drive off into the sunset. Furniture can be re-purchased and, although at one point I was a massive clothes horse, over the past 3 years I have been successful in keeping things sparce, attempting to only keep the items I love and donating the rest. Or wearing them until holes appear and they are no longer fit for service. Having a kid, I will concede, involves some stuff… but not ALL the stuff. And I’m sticking firm to that no matter how many people double take at the concept of, “Nope, we don’t want a shower. Nope, we don’t want a rocking chair/changing table/swing/bouncy chair/play pen. Nope, we don’t want to make a registry and please don’t send us 50 million toys.” But hot damn, they are freaking adorable, I’ll give you that much. The world of shouds and have tos and oh-but-you’ll-see! can keep all of that, and I’ll keep chuggin’ along.

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  1. You didn’t ask for advice but about baby gear I’ll chime in anyhow (feel free to ignore…). My husband and I are very anti stuff but realized when I was pregnant that some baby gear would make life easier. One of my big huge fears was having our apartment swallowed by a tidal wave of baby crap. We quickly realized that people were going to buy us stuff anyhow so this was a way to get useful stuff. The point of a baby registry was so we wouldn’t get a massive tacky swing, exersaucer and awful plastic toys that played 10,000 obnoxious sounds etc each. We registered end of our second trimester. We had a low key coed shower because my MIL really wanted to throw one but a few months after he was born (I’m Jewish and superstitious like that) which was basically a dinner party with no games opening of gifts or typical shower stuff.

    You need some very basic stuff for a baby but not that much. Somewhere for him/her to sleep, some swaddle blankets, diapers, pacifiers if you use them and feeding supplies (boobs or bottles). People will buy clothes so don’t register for these. Other than these things, the only other thing we really liked having early on was the baby lounger (a portable place to plop him while we ate, showered etc). We didn’t buy a swing, bouncer, stroller or a lot of other “must haves” because we didn’t think we needed them and we were right. Buy (or register for) what you think are the bare minimums. If you’re missing something that you need the store (or internet) will still be there after the baby arrives.

  2. I love Toms and can always justify them by thinking of the kid who gets the parallel pair when I buy mine (assuming that they run the same program in the states as they do in the UK). I have two pairs now and my husband has 4 and am seriously considering Toms boots for the winter. Good luck with resisting All The Baby Things – it is the hideousness of all that primary coloured plastic that I primarily object to, and that most of it is only useful for a year/18 months. Like you, I wear my clothes forever – I just finally decided it was time to stop wearing my favourite party dress bought in my first year of college. 14 years ago. Now I feel really old…..

  3. I have these: and I looooovveeeee them. I bought them for our Europe trip and now I wear them to work every single day.

    Also – I am with you on the no-stuff. I say let your family buy you some of the big things you actually do need (car seat, stroller, etc.) if they insist and then just politely turn down anything else. We’re actually considering not finding out the sex of the baby just to deter some of the stuff-buying and I plan to dress our future kid in plain white Hanes t-shirts and diapers until they’re potty trained. Then they get plain white Hanes t-shirts and toddler-sized jeans πŸ™‚

  4. Flats wise I tend to buy from Payless, just because I like having a variety of colours and I really can’t get behind the idea of paying much more than $20 for ballet flats.

    As for baby stuff, all I can think about here are all the stories you hear of children getting gifts (once they get to be a little older than newborns and whatnot) and ignoring the actual gifts to play with the box. Babies don’t need millions of fancy things, just the basics that help you two take care of him/her comfortably and a few things to stimulate their minds.

  5. We’re very “anti-stuff” too! While we ended up with a bit more stuff than we’d probably like, we were pretty successful at keeping things under control. I suppose the expensive nature of all the “stuff” helps! We like our happy savings account more than we wanted the super cute fancy X, Y, or Z. Once he was born we were gifted lots of random stuff, like a crazy amount of stuffed animals, but we can’t control gifts…so maybe we’ll donate stuff one day? Good luck with your “stuff” minimizing!

    1. And remember, once someone has gifted it to you, they have no rights to make any decisions about it, and you have no responsibility to them.
      If its something you just dont have space for or dont want, and you cant return it, on-gift it! Other new mums you might know might really really want that awful THING you just never wanted πŸ™‚

  6. We are totally anti-stuff too, and we have a really small house.
    So we have decided that we will ask for hand-me-downs, and specify “clothes and books over toys please” for the baby shower and the baby in general.
    Also, having a baby going in to winter, we are going to ask that if people REALLY want to buy us something new, then some nice Merino would be fantastic…

  7. My brother and sister in law just had their baby two months ago today, and they received a ton of hand me downs. My sister in law basically just went through everything, kept what she wanted, and then donated the rest. That way she was passing along the goodies instead of hanging on to them. Also, you don’t need All the Things. My SIL received someting like 15 different pacifiers at her shower (didn’t register for them by the way) anf the baby hates them. All of them. You can get things as you need them – IF you find out that you need them. The world will not crumble and fall apart if you do not make a registry, but if family is insisting, you could always tell them that gift cards to Bj’s or Costco (if you have those in your area) are good because formula and diapers take up alot of room, but if you can buy them as you need them, that would be awesome. That way family can feel like they are giving without actually giving you the things you don’t want. Compromise FTW.

    And flats wise, I’ve been wearing these lately $20, sparkly, and comfy. They look fancy without my having to care or think about what shoes to put on my feet. I’m killing this in between time between summer and fall until I can break out my boots again. Good luck lady!!! With all of it.

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