The Progress of Yucks

I had big plans for this weekend. I even made a list. I was going to bake bran muffins! The yummy kind! That were hopefully not filled with a million calories. I was going to take pictures of things, I was going to feel totally better.

Instead, things were a little more subdued.

I think I am slowly being pulled out of the first trimester yucks. I think. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Friday Kamel and I went on our first outing for a grown up meal since 4th of July weekend. It went well! I made it all the way through, a big step from our anniversary where I couldn’t even leave the hotel room and had to take breaks to lay down between every 3rd bite. But by 7:00 pm I was more than ready to be home and in bed. But three cheers for progress!

I even went for a real walk on Sunday morning. The kind where I felt energized! And almost like I wasn’t pregnant at all! Except for the nagging soreness of my body stretching in weird ways and my total out-of-breath-ness because I am now completely out of shape. Kamel was impressed that I was able to do more than the 3 laps around the block I had been doing in the past.

I have all of these plans to blog like normal, to keep it all going just the same, but if I’m totally honest with myself sometimes it just can’t be done. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say beyond “pregnant pregnant pregnant, I am so effing pregnant” and I don’t want to just talk about that all the time. It’s difficult because it is so much more all-consuming than I thought it would be. And also, sometimes, I need to focus on other things – like work or showering or the other project I’m doing my best to juggle. So, ugh… even though I really hate saying this outloud, it’s become evident anyway – blogging will be a touch spottier than usual. Maybe things will go up a little later, maybe a day here and there will be skipped. But in the vein of quality against quantity, that’s the way it’s going to be for a bit. But, as always, I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “The Progress of Yucks”

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself Friday! Let us know if we can help, content-wise, I believe I promised you an adventuring post a long time ago…..

  2. The shortness of breath isn’t you being out of shape – it’s an actual pregnancy symptom. It’s caused by the extra progesterone your body is producing. (I don’t know how exactly. Science!)

    I’m glad that you are slowly making your way our of the First Trimester icks.

    1. I think maybe it’s a bit of both. Not moving very much at all for months + the pregnancy of doom. I do feel the shortness of breath lifting though, so maybe my body is getting better at handling these shenanigans.

  3. I think being pregnant has a way of taking over your life a little bit, no matter how much you want it not to. I mean, your body is busy doing all these amazing, powerful things (no wonder it’s so tired!). Take the time you need to take care of yourself and Kamel and the baby on the way. We’ll be here cheering you on.

  4. I found the shortness of breath went away, for the most part, in the second trimester (it came back, but different). So I hope the next few weeks goes a lot better for you.

    What I really wanted to comment on–isn’t it weirdly all-consuming? The first two trimesters, I did my best to talk about other things, too. But it is just creates so much self-focus. I’m always aware of my body. I’m always aware of my baby. I can’t really pay that much attention to other things, and now I feel boring.

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