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My mom keeps telling me that this period in my life is temporary. And this is true. Pregnancy will only last a set amount of months forever and then it’s over. But! I don’t want to feel like a giant blob and I also don’t want to spend a million dollars on trendy (adorable) pregnant fashion. Nope nope nope. So here is my plan: Buy normal people clothes that can transition into pregnant people clothes for as long as possible so that I can wear them even after pregnant, buy pregnant people clothes from Gap and Old Navy, and finally – be adorable.

Eventually I realize the hugeness will swallow up the adorableness but I think my plans is something any pregnant lady can adopt. Oh! And also – as much as it is awesome to be able to wear your normal person pants for as long as possible, my stomach was really really uncomfortable almost from the beginning with bloating and general discomfort. So do not be ashamed if you are in maternity pants before 10 weeks. I totally was and it was GLORIOUS.

Pregnancy pants look just like normal person pants except they are stretchy, do not give you a muffin top, and are way cheaper than any normal person pant I generally buy. These beauties are from Old Navy and – although they stretch out a shit ton – are incredibly cozy and work-jean appropriate. The demi-band makes me feel like a reasonable person and not like an over-reacting stretchy-pants pregnant lady. Comfort for the win.

I’m starting to get a for realies belly now, but for the first three months I sort of just looked puffy, or like I was getting a gut. In order to not feel self-conscious I did a lot of covering up. The covering up became exhausting because thinking about what to wear every day was like the freaking fashion olympics. Jackets are your friend. They helped me look work appropriate and not feel the knee-jerk reaction to painfully suck it in.

This is an example of a real person shirt bought strategically at the Nordstrom sale to be worn as a 1st to 2nd trimester shirt …. and beyond! Lots of boob growth space + stretchyness + tummy flouncyness helped hide my puffy tummy when I wasn’t showing much. And now it looks cute when I have a teensy bump.

Maxi dresses are awesome, but I have found can highlight lumps and bumps that I don’t particularly love. But oh sweet lord the comfort! When all I want to do is roll out of bed and wear sweatpants I have found a little accessorizing helps move things into work-appropriate land. Also when I’m too pukey to blow dry (which is 4 out of 5 days) dangly earrings make me feel less like I just got out of the gym when I tie my hair back in a lazy-short-haired-person bun. I even get compliments sometimes.Maxi dress – maternity section of Gap (will transition into full blown third trimester quite nicely thanks to fabric stretchyness in the tummy zone).

When I do buy maternity clothes I try to pick things that don’t scream “I’m having a baby!!” Peter pan collars are super out. This flouncy shirt (and yes, with the same white cover up thingy as the picture before) pictured above that I got from Old Navy for like $10 is just the thing. I can wear it now and after the baby when I still look pregnant but am so so not. Plus it’s got extra fabric in the tummy and will hopefully work even at 7 and 8 months. Sometimes you just can’t beat a good maternity shirt/pant for ease and comfort. And you don’t have to spend a fucking fortune to look good. It can be done! I’m currently trying to keep it cute and classy.

I know that once I’m bigger, clothing gets even more difficult to come by because you’re just so freaking…. round. But I think early pregnancy is frustrating when you don’t LOOK really pregnant but you FEEL really pregnant. Everything is growing and adjusting and if you have to be out in the real world and not laying on your couch all day it can be a little stressful figuring out how to still look nice but not want to rip your pants off in the middle of an afternoon meeting because OH GOD GET THEM OFF ME.

If any of you have extra tips to share send them my way! I didn’t even get to leggings – sweet sweet maternity leggings. Or layering tanks – a staple in my wardrobe from before, but now an every single day necessity. Lay your knowledge on me.

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  1. Totally agree with everything above! And maxi skirts! They can totally be pulled up over the bump for maximum comfort. Also check out H&M for some cute/cheap maternity fashion. Topshop is a bit more spendy but I have managed to convince myself that I will actually re-wear their maternity wear when I am no longer maternity because I actually think they’re pretty fashionable . . .

    1. I have had 0 luck with Target which is shocking to me. Although! I haven’t done any online shopping from there. I keep hoping I can just run in and grab a tunic or two, but every time I’ve gone I have been super bummed by the lame-o selection. I need to order some stuff from there though – I feel like online is the only place you can get the better brands Target offers.

  2. I was totally in the same boat with the maternity bottoms. I ended up doing panel pants from 8 weeks forward because everything else made me really uncomfortable while sitting at work all day. They have some great maternity stuff on ASOS that isn’t overly maternity-ish and could definitely be worn into the “fourth trimester”. I’ve also had luck with “mom-deal” sites like zulily and totsy and regular deal sites like Gilt. And yes, maternity leggings are a gift from god! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OH! Also, the entire collection from HATCH is AMAZING but super out of my price range so I stalk the site and try to search for similar pieces. They have a bunch of great examples of stuff that can be worn both during and after pregnancy while feeling stylish instead of schlumpy.

  4. I LOVE YOUR LITTLE POOCH!!! Love it. Its perfect. Youre already adorbs. You just need to feel it. Because you got the look down.

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