These Moments – Marriage

Every morning lately – when I’m about done with my shower – I call for Kamel to bring me my towel. He comes and stands on the other side of the shower current while I ring out my hair and we chat about whatever or sometimes we sing whatever song we’ve made up the words to for that day. Every single time, without saying a word about it before hand, as I pull the shower curtain back, Kamel springs the towel at me, throwing it full force and widely open onto my person like a giant net. Then! He proclaims he has got himself a Lornax (that’s me) and we both laugh, I step out of the tub and we continue with our morning routine.

Lately I have been sleeping with infinity amounts of pillows for various propping reasons. I am also having ridiculously sore left back ribs (pre natal masseusing happening on Friday and I am sta-oked about it). This means that sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I need Kamel to scoot around to my side and help me out of the bed. I am not only pregnant I am 102 years old. A few nights ago I rubbed his back to wake him up, having a particularly painful rib evening, because I had to pee. Kamel’s response was to whip around to face me and ask in rapid succession: “Que necesitas?! Que necesitas?!” Which… in my sleepy state appeared in my ear-brain as something about “senoritas.” But instead of saying, “Huh?” Or just repeating what I needed, I (just as rapidly) poked him in the chest with my elbow three times. Each time saying, “Stop. Being. Crazy.” Finally, I said again that I needed his help to the bathroom and instead of coming around to lift me out Kamel started to push me off the bed in a very pathetic, yet heartfelt way. Finally after I said “Stop pushing me!” he woke up enough to jump out of the bed and shuffle around to my side and lift me out.

Yesterday I really wanted Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Chunk because I heard them talking about it on the radio the other day and hot damn I loved that ice cream when I was a kid and I would MOURN that last bite. Anyways – Kamel hippity hopped over to Safeway on his lunch break and read me every goofy B&J flavor name in the freezer section over the phone. Let me tell you, having phrases like “Chubby hubby” and “Clusterfluff” pop up in a long line of carmel/chocolate/peanut butter varieties… day maker right there. Especially with Kamel’s straight face of all-ice-cream-business-all-the-time-ness. Excellent.

It’s so often about the little moments that fall between the job, the obligations, the chores, the evening TV. Here are some other favorite small bites from the rest of my relationships (And then I’m dying to hear some from you).

– Sending my mom a picture of Kamel wearing running shoes/jeans/hoodie because jesus … did my husband and my dad go to the same fashion school? I shake my head at how similar they are sometimes. Ridiculous…ly awesome.

– Texts from Maris of her long laundry list of stuff she ate that day. A bacon cheeseburger and various other delicious noms top the list. One of them being a “skinny cow chocolate” something or other. I reply, “Well thank god it was a skinny cow.” Days later I send her a picture of me buying an old fashioned donut (the best donut imaginable). Because yes, this is our relationship: Fashion links and fatty foods. Bring it on world.

– My co-worker giving me her daily oatmeal report for a week. The most absurd but awesome unasked for activity ever. “So today I tried soy milk and I skipped the nuts and craisins… nope, nope…. something tastes weird. Tomorrow I think I’ll try regular milk, but microwave it in water first… I think that will be better.”

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  1. Wow, we do the exact same thing with the towel, except it is me the towel-thrower. Is this a common thing or are we just connected by the head?
    You are so right about how it is those moments that make everything: chatting while I make dinner, walking to the train station… and realizing that without knowing I picked practically the same clothes as my mom or sister on any given day….

    1. Haha, just today, I was in the shower and I forgot to put my towel on the little hook right outside of the shower, so I called himself in . . . and he delivered it to me. How funny that this came up today.

    2. Bunny does a similar thing with the blankets every now and again when we’re going to bed. Instead of “catching” me with a towel net, he sort of fluffs it over me. Little things like that, sometimes, are a big part of what make relationships and marriage all worthwhile.

  2. I love the little moments! The little moments are the ones I think about when I’m sitting at my desk waiting to get home to my husband and my puppies.

    – This morning I came downstairs after getting dressed for work and my husband was dancing in the kitchen to some caribean music on the radio (he dances the same way, no matter what the music is, and it’s hilarious), and he grabs me to dance with him and say’s in a fake caribean accent “my baby is hot like the islands”!

    – My co-worker telling me all the new celebrity baby names every time one is born. And then we wrinkle our noses together at how awful most of them are.

    – My sister in law texting me pics of the new baby everytime he has on a shirt that says “I’m wild about my aunt” or “I love my aunt”. I think it’s hilarious that he has a ton of Aunt shirts, and I have bought him zero of those.

  3. I do the towel thing as well except when he opens the shower curtain I throw my arms around him and give him a big bear hug.

    Whenever Spanish music comes on Aaron does little salsa dance moves with his non-existent man hips. Its hilarious (and secretly kind of sexy)!

  4. Aahh, these are SO FUN to read! My FAVORITE, favorite thing that the hubsters does, is in the middle of the night, whenever he turns in my direction to cuddle or adjust, he FIXES my shorts/chonies, so they dont get eaten! Seriously, he picks my wedgie! It is the absolute BEST feeling in the world, in the middle of the night, for my shorts to be instantly put back in their comfy place. Its not as gross as it sounds, i promise, LOL.

      1. AAhhh this totally made my day!! I clicked to get an email if anyone responded to my comment…and then I didnt…so i was like omg we’re wierd!! LOL! Yay for wedgie picking hubby’s! 😉

  5. “señorita”! hahahahahaha I’m gonna be laughing all day long!

    Yesterday night, I left work an hour earlier to go to my wife’s open house (she’s a teacher) and give her my support.

    She wasn’t expecting me and was really happy to see me.

  6. Oh man, I am your co-worker. I totally give my cubicle neighbor a daily update on the different frozen lunches that I’m trying. All “I got this new Amy’s, but I’m not so sure about it.” “Went for a Kashi mayan scramble today- totally recommend it!”

    Loved this post! It is the little things.

  7. we have the wall above our sink painted with chalkboard paint, and we randomly write notes to each other on it. they stay up for weeks at a time, and it’s always such a ‘butterflies in the tummy’ feeling when i notice that M changed or added to it! also, he has picked up on some of my family’s pigeon italian slang words. any time he attempts to use them, i lose it laughing as my heart melts into a puddle.

    i love thinking about these little things, and hearing from everyone else!

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