16 Weeks and Counting

Last week my pregnancy reached the 4th month with great relief. I also remembered that I had taken a photo for the 3rd month and forgot to post it. So it’s update Monday!

Me breaking the 3-month wall:

And now, me at 4 months:

Last week was my first full week without massive yucks. (Three cheers for relief! Three cheers for feeling a tad bit normal!) The week before I was pulling over on the shoulder of the free way and gulping sweet sweet exhaust-filled air as I dry heaved into the morning. The next day things were a little better. By the weekend I had my first workout since June. The next day I was very sore. Last tuesday I had my second pregnant workout and yesterday I went for the longest walk I’ve taken since I’ve been pregnant. Now I am plagued with the occasional bad day, the once-every-few-days morning sickness, and I can almost always get out of the shower and begin getting dressed without having to lay down first. Things are looking up! Let us all pause here to say a little thank you that 1) my pregnancy has so far been complication free, 2) that I am no longer quite as broken a human as I was before, and 3) that I continue to inch towards the day where I can have a baby instead of a life-sucking-tumor who is feeding off of my awesome-reserves and my energy-strongholds.

But do not fret! There is always some weird, semi gross thing happening in pregnant lady land.

Though I do not feel hungover every day (all day), baby is now the size of an avocado – soon to be large onion in two days – and my stomach bits are now being shoved up into my throat (not really… well, kind of). Handling meals has become weird again. Small amounts of food at a time are all I can muster without feeling incredibly uncomfortable and indigestion is my new BFF. You know the acid reflux burps? Like the chubby guy at the rib joint in the Tum’s ad? Yeah… that’s me all of the time. Sex-ay. Tummy is growing leaps and bounds but no kicking yet. I should be feeling something wiggling around in there any day now. Sometimes I think maybe I feel it, and maybe I do… but I can’t really tell so I don’t want to count it yet.

I’m rubbing belly lotion all over my mid section/hips/boobs every day, most of the time twice a day, and exfoliating with scrubbies + shea butter a few times a week to throw my two cents into the pot of “stretch mark prevention.” I have done my reading on this, and I know that mostly it is simply genetic… but I also know that a soft and supple skin is better than a dry and tight skin, so what the hell? I’ll keep you posted on how it works. And yes, my vanity demands that I am terrified of gaining a shit ton of tiger stripes up and down my stomach. I’ve seen some photos that have left me horrified and may call for poor Kamel to never seeing me without my shirt on ever again. So cross your fingers for the continuation of soft and supple, though like everything else about this, the truth is I have absolutely zero control.

And! Since my next real update will be when we know the sex and announce the name, why don’t we do a poll? Who thinks boy and who thinks girl? I’ll tally in a few days just for fun.

29 thoughts on “16 Weeks and Counting”

  1. girl. I am glad you are feeling better… just… don’t call it a tumor… I know it is methaphoric, but I don’t know, it makes me queasy to see it like that, guess I am crazy.

  2. I’m going to guess BOY. (Not that I wouldn’t want it to be a girl. I would! Go girls! But my totally random hunch says boy.)

    1. Amber!! I saw your month-by-month photo collage this morning and lady!! You are so small! I’m very impressed. I think I look like you when you were 5 months haha

  3. WOW, its amazing how much you popped in just 4 weeks! Loving that perfect bump! The pics have left me stumped on the sex. The top 4 month pic made me think girl, but the bottom looks like a boy belly. And im pretty damn good at this game! Hmmm….

  4. Like Margosita, I have a totally random Boy hunch as well. Not sure why, because like other people pointed out, there are some solid girl indicators there. I’m really happy you’re finding out and telling us all! I’m bad with waiting for surprises, even if they are vicarious ones that have no bearing on my life.

  5. Girl! No idea why, maybe because everyone else I know who’s pregnant and has found out the gender is having a boy, so it must be time for a girl? haha What do you think it is?

    1. I’ve always thought it was a boy until our last ultrasound and then I felt like it could be a girl. I’m not gonna lie – we are gunning for a girl and I will cry if it’s a boy, but ya know… happy it’s healthy! heh heh heh… right? 🙂

  6. What a cute bump! I’m also glad to hear that you’re over the first trimester yucks. Hopefully those days are over.
    Ok, I’m going to go ahead and guess that it’s a boy.

  7. Boy!

    And P.S. In yet another they-don’t-tell-you-about-that-in-the-preggo-books and in a completely serious and non-disgusting way – don’t just grease up the belly, hips, etc to prevent stretch marks – those suckers can also appear on your mons pubis. Biggest shock of my life… although…really good excuse to never, ever have a Brazilian wax.

    1. hahahahahahaha as mildly horrific as that sounds – I will take hoohaw tiger stripes over massive tummy stripes any day. Hilarious though. I have NEVER heard of that!!!

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